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Американская актриса и поэтесса. Номинантка премии «Золотой глобус» за лучшую женскую роль в телевизионном сериале — драма.
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Heed it: This is not a war against men. This is a revolution for women. Get out on the streets and join us. March. #TIMESUP

#TIMESUP marching in NYC today!

One year ago today, against doctor’s orders, I marched in DC fully pregnant. My friend’s kids made the signs behind me, which still ring true today. This morning, I march in NYC for all my sisters working to change this world and make it a safer, better place to live in. Today I march for my sisters of color, of disability, of LGBTQ and every woman who has ever been threatened, silenced, bullied or maginalized. I march for the history of my mother. And the future of my daughter. #WomensMarch2018

For those marching across the country on Saturday in the #WomensMarch2018 know your rights to peacefully protest. Please tag any friends or family you know who will be marching.

Hi @disney and Bob Iger. It looks like you’re about to have two seats open on your board of directors. We call on you to choose women of color for these seats. If you need suggestions, we know plenty of extremely qualified WOC for you to meet with. Be a shining example for your fellow studios. We’re watching. #TIMESUP

Eliza, I love you. We are here for you and anyone who has been through what you’ve been through and had to hold it in shame and silence all these years. Www.timesUpNow.com

Catch me tonight on @fullfrontalsamb at 1030pm EST talking #TIMESUP with this flashy lady. #FullFrontal


My beautiful mother standing in solidarity with us. #TIMESUP #Repost @bonnietamblyn (@get_repost) ・・・ Today, this is #WhyWeWearBlack: We wear black in solidarity with men and women fighting for equality, respect and meaningful change within all industries. I am wearing black for my daughters and the many women who experience sexual assault and harassment and who face marginalization and under representation at every turn. I’m joining my daughter @amberrosetamblyn In wearing black with my friends on this beautiful hike and saying #TIMESUP (photo credit: Julia Wasson)

When Oprah shut down the Globes then Natalie Portman said, “And here are the all male nominees for best director” we were like

#TIMESUP solidarity party in full effect!





Join us tonight for our Sisters in Solidarity parties on the west and east coast. We are taking over Glamour’s Instagram stories at 830pmEST and on twitter at 7pmEST: @ambertamblyn @uzoaduba @tessamaethompson

My latest piece in The New York Times is out now. Link in bio:::::Years ago, I was sitting in a dressing room in Tokyo, across from the director of the film I was about to shoot. The director spoke only Japanese, so we communicated through an interpreter. We talked briefly about how well the camera tests had gone and how excited we were about the project. Then he told me there was something specific he had come to discuss: the issue of my weight. He said the film studio would provide a trainer and a meal plan for me and it would be great if I could lose roughly five pounds before we began shooting. . It took me years to find the humor in being asked to lose such a relatively minimal number of pounds through an interpreter. I was 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighed just 120 pounds. I remember this number precisely because five pounds lighter would make me 115 pounds, which is the number I ended up achieving after I spent two weeks eating only the deli meat off Subway sandwiches and skipping dinners altogether. Women have always had to carry the burden of molding the shapes and sizes of our bodies to the trends and tastes of others, at any cost. We are assigned a look. We don’t get to choose. . For most actresses on red carpets, what you’re wearing is less an expression of who you are and more an expression of what you’re worth. The very act of getting ready for an award show can be a masochist’s checklist of one’s value: Airbrush your arms so that they look more toned. Check. Get a peel or injection to make sure your face looks flawless. Check. Lose bloat by eating only before 6 p.m. and stop drinking all liquid 24 hours before the big day to send your metabolism into shock. Check. Prepping for award shows can be a weeklong marathon in dread, resulting in a one-time portrayal of improbable beauty. You’re also often assigned a look that doesn’t reflect who you truly are but reflects what a runway wants you to be... (link in bio)

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