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Haleiwa, Hawaii

Happy earth day! Flashback to earlier this year when I swam with sharks 🦈 one of the most terrifying (and awesome) experiences ever! I even threw up after 🙈 love exploring this beautiful earth! @oneoceandiving @ambermozo @holladayphoto

San Diego, California

Basically how I wish my baths looked when I am shaving my legs. But usually it’s right before walking out the door with my leg propped up in the sink 😂 @eosproducts #eosshavecream #softestsmoothestshave #eospartner

Backyards-Sunset Beach

Baby bub testing out the surf board last night 🤙🏻 @davidavidavid and I couldn't stop smiling. And you know those looks you and your other half give when the kids are being cute or things are just feeling real good? The look silently saying "we are really blessed." I love that.


Shared a video with my favorite ab work outs I do each week! It's on my blog and link is in my bio 💪🏼

North Shore, Hawaii

I love how loved I feel by her ❤

North Shore, Hawaii

A regram from a post I did on @barefootblondehair 🦋 also shout to my eye lashes for actually growing 🤗 I stopped wearing lash extensions because it was too much maintenance and started using latisse again (#notsponsored) and look!!!! I have lashes 🙌🏻 also I'm obsessed with every pair of @mercedessalazar earrings 😍

Banzai Bowls

Sunshine for breakfast ☀️ feels good to be back in Hawaii - shiny sun screened legs, acai bowls, and beach braids 🌺 @barefootblondehair

North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

Last night at sunset ❤ #selfie


Daddy daughter 💕 love watching these two bond! I love how close I am with my dad and am excited for them to have the same. More pics on my blog from riding swans in Japan! 🌸

Shinjuku Express

A few new posts up on the blog! Lots of Japan pictures and outfit details 💕

While two kids has been a blast it's always still been a constant adjustment and a lot of work where I haven't thought we were ready for a third yet. This trip they have really bonded and been so great together it's had us thinking ❤️ david asked me about 5 times within an hour if I had downloaded the ovulation app yet "did you find out yet when you are ovulating?!" 😂❤ he's so cute. #tmi Babies are hard and fun.

Kyoto, Japan

Taking "outfit pictures" for the blog with two kids 😂

Davey is my favey 🤗

Kiyomizu-Dera Temple, Yasaka Shrine

Right before I tried green tea ice cream and realized I should have ordered vanilla

Kyoto, Japan

A new blog post is up!!! ❤❤


I found this slide on Pinterest and didn't know if it was real but did some digging and found that it's 1 hour outside Kyoto! It's almost 300 feet long and in the middle of the woods! Look at A's face in the pic @davidavidavid posted 😂 he wasn't having fun at all 😉 or my insta stories! #atoddlersdream #happyboy #rosiewasntafan (also I'm wearing Davids shoes in this 😂)

Found this on my camera roll from a couple days ago and it made me happy 🤗


He wants to carry her on his shoulders everywhere but "no help" mom 😂 okay just don't look back Atticus this is allll you

金葉亭 Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk

A self timer success story. 🍜

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