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Американская актриса и поэтесса. Номинантка премии «Золотой глобус» за лучшую женскую роль в телевизионном сериале — драма.
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Do not forget your anger. . Do not forget your outrage. . Do not forget your sadness. . Do not forget your shock. . Do not forget how they see us. . Do not forget that to live as a woman is to live as a threat. . Do not forget how they see our bodies. . Do not forget how they want us to see each other's bodies. . Do not forget how they want us to hate our own body. . Do not forget our daughters. Our mothers. The ghosts of our gender who burned before us. . Do not forget our strength in numbers. . Do not forget they want us submissive or dead. . Do not forget they want us quiet or dead. . Do not forget they want us beautiful and thin or dead. . Do not forget they want us fat and ugly or dead. . Do not forget they want us deathly or dead. . Do not forget who and what is in the WhiteHouse. . Do not forget what we are up against. . Do not forget we are at war to protect women and their voices and bodies. Muslim women. Conservative women. Democratic women. Black women. Native American women. Jewish women. Asian American women. Libertarian women. White women. Gay women. Gender non-conforming women. Trans women. Christian women. Catholic women. Athiast women. All women. . Do not forget this is a war. . #6monthssincewomensmarch

I like this man very much and had the honor of sitting with him at a table years ago. He's got guts, values, integrity and kindness. Had Obama lost to him in '08, I think he would've made a fine president instead. I may not have agreed with many things he believes in, but I wouldn't have been scared, horrified and sad the way I am now with Donald Trump. In honor of men like John McCain, please list in the comments some conservative men or women I should be watching out for. Men and women senators, city council men or women, community leaders and all around strong, intelligent but decent voices on the right. I'm not interested in ANYONE who supports Donald Trump. I'm interested in knowing about the good Republicans and Libertarians fighting against what he stands for and fighting for the future of their party and our country. Tell me.

This person is The President of The United States of America.

They call themselves the "Step and Repeat Kings"

Future female filmmakers. Listen up. #Repost @theacademy (@get_repost) ・・・ Every week this summer, our #AcademyGold interns get to hear from leaders in the industry. Here is some advice for future filmmakers from writer/director/actress Amber Tamblyn.

Los Angeles. My long time tour partner and best buddy Derrick Brown wrote an incredible play. Tickets on sale now for this one off. Be there.

‪When Trump supporters and the right say the elitist left are out of touch with the country I say at least we're not out of touch with THE REST OF THE WORLD.‬

Holy smokes PAINT IT BLACK plays tonight and this week in Iowa City at FilmScene! Times below and ticket link in bio! ............ Fri, Jul 7 8:30 PM. Sat, Jul 8 3:30 PM . Sat, Jul 8 8:30 PM . Sun, Jul 9 3:30 PM . Mon, Jul 10 8:30 PM. Tue, Jul 11 8:30 PM . Wed, Jul 12 8:30 PM. Thu, Jul 13 8:30 PM

Happy birthday, USA, you problem child, you.

You want to see a documentary that will really blow you away? CHECK IT is available now on Louis C.K.'s website www.louisck.net for streaming. Produced by our Paint It Black producer @wrenarthur this is one of the most powerful docs you'll see all year. In the words of Louis himself: "The film knocked me right over. It was an amazing emotional ride. It was funny and moving, I learned a lot and it gave me a lot to think about after. Check It was made over 4 years. Directed by Toby Oppenheimer and Dana Flor. It’s about a gay black street gang in DC (the only one documented in the country) made up of kids who were living on the streets and easy targets for violence and harrasment. They started this gang to protect each other. They made a family where they didn’t have one. It’s not an easy film. It takes on life right where the rubber hits the road. What made me love it was just the kids themselves. They are like any kids, like anyone’s children. They are trying to cope against terrible odds, they are funny and full of hope and life. Their lives are difficult and complex. They are very generous in sharing this with the filmmakers and you, if you watch the film."

Heyyyy! Interested in learning the craft of poetry? I'm hosting a very intimate writing workshop to support one of my favorite theaters in New York, MCC. Link in bio, bid now! Only a few seats available.

‪We do not belong to you. Our bodies are our own. If you love us, stand with us. Don't stand against us. Call your Senators. Fight. (Edit: it's extremely telling that a lot of you have to immediately bring up abortion in these comments as if that's what Planned Parenthood is all about, proving your willful ignorance and blindness towards everything else that matters. Let me clear: it is illegal for Planned Parenthood to use federal funds aka your tax dollars to perform abortions, which only take up 3% of services provided by Planned Parenthood. Please don't be a part of the problem by spreading misinformation.) #IStandWithPP‬

Love this sweet thing. Alfred Molina and I had a blast today at the Academy screening of Paint It Black.

We are extremely honored to have our film PAINT IT BLACK selected to screen at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences today at 3pm for Oscar consideration. If you or someone you know is a member of the Academy, please come see our film! I'll be there today on a panel with my pops, Alfred Molina and our DP Brian Rigney Hubbard. #paintitblackmovie

PAINT IT BLACK will be screening in the following cities and dates coming soon! . Facets- Chicago - 6/23- 6/29 https://facets.secure.force.com/ticket . Filmscene - Iowa City - 6/30-7/7 . Bear Tooth Theater - Anchorage, Alaska -7/10 . Columbus Theatre - Rhode Island - 7/16

Any more Bernie bro girls or liberal white guys with beards want to spew on Chelsea Clinton this morning because she wrote a children's book? I'll come for you. I am not in the fucking mood.

Julius Caesar is a 400 year old play. A tragedy where MANY figures representing political powers are murdered or kill themselves. This is about the death of ideals and wars waged by men. It's not a literal call to harm Donald Trump. Get a grip. It's unreal how the right will spin things to fit their agenda. Listen to Oskar Eustis talk about the ownership of truth, art and culture here in this video I took tonight at the opening of The Public Theater's play.

Final performance today of CAN YOU FORGIVE HER at The Vineyard Theatre. This has been one of the great acting joys of my life. Truly. I'll miss these fine folks something fierce. (Photo credit: Liza Miller)

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