Стивен Амелл


Канадский актёр, наиболее известный по главной роли в сериале «Стрела».
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MGM Grand Las Vegas

Vegas’ll get ya. I’ve heard about weekends like this my whole life. The peeps at @mgmgrand made it possible. I think now I’ll head home and judge different princess costumes for 3 hours. Just like when I was a bachelor.

MGM Grand Las Vegas

I wish I took more photos this weekend, but I’m a guy and sometimes I’m stupid. This is the best shot I have of me and my buddy Roy. His bachelor party was remarkable thanks in large part to the fine people at @mgmgrand — and now I must go back to sleep.

Dad... I’m losing my patience...

Look out now!!

Pretty standard Friday.

I do my own stunts. What of it?

Palm Springs, California

6 years. My Mom rules.

Palm Springs, California

Family Sunday’s 🙌 —

I didn’t ask for these powers...

I am super strong.

Presto chango.


Vancouver, British Columbia

Last day of the campaign. This is me killing the incognito game. Link is in the bio.

Here we go again! Link is in the bio!

You can’t script this...

Palm Springs, California

Sunday’s are when we take @nockingpoint to the next level.

Fraturday’s like I like. (Mind the language.)

Portland. Thank you so much!! See you in 2019. Love to Cassie, Norah, Dawson and my man Brody AKA @generatorman.bpm — Give him a follow folks. He’s a superhero if I’ve ever seen one.

Coming soon from @nockingpoint —

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