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They are little love birds this week. Maybe because they love my reaction when I see them being sweet but I like to think they just really really love each other ❤️

New blog post up!!!

Work out look today 💗

This boy 💙 he sleeps in our bed every night and I love waking up to his sweet face. Or sometimes his feet on my face 😂. Either way I love it. His cute suit is by @monicaandandy

"Too bright!" Haha ☀️ He loves his outfit he kept looking in the mirror and adjusting his tie 😂 cutie

Yesterday's make up look: 💛Foundation- Estée Lauder Double Wear (applied with Sephora Brush 201) 💛Powder- Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder 💛Blush- Stila Convertible Color in the color Lillium (the most amazing cream blush you'll ever use!!! I apply with a beauty blender) 💛Mascara- CoverGirl Lash Blast 💛Highlighter- MAC in Soft and Gentle 💛Lipstick- Pixi Multibalm in Wild Rose 💛Brows- lil bit of brown eyeshadow and hairspray ✨It's a silk scarf from Zara around my bun and my earrings are from Urban Outfitters

❤️❤️ my hair is stick straight so I did Princess Leia buns over night and got some no heat curl 💁🏼add texture spray and don't brush out the curls for beachy look or brush through them and add shine spray for smooth look 👌🏻*one more tip! If you want the smooth look make sure you wrap them really neatly and use a scrunchy or something soft when holding them in place

Sharing some favorites I tried on from the #nsale on my insta stories 💛 this denim skirt is so good and fits like a glove (go to @taraaron if you're at Scottsdale Fashion Square)

Almost time for Game of Thrones 👑👑 in honor of it starting back up next week we will be doing a tutorial for this khaleesi inspired hairstyle on @barefootblondehair the day it comes out!!! (The 16th for those who haven't been counting down the days 😉) let's be honest the show is great but the hairstyles are what get me really excited 😏 (braids by @ashpettyhair) #barefootblondehair #winteriscoming

Wore these pops of red and these fun shoes for date night this weekend -- pics of the look and our date on my blog today! @shopstyle #shopstyle #ad

🐠🐠 fishie with the cutest bum / thanks for the braids @ashpettyhair

A new 12 things post on my blog! And this amazing twirlable dress 💕 ph: @thelaurenstyle

New look on my blog ❤️ the tee, skirt, and sneakers combined are under $100 💰

Kimpton Hotel Monaco Salt Lake City

So much personality from this chick lately - she is always cracking me up

Hey cutie 😚

Our only family photo from yesterday 🇺🇸 loved spending the day with David's awesome fam ❤️ lucky to have the coolest in laws.



LaVell Edwards Stadium

I got to go to Stadium of Fire with some of our nieces and nephews last night and it was so fun and some needed laughter ❤️ Ehren (David's brother) lovvvvved our nieces and nephews - each time he saw them he gave them gifts with little messages. We really do have the best nieces and nephews and I'm so happy my kids have them as examples. Tonight all the littles (18 of them -- ages 1-16) were out on the porch eating dinner.. I went out to go check on them and one of the younger ones said "we should say a prayer". So everyone folded their arms and Quinn who is 5 gave the sweetest prayer. In it she said "please bless Poppie that he can feel good and that Ehren can feel good too." ❤️❤️ ah I love them.

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