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Off to church with my loves ❤️

She's in deep conversation with bunny 🐰 this adorable pram is from @thetipi 💛💛 it's one of our few items we are constantly having to set the timer and take turns with. Everyone wants to push their stuffed animals around 🐰🐻🐭🐹

Our site crashed yesterday so if you weren't able to go on you should be able to now! (If not try clearing your cache!) BUT I have a fun new post up that I wanted you guys to see because I'm doing a summer hair challenge for anyone who wants to join me! I did this a few summers back and it made my hair so strong and healthy so I'm doing it again! The biggest part of the challenge is not using any heat on your hair (blow dryer or irons) through July and August! I give some tips to help and go over the whole challenge on my blog! It's like rehab for your hair 🙌🏻 if you do it, use #bfbhairchallenge ❤️❤️❤️ (this challenge is especially good for anyone who colors their hair - especially anyone who has used bleach 😘)

After hearing so much about @skii Facial Treatment Essence I finally got it! I have been using morning and night and will be showing you guys the progress my skin makes #staytuned. #changedestiny from glowing skin ⭐️ #ad

Milkmaid braids are one of my go to styles when I have to do my hair in the car ❤️🙌🏻 #barefootblondehair

You don't realize how talented you are until you're carrying two toddlers & 4 bags of groceries while looking for keys in your purse and then unlocking and opening the door. #iforgottheirshoes #toohotforthemtowalk

Colored my hair a shade darker the other week! I wanted a subtle change to mix things up. Sharing more pics of the new hair on my blog and sharing steps for maintaining and color correcting your hair at home with @Kerastase_Official #sponsored #KerastaseAmbassador #KerastaseTransforms

This look is on my blog today 💕 I just love fun jumpsuits for summer 🤗

We love barbecuing kebabs and hanging out in the backyard, especially since Atticus and Rosie can help out and make their own. @Dial’s new Kitchen Collection Foaming Hand Wash keeps our hands clean and kills bacteria from raw meat, so we can cook with love, not with worries! #dialuphealthy #sponsored

Petersen's Ice Cream & Cafe, Since 1919

Beatin the heat with some 🍦🍦 http://liketk.it/2rKsX @liketoknow.it #liketkit

Pictures from A's BLUE birthday on my blog!!!! Thank you for the most amazing cake ever @sweettoothfairy 💙💙💙💙💙 #THREE #BIRTHDAY

My lil sweetie pie woke up sick today 😞 so I'm posting this from yesterday morning! The boys were sleeping in and we got a little bored so we played dress up 💕 and do you have any idea how happy it makes me braiding her hair?? 🙈🙈🙈🙈 next level!

We're lucky to have you Davey ❤️ #fathersday

My boy turns 3 tomorrow! I remember 3 years ago driving to the hospital around this time ❤️❤️ anyone who knows him knows how excited he is about EVERYTHING! He is helpful, passionate, and affectionate. I love that he is always down for a fun time. Loves to try new things and meet new people. I love our endless memories together!!!!!

70's mama today ✌🏻(linked to the pieces in my insta story)

Hey @davidavidavid 👋🏻

Love me a wrap dress 👌🏻 http://liketk.it/2rIp5 #liketkit @liketoknow.it

A new blog post is up!!! From a day we spent boating and swimming in the ocean with wild dolphins around us! 🐬🙌🏻

Yesterday's look ❤️ http://liketk.it/2rH3G #liketkit @liketoknow.it

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