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Honolulu, Hawaii

New blog post is up! 🌸🌸 //@barefootblondehair @revolve http://liketk.it/2qtBo @liketoknow.it #liketkit

Northshore, Hawaii

Puppy kisses 🐶

Love wearing @davidavidavid hoodies 🤗 http://liketk.it/2qt9j @liketoknow.it #liketkit

Can't you just feel the cheese?!?! 🤗 she had molars coming in and had a couple weeks where it was hurting her and now she is alllll smiles! Also thanks to @lubrows_studio for making my brows acceptable for public! My brows struggle and I haven't filled them in for two weeks now because she's amazing.

Northshore, Hawaii

Yoga babies 🙏🏻

Northshore, Hawaii

Partying in the church parking lot while waiting for big brother to wake up! ❤️ #Sundays

Northshore, Hawaii

New profile pic 💕 is that what they call it? Haha. I got tons of questions about my last insta so going to try to answer them all here! 1. BBG is a workout program by @kayla_itsines and it's really great. I got it right after I had Rosie and started it two times but never followed through 😳🙈 this time me and my sisters @jamie.bigelow @ashleydpetersen @emfillerup all decided to do it together and we have to text our group chat when we finish which has held me more accountable. 2. No I'm not doing the meal plan that goes with the work outs! I would love to next round though. (Each round is 12 weeks) right now I'm not sticking to any diet I just try to portion control. 3. While I am on week 6 of #BBG I have been working out pretty consistently for about 10 months. 4. I also sometimes finish or start my work outs by doing sprints or row machine or agility ladder. I also do abs about 4 times a week mainly because I had diastasis recti (when your ab muscles separate from pregnancy) and I still have a bit of separation so really trying to focus on that before getting pregnant again. This was also one of the main reasons I got a trainer was to learn specific work outs to help with a post partum body. I worked with @sheikfitness and she helped me so much. 5. I have done every work out but sometimes if I don't feel like working out Friday I will just take that day off and do it Saturday instead etc but I never miss a work out. 6. Also this is #notsponsored 💕

Chinamans Beach

Happy place 🌴 also half way done with #BBG 👍🏻

Sunset Beach North Shore

Last night's sunset was incredible!!! 💕🙌🏻 // dress: @athenaprocopiou

Chinamans Beach

They are at the best ages because I am their friend of choice 🤗 one day they will pick a friend from school over me to play with so I'm soaking in being their number one buddy. // matching swimsuits from @marysiaswim ❤️😜

New look on my blog today ❤️💙 http://liketk.it/2qpZI @liketoknow.it #liketkit

When the kids and I woke up david wasn't home so I assumed he went surfing. Then I got a text saying "come to the beach" and he had woken up early to go make this ☺️ I had seen piles of rocks on the beach the past week and thought they were from little kids but nope just davey making stacks to make this ❤️❤️ love you @davidavidavid #ACDC

Haleiwa, Hawaii

Another from today's post. Feelin the love this Valentine's Day 💕 got everything I need 👦🏼👶🏼👶🏼🐶

My lil monkeys snacking it up in looks from @kohls on the blog #jumpingbeans #ad

Haleiwa, Hawaii

The other day at the beach they were fighting over who got to hug me for a solid 15 minutes. They would push the other one out of the way and grab on tight 😂 it made my week!! Also I love when me and David are hugging and they get jealous and have to come in for a group hug 🤗 they aren't always sweet but when they are it's like 💯💥(this look is up on the blog too! 💕)

Love her so much! She is so fun 💕 #mylittlelady #babybestie

Velzyland, North Shore, Hawaii

Majority of my wrinkles will come from having my face smooshed by these tiny hands on a daily basis and I welcome it 🤗 #momwrinkles #thegoodkind new blog post and a 12 things series up today! Thanks @hbgoodie for this capture ❤️ oh and PS this swimsuit is $39 and the link is on my blog!

The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well 😜 this look on my blog today ❤️ #Bbg #bbgweek4

Northshore, Hawaii

Racing my pup on the beach may be my new favorite work out of choice 👍🏻💦

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