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When you’re so excited about your @sagomini bath squirters that you can’t wait til bath time to play with them! The top even pops off so you can rinse them out and dry them after. Available at barnesandnoble.com! We are giving away $100 to Barnes & Noble + bath squirters to one winner and a friend! Tag a friend below and make sure you’re both following @sagomini to enter! #ad

Tempe, Arizona

And one from his first iron kid race!! 💪🏼

Herberger Theater Center

Took Atticus on a date to see the play Madagascar today and he loved it ❤️ he’s so fun 🤗

My Rosie Belle turns two years old tomorrow!!! I love watching her grow and see her personality shine! She is sweet, quirky, sassy, loving, and always messy 🙌🏻 the first photo is still one of my favorites because those were some of the best memories — being lazy with Ro in my crusty nursing bra 😅 with my arm asleep while she sleeps and snuggles on me. The best!!! We love you Ro!

I got our Christmas cards back from @shutterfly. It was such an easy process to design them and I just love how they turned out. The gold foil is gorgeous! 😍 I am having a little trouble deciding which one I should send out to friends and family. So, I need your help! Swipe through the images and vote for which one is your favorite in the comments. Option one, two, or three?! #shutterfly #ad

Pretty in pink at the Pink Palace! Everything in Bermuda is pastel perfect @PrincessBermuda @FairmontHotels #HamiltonPrincess #FairmontMoments #ad

Be sure to watch the full video of this fun family trip to Bermuda, today on the blog! @PrincessBermuda @FairmontHotels #HamiltonPrincess #FairmontMoments #Bermuda #sponsored

In case you missed it, we just restocked all of our home try ons!!! You can go to @barefootblondehair and order 3-5 free samples to try so you can find your perfect match 👯 #barefootblondehair here i am wearing Barefoot Blonde! ph: @tezzamb

ArtScience Museum

A few from the museum! The kids loved this place. #Singapore #artsciencemuseum

Marina Bay Singapore

The best layover ever! We had a layover in Singapore today and went swimming, to the Art Science Museum, ate at a superhero cafe, and went on a Ferris wheel 🙌🏻 now this boy is asleep and snuggling next to me 😴❤️

Sweet and sassy this one 💗 Rosie B.

i’ve accepted that most of my clothes will be wrinkled on trips because i never have space for a steamer and hate ironing! 🤷🏼‍♀️ @barefootblondehair #BFBHairEverywhere

Moms: We all work our booties off to keep these babies happy and healthy so I get how bad it sucks when you see someone on social media who seems to be doing it better, or when you get criticism from someone who thinks you aren’t doing it the right way. Both scenarios suck! Just know that all babies are absolute lunatics sometimes and all moms are dealing with tantrums, messy houses, and going part crazy (or full crazy?) regardless of how perfect a feed looks — or in my case, just trying to keep my kids from sneaking eating the dog’s food (they run and hide under the couch so they don’t get caught), or dumping out toys in the kitchen, or playing with a lipstick for the 100th time, or refusing to wear shoes or socks. Little things like that we all deal with, and all the unwanted advice like “your baby should really have shoes on”, and it’s like “Yeaaaah I know, wouldn’t that be great?!” Yoplait sees what we’re going through and created 1-833-MOM-TIPS, a hotline to listen to this unwanted advice so we don’t have to. Call for a laugh or send those people brimming with advice to the hotline to let it all out! @yoplaitusa #IWorkWithYoplait #ad

Krabi, Thailand

Trying to think of captions that don’t have any i’s is real hard. I️ know 100 people have told me how to fix I️t but when I️ do it I️ swear I️t doesn’t work 😫 does I️t still look like a question mark for you?! Some are and some aren’t for me?! 🤔 anyways this is from a dreamy boat ride! 🤗 @barefootblondehair #BFBHairEverywhere ph: @tezzamb

Krabi, Thailand

If you could have one wish what would it be? To fly! 🕊 @davidavidavid

Krabi, Thailand

A dreamy boat ride ✨ we are both wearing @barefootblondehair — Tessa is wearing Brown Sugar and I’m in Barefoot Blonde! (Photo by @tezzamb using her presets!!! Go to her bio to buy them 🙌🏻) #BFBHairEverywhere #barefootblondehair

Maya Bay - เกาะพีพีเล

Yesterday was sooo much fun! We love having David’s sister and her family here. The moment we leave the cousins to go shower or go to sleep Atticus is begging to see them again saying he misses them 🤗❤️ some videos on insta stories

💗🌴 first time to Thailand! @barefootblondehair #BFBHairEverywhere

4 free spirits right here ❤️

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