Стивен Амелл


Канадский актёр, наиболее известный по главной роли в сериале «Стрела».
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Portland. Thank you so much!! See you in 2019. Love to Cassie, Norah, Dawson and my man Brody AKA @generatorman.bpm — Give him a follow folks. He’s a superhero if I’ve ever seen one.

Coming soon from @nockingpoint —

Syracuse, New York

Don’t let my smile fool you. Reinaldo is going to be taller than me next year and I’m not ok with it.

“Dad... throw me as far as you can...”

2018 feels awfully sexy to me. We celebrated with our friends. I’m so very grateful to be surrounded by such a lovely group of humans. And a special tip of the cap to our friends at @casamigos — Tequila makes things better.


This is bullshit.

When adventure is demanded, the challenge is accepted.

My wife is telling me there’s something in my ear during this photo. Honestly, that’s what marriage is all about. Happy anniversary, Cass.



Seconds before I told Santa he was on the list...

Boy oh boy do I love @coltonlhaynes —

Brockton Point Lighthouse

Hey @emilybett!!! Look what I found?

You guys should see the deleted scene from #CrisisOnEarthX

It’s time...

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

It’s 80 degrees. I’m wearing a 🎄 sweater.

“Dad... I love this Christmas tree, please give me a smooch.”

Palm Springs, California

Turkey makes you thirsty.

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