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Американская актриса и поэтесса. Номинантка премии «Золотой глобус» за лучшую женскую роль в телевизионном сериале — драма.
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Racism is something you learn. It is something taught. It is something handed down, handed over. It is something allowed, ignored, something we say isn't our problem, something we don't need to deal with because it doesn't effect us directly, or if it does we say we have bigger issues to face. . It's not enough to be white and say you're helping just because you yourself are not a racist. . It's not enough to denounce it to just your friends of color. . Allowing marches like the one in Charlottesville is not a matter of protecting an Amendment. It is a matter of white defensiveness. It is an act of handing down. Handing over. It is an act of allowance, of ignoring. It is a matter of saying it's not our problem. It doesn't effect us directly and if it does we have bigger issues to face. . Racism is learned. It is the deepest shadow excused by White America. It is our blindest of eyes. It is the greatest work we can and will ever do; To look not to people of color for how we can be better, but to turn and hold our fellow whitenesses accountable. . (Photo credit: Todd Robertson)

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Feeling helpless? Here's something you can do, especially if you're white. Donald Trump will return to his "house" in New York City tomorrow (Monday) for the first time since being elected. Protests in front of his "house" are being organized today through tomorrow and Tuesday. Show up. Block traffic. Effect tourism by doing so. Bring signs. Bring your glorious voices. Show him how you feel. What you will not tolerate. Let him look out the window of his blind, billionaire tower and see not a city that loves him back, but a city that fights back against him.

Beyond Baroque has been one of the most important literary establishments for decades now. It's one of the only places in the country strictly dedicated to poetry. I have done many readings here over the last 20 years. I even had my 21st birthday here. So I'm honored to do this literary salon on August 19 with them. I'll be reading all new poems inspired by last year's campaign and election, which will appear in my next collection of poetry. Come get fired up and inspired at this lovely private event in the Venice Canals, supporting Beyond Baroque. I promise I'll make it worth every dime.

Honored to speak at this year's She Summit. #Repost @shesummit (@get_repost) ・・・ We are excited to announce Amber Tamblyn will be speaking at #SHESummit this fall! She broke the mold as an award winning actress, activist, poet, and co-founder of a non-profit and shows us that you don't have to choose one part of yourself over another. We can't wait to hear what @amberrosetamblyn shares on the S.H.E. Summit stage this year. Don't miss your chance to hear her speak, register now as an individual or team (do it before 8/15 and save): {link in bio} #HowWeRise

The Daryl Roth Theatres

New York, last night I saw a show that changed me, performed singularly by this singular man, Derek DelGaudio. The show is called IN AND OF ITSELF and it's part magic show part living poem. It is, without hyperbole, one of the most extraordinary things I've ever had the privilege of seeing in a theater. It will humble you and leave you in awe. Go see it. Plays until December at The Daryl Roth Theater. #inandofitself

I'll be there. Will you? #Repost @derrickbrownpoetry (@get_repost) ・・・ If you have a moment, I'd be grateful if you'd repost to anyone around LA Friday Aug 11 for our last available show. Written by derrick c brown and music by derrick c brown and amanda Rafkin. It's a friggin musical!! http://trepanyhouse.tix.com/m/Event.aspx?EventCode=988957&framed=true

Every single major medical group in the United States is strongly against repealing the Affordable Care Act, AKA ObamaCare. Every single one. The senate is voting on this today. Light up your Republican senators phones. This is not a drill. I have put a link in my bio with every single State senator's office phone number. Find your State. Tell them to vote no on keeping our country ill.

Do not forget your anger. . Do not forget your outrage. . Do not forget your sadness. . Do not forget your shock. . Do not forget how they see us. . Do not forget that to live as a woman is to live as a threat. . Do not forget how they see our bodies. . Do not forget how they want us to see each other's bodies. . Do not forget how they want us to hate our own body. . Do not forget our daughters. Our mothers. The ghosts of our gender who burned before us. . Do not forget our strength in numbers. . Do not forget they want us submissive or dead. . Do not forget they want us quiet or dead. . Do not forget they want us beautiful and thin or dead. . Do not forget they want us fat and ugly or dead. . Do not forget they want us deathly or dead. . Do not forget who and what is in the WhiteHouse. . Do not forget what we are up against. . Do not forget we are at war to protect women and their voices and bodies. Muslim women. Conservative women. Democratic women. Black women. Native American women. Jewish women. Asian American women. Libertarian women. White women. Gay women. Gender non-conforming women. Trans women. Christian women. Catholic women. Athiast women. All women. . Do not forget this is a war. . #6monthssincewomensmarch

I like this man very much and had the honor of sitting with him at a table years ago. He's got guts, values, integrity and kindness. Had Obama lost to him in '08, I think he would've made a fine president instead. I may not have agreed with many things he believes in, but I wouldn't have been scared, horrified and sad the way I am now with Donald Trump. In honor of men like John McCain, please list in the comments some conservative men or women I should be watching out for. Men and women senators, city council men or women, community leaders and all around strong, intelligent but decent voices on the right. I'm not interested in ANYONE who supports Donald Trump. I'm interested in knowing about the good Republicans and Libertarians fighting against what he stands for and fighting for the future of their party and our country. Tell me.

This person is The President of The United States of America.

They call themselves the "Step and Repeat Kings"

Future female filmmakers. Listen up. #Repost @theacademy (@get_repost) ・・・ Every week this summer, our #AcademyGold interns get to hear from leaders in the industry. Here is some advice for future filmmakers from writer/director/actress Amber Tamblyn.

Los Angeles. My long time tour partner and best buddy Derrick Brown wrote an incredible play. Tickets on sale now for this one off. Be there.

‪When Trump supporters and the right say the elitist left are out of touch with the country I say at least we're not out of touch with THE REST OF THE WORLD.‬

Holy smokes PAINT IT BLACK plays tonight and this week in Iowa City at FilmScene! Times below and ticket link in bio! ............ Fri, Jul 7 8:30 PM. Sat, Jul 8 3:30 PM . Sat, Jul 8 8:30 PM . Sun, Jul 9 3:30 PM . Mon, Jul 10 8:30 PM. Tue, Jul 11 8:30 PM . Wed, Jul 12 8:30 PM. Thu, Jul 13 8:30 PM

Happy birthday, USA, you problem child, you.

You want to see a documentary that will really blow you away? CHECK IT is available now on Louis C.K.'s website www.louisck.net for streaming. Produced by our Paint It Black producer @wrenarthur this is one of the most powerful docs you'll see all year. In the words of Louis himself: "The film knocked me right over. It was an amazing emotional ride. It was funny and moving, I learned a lot and it gave me a lot to think about after. Check It was made over 4 years. Directed by Toby Oppenheimer and Dana Flor. It’s about a gay black street gang in DC (the only one documented in the country) made up of kids who were living on the streets and easy targets for violence and harrasment. They started this gang to protect each other. They made a family where they didn’t have one. It’s not an easy film. It takes on life right where the rubber hits the road. What made me love it was just the kids themselves. They are like any kids, like anyone’s children. They are trying to cope against terrible odds, they are funny and full of hope and life. Their lives are difficult and complex. They are very generous in sharing this with the filmmakers and you, if you watch the film."

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