Стивен Амелл


Канадский актёр, наиболее известный по главной роли в сериале «Стрела».
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Vancouver, British Columbia

Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

Weekend stuff.

Whytecliff, British Columbia

Think of this as a metaphor for the impending retirement / death of the flashback wig.

Dolby Theatre

We had the best time at Paley Fest. And big ups to Jayden Husfeld and her friend who asked for a photo in front of a few thousand people and then nearly passed out when I immediately brought them up on stage. It's the little things.

Snug Cove

Palm Springs, California

Here's the thing... John Barrowman is only turning 50 once...

Vancouver, British Columbia

It's easier to grind out the 5th push-up when the threat of @emilybett falling on her face looms large. What a workout partner!!

Vancouver, British Columbia

9 weeks of (redacted) training. Just dropped the dumbbells.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Trying new stuff --

Vancouver, British Columbia

Working out in a ⚡️ shirt. Gotta keep things in the family.

Downtown Los Angeles

Huge thanks to the NHL for making All Star Weekend such a wonderful time. Our kid met 11 mascots. 👏👏👏

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia

Spoiler alert: I didn't make it. Appreciate @t3athletics ruining another song for me.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Grip strength silliness with @t3athletics --

Downtown Vancouver

The team that trains together... @rickgonzalez 🏹🔫

New Orleans, Louisiana

Four years later. This one.

New Orleans, Louisiana

We are so lucky. Six seasons... Six!! I'd like to thank WB, the CW, our unmatched Crew, the cast, the producers and most of all, the fans. We are still here because of you. We have a chance to get to 200 episodes, because of you. I have the job of my dreams, because of you. Thank you. A thousand times... thank you.

Johnny White's

My favorite bar. Thanks Lulu.


Enjoying Venatore. Decent bartender.

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