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Американская актриса и поэтесса. Номинантка премии «Золотой глобус» за лучшую женскую роль в телевизионном сериале — драма.
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A Brahms date night with my gorgeous mama at the New York Philharmonic at Lincoln Center

NEWS! The film I directed and co-wrote Paint It Black hits theaters this April. Article link in bio. #paintitblackmovie

Feminism 101, school is in session

I will be an official speaker for Planned Parenthood and will join them in the march on 1/21. I'll also be speaking at this event the night before. Please support women's rights and spread the word. #WomensRightsAreHumanRights

The entire country's reaction when struggling comedian Donald Trump calls Meryl Streep overrated

Great screening of PAINT IT BLACK last night with creative directive director Michael Lerman at Palm Springs International Film Festival. Catch screenings this morning at 11am and 1/11 at 4pm! Tickets: www.PSFilmFest.org

Who's ready for PAINT IT BLACK this weekend at Palm Springs International Film Festival? 730pm at Camelot theater tonight. And big news coming next week. #PaintItBlackMovie

Tomorrow this gorgeous broad Janet Mcteer stars in my film "Paint It Black" which plays at Palm Springs International Film Festival! 3 screenings: Friday 1/6 7:30pm Camelot 1/7 11am Regal Palm Springs 1/11 4pm Mary Pickford. Tickets at www.PSFilmFest.org

So excited that the film I co wrote and directed PAINT IT BLACK plays opening weekend of the Palm Springs International Film Festival! This Friday at 730pm and Saturday at 11am. Stay for the Q&A. Tickets at www.PSIFF.com

FaceTiming with my sister's right after midnight is the best way to start off the year. #Repost @blakelively with @repostapp ・・・ This year has taught us a lot. But it's reminded us to practice something we've always known... "Love your pals. Love yourself". 💖😊💖Happy 2017🎉

Hi, 2017.

#Repost @amypoehlersmartgirls with @repostapp ・・・ Smart Girls resident poet, the incomparable @amberrosetamblyn , encapsulates everything we feel about this year in her breathtaking poem "Peace: Elegy for 2016." Link to full poem in bio. ❤️

New poem at Smart Girls as part of our ABCs of Poetry Series. A send off to 2016. ::::::: P for PEACE Elegy for 2016 May this year slip from its battered skin into the fleshless records of prior squalor; into the dictionaries of periphery; a molecule of yore. . May it release us to the pulsing soft light of our future fire’s devour. . May all the pain be taken from our swallowed, scar-sculpture hearts and be given to no one else, not even our worst enemies. . May even our worst enemies be filled with joy in the end. . Enough, pain. Enough. . May those that hate never be their own recipients. May they be loved. . May all the rotting bells of an election’s soured clang gong a riot’s tongue in the mouths of throatless girls. . May we be the revenge choir of our lineage. The sweet spot of sure shots. The extraordinarily ruthless, explosive artists with bombs in our hair and nothing but love, so much love, for everything that keeps trying to kill us. . May compassion be a swell that recedes our nation’s tide. . May we never forget the difference between fighting for ourselves and fighting for every self. . May we have the courage to always choose the latter even in the face of our most cherished privileged fears. . May all sadness cease its wreckless shatter. May sadness get out more. . 2016; year of extinction’s reign. Year of the black rhino’s end, year of Antarctica’s swan song, year of the demon-woman archetype, year of betrayal, year of denial, year of survival. . 2016; you splintered coffin of awe ditching your own funeral, you toothpick clenched in the teeth of hell, you rue of cruelty; you master reflector of the world’s mirrored mire. . 2016; May you rest now. Your damage done. Your joy brought. Your destruction erected. Your twelve month long rip, split. Your hurricane fever, cooled. Your icon death magnets, decharged. (You can’t have Bowie twice, can you.) May you calm, your calamity quenched. . 2016; you broke us. Yes, you broke us. But not apart. Only open. . Like geodes boast, like feathers plume, like petals slope, like lava creates continents, like revolutions speak new language, like newborns tilt hips, like old lovers tug guts...(poem link in bio)

We support @aclu_nationwide do you? Get your membership today. Everyone must be active. We've got a rough 4 years ahead.

Statement from my father Russ Tamblyn on Debbie Reynolds passing.

My father is heartbroken. Debbie was like a sister to him. He left her a message yesterday. He didn't get to say goodbye.

Just over a week ago, our friend Clelia took this photo of David and Carrie Fisher at a dinner in London. She asked me if she could put her hands on my "beautiful baby belly". Fuck yes you can, I said. This damn year and its cruel heart.

This poor tree is how we are all feeling about 2016. It's not even Christmas yet and we are kicking it to the curb!

Laurie Henzel, @johnrobertsfun Gina Gershon #questcrossholiday

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