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How could I just pick one?!?!? Also this week Rosie and I are going to attempt to do some little girl hair styles on insta stories 😏 we will see how that goes!

We are ready for the 3 day weekend 💦🌴 and how cute are those pics Atticus took of his feet with Ro in the background?! David got this really cool underwater housing for the iPhone and Atticus loves to play with it!

Sharing my 5 min make up routine with my favorite products from @nordstrom today on the blog and YouTube! I also do it with kids crawling on me and it still only takes me about 5 min so I promise these products will get the job done 😉 @nordstrom #nordstrom #ad http://liketk.it/2vTnK #liketkit @liketoknow.it

Summertime in AZ 🌵🌴 Loving @lillypulitzer 's new hand painted gingham print! #ad #SummerInLilly #LillyPulitzer

Checked up on the house today! Windows are going in and it’s so exciting I can’t help but go look every day 🤗 we keep talking about and picturing what we will do in each room. For example David keeps saying how he can’t wait to put the kids to bed and sit by our fire and eat cheese on cheese boards with me 😂🧀 I don’t know why I find the thought funny but probably because we aren’t fancy people (at least I don’t feel like we are) and cheese boards sound so fancy 🤷🏼‍♀️ but my excitement levels are soooo high I feel like I’m just going to drop to the floor in tears when it’s done 😭🙌🏻

Yesterday on his last day of preschool!!!!! My big 3 year old! So so so so so proud of him 💗💗💗💗 #heartexploding #hesthebest #bestfriend

I thought it would be so hard to get my kids to brush their teeth, but they actually request to brush their teeth daily and got PSYCHED to see these new toothbrushes in the mail! (you can still watch their reactions on my unboxing highlighted video) These also happen to be the prettiest toothbrushes you’ll ever own – more on my blog today! @getquip #ad

In high school my dad always told my friends and I that we would regret all these photos we have of us doing “kissy faces” but here I am eleven years later 😝😘 (I’m sure you’re right dad but give me ten more years 😂)

Things I love about Arizona: 🌵🌮🌅🍊 Things I don’t love: 🦂🌡

Happy because today we launched our BFB Sweethearts! Our biotin gummies to help you grow your hair 👱🏻‍♀️ for the future of our company we hope to be there for all of your hair needs and this is just one of the many additions we will be adding throughout the year 💗 click the link in my bio to shop. And BTW they taste amazing 🙊 @barefootblondehair

Just a peach! 🍑

Yesterday’s look 💛

💛💛 @barefootblondehair

Reposting! ROSIE’S RECITAL TODAY!!!! Swipe to see her dance!! 💃🏼 and watch the last video if you want to see her wave as the lights go off 🤗 she loves the spotlight 🌟🌟 we are so proud of her!!! #dance #tap #recital

Always applying moisturizer for soft skin and excited to partner up with @CurelUS. Love their Hydra Therapy Wet Skin Moisturizer! Apply it while your skin is still wet!  I am giving away product to 10 lucky winners to #EndDrySkin.  First make sure you are following me and @curelus and then, comment on this photo 👇🏼 to enter to win! #CurelPartner #EndDrySkin

Off to Les Mis with my mom and sisters! Love a good girls night 💗 @liketoknow.it http://liketk.it/2vNpO #liketkit

Bring your kids to work day! A tour of our office is on @barefootblondehair insta stories!!! 💗💗

I didn’t really appreciate the beauty of Arizona until I was a little older - but these 🌵🌵 sure are pretty.

For those who missed Rosie’s last recital, here it is!!!! Wait for the end because it just keeps getting better! Can’t wait to see her shine again this weekend ✨ #twoyearsold

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