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Американская актриса и поэтесса. Номинантка премии «Золотой глобус» за лучшую женскую роль в телевизионном сериале — драма.
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Thank you @bust_magazine for the great interview and write up on #AnyManNovel in your 25th anniversary issue! “...This summer, she will release her blazingly original debut novel, Any Man, a startling, no-holds-barred examination of sexual violence in America, told through the lens of victims and bystanders of a prolific female serial rapist. “Any Man is a novel about men who are survivors of sexual assault at the hands of a violent serial rapist who happens to be a woman...” (pre- order link in bio)

Thank you @vanityfair for this wonderful review and recommendation. “Any Man blends prose and poetry in a searing exploration of sexual aggression. A terrifying sexual predator who calls herself Maude preys on men—any man, as the title suggests: young, old, strangers, acquaintances, in bars, at home. Tamblyn’s sharp satire throws into stark relief the absurdity of the questions to which rape and sexual assault victims are so frequently subjected...” (pre-order link in bio) #AnyMan

Check out my interview in Bust Magazine on #AnyManNovel #Repost @bust_magazine ・・・ We couldn’t be more excited for you to read our June/July 25th anniversary issue featuring the Queen herself, @erykahbadu !!! Look for it next week on newsstands. Also in this issue, interviews with @amberrosetamblyn @titusssawthis @karreuche #BettyGilpin and discussions on satanic feminists, a look at OG painter Hilma af Klint, 90s fashion, 25 years of feminist pop culture moments, and SO MUCH MORE!! #bustturns25 #sneakpeek #printsnotdead #subscribe #feminism #happybirthdaytous (Photo: @nadyawasykko hair: @ yasmin_amira_ make up: @therealjahq )

Heading to Vulture Festival to read from this behemoth publicly for the first time. Our showcase begins at 645pm in the main room. Brace for impact. #AnyManNovel #FeministAF @vulturefestival

See the face in front of the face? #AnyManNovel pre order link in my bio! #Repost @harperperennial ・・・ #bookfacefriday with @amberrosetamblyn’s ANY MAN! (Out June 26!) . . #anymannovel #debutnovel #ambertamblyn #metoo #timesup #rapeculture #sexualassault

Thrilled to read from #AnyManNovel on June 27th at one of my favorite local bookstores @greenlightbklyn and in conversation with the phenomenal @_morganjerkins . Join us!

Thank you @paperbackparis for his wonderful and thoughtful review. “...Although we never see her face and only hear her side of the story over a few pages Tamblyn’s antagonist, known only as Maude, is truly a terrifying entity. But by focusing on the victim’s story, while leaving the predator completely in the shadows, we are able to see every way to grieve, everywhere these things can effect those who have suffered through any form of sexual assault...” ( pre-order link in my bio)

This Saturday at Vulture festival in nyc we are doing another installment of Feminist AF. My partner in crime Roxane won’t be there due to a scheduling error but we’re excited to announce that Ally Sheedy will be reading in her sted! Only a few tickets left and I’ll be doing my first public reading from my novel ANY MAN. Tickets: vulturefestival.com #Repost @roxanegay74 ・・・ ‪This Saturday please attend Feminist as Fuck featuring Amber Tamblyn, Ally Sheedy, Jennine Capó Crucet, Morgan Parker and Sharon Olds. 6:45 pm, Milk Studios. http://vulturefestival.com/ny/event-page/roxane-gay-and-amber-tamblyn-present-feminist-af/‬

New York! I’m 35 today! And i don’t feel a day over 79. Join me, Samantha Bee and some lady named Arianna Huffington for a panel on women in power. If you’re a tv academy voter, join us! We’ll be giving out free death stares to the first 10 men in the audience who mention witch hunts. #FullFrontal @tbsnetwork

Here is an excerpt from the piece I wrote for Mother’s Day and @TIME on being a parent in the age of rage and revolution. Tag a mama you love in the comments here and tell them why they are so amazing. #MothersDay . . . Motherhood makes you dangerous. . When I had my daughter, it was the first time that I truly understood the depths of my own power and the width of my own potency. It can be hard for women to value the complexities of such dimensions, especially in a society that systematically tells us that our bodies are wrong, the way we breastfeed is wrong, the way we raise our children is wrong — that nothing is right about our wrongness. After I became a mother, something changed in me; my intuition’s frequency, my fire’s luminosity. My sorcery. . The very act of giving birth is an alchemical spell. It’s an experience that binds you to your two most polar opposites: a feeling of extreme strength and extreme fragility, all at once. I’ve described it as becoming a superhero overnight. I once described it to my friend Laura as becoming The Incredible Hulk; Within hours after the experience of giving birth, your hormones stampede, your breasts swell, your mind grows a thousand daggers it would use in a second to protect your new offspring. It’s a lot. I told her that it could make you feel crazy. That it’s okay to cry whenever she wanted to. That not every woman is a gorgeous lactating goddess and not every experience of motherhood is a happy one. Not every woman slips easily back into her body, her old life, her living, after becoming a mother. That we need support. That while women nurture, we too need nurturing. Once at 3.a.m., I was in complete despair... (link in bio)

Thank you @resistancerevivalchorus for rocking this shirt from my #ChoirUp collection at @mysisterorg during our Time’s Up Day at Tribeca Film Festival. This quote is from a piece I wrote for The New York Times and I’m so proud of this collection. Proceeds go toward ending sex trafficking. So buy yours today! #Repost @timesupnow ・・・ #TBT to this backstage pic of @resistancerevivalchorus @ArinMayaMusic. #TIMESUP day #TribecaFilmFestival.

Hey! I’m on the cover of the latest issue of New York Family Magazine talking, c-sections, raising a daughter in the era of rage, my new novel Any Man, the future of feminism and Spanx. Always Spanx. Pick up your free copy today.

Tomorrow I will be speaking with Wallstreet Journal Editor Carla Zanoni at the WSJ Future is Everything Festival in NYC. We’ll be talking about the future of feminism, #TimesUp and my new book, Any Man. (purchase link in bio.) Tickets and information at: Foefestival.wsj.com #AnyManNovel

Thank you, sweet Emily. Purchase link in my bio. #Repost @emilywellsmusic ・・・ This morning I finished the extraordinary forthcoming novel from my friend @amberrosetamblyn ... it’s a steady hum across the bow to our culture, our time... a meditation on pain and survival, a sleight of hand. In the middle of the night I woke up and wrote this so I wouldn’t forget to tell her... I’ll tell you too: The pain isn’t masculine, the pain is human. You force the reader to confront our own gendering of pain. Preorder now... out June 26th from @harperperennial

Bowery Poetry Club

June 4th. Bowery Poetry Club. Come hear these phenomenal poets. Can’t wait to read with them! Pre sale tickets: bit.ly/ChoirFullofFire

Beyoncé arrives at the Met Gala as a holy apparition, you lose #metgala2018

If you’re in New York, come to the book launch of my novel ANY MAN on June 26th at @92ndstreety . I’ll be reading from the book followed by an in conversation with New York Times Pulitzer Prize winner Jodi Kantor. This will be an extremely special evening, for many reasons. I promise you. Tickets are on sale now: www.92y.org

Saturday night. I’ll be there. Will you, NYC? #Repost @emilywellsmusic with @get_repost ・・・ New York! Headbangin’ for ya. SATURDAY, MAY 5.. I play a solo set at @nationalsawdust exploring new material in this intimate space. There’s no opener and I’ll start promptly at 7 pm. See you.

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