Амандла Стенберг


Американская актриса, наиболее известная ролью Руты в фильме «Голодные игры».
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Drippity droppity droop.. scoopitypoop! @darkestminds premiere, so wonderful seeing all my Darkest Minds family. And guess what - it’s out...Thursday!! ♥️

My mom just sent me this 🌚😭😂♥️

Over the past year I’ve heard concerns from my community around my casting as Starr in The Hate U Give and I want those who are worried to know they are seen and heard. Something that I love most about the black community is the accountability and expectation for greatness and consciousness that we maintain. I hope Angie’s perspective can alleviate those concerns, though I don’t expect it to address the age old conundrum of colorism and I’m glad this conversation is being opened up. The lack of diversity within the black girl representation we’re finally getting is apparent and it’s NOT ENOUGH, and I understand my role in the quest for onscreen diversity and the sensitivity I must have towards the colorism that I do not experience. Do I aim to represent all black girls? Hell nah! Do I expect all black girls to feel represented by me? Absolutely not. We encompass a beautiful and expansive plethora of experiences, identities and shades and it would be ridiculous to assume that I should or could represent all of us. I want my sisters to know I navigate my industry with an acute awareness of how my accessibility contributes to the representation I am granted. I do so with a vigilance concerning the commodification of blackness and not taking up space that doesn’t belong to me. My biggest hope is that this precarious game of give and take we play with the historically white institution of Hollywood for the sake of representation can only lead to the diversity we want and deserve. I want to see my mama on screen. And my niece. I want to see my friends, my peers... and all those who have given me the blessing of their support. Let’s continue to demand depictions that don’t placate European beauty standards. And after all this if you still don’t mess with the casting, hey, that’s your prerogative! But let’s show up to THUG for BLM, for rich and profound portrayals of contemporary black experience, for exploration of the nuance of bias, for black girl realness 😁, for family, for gun control, for speaking up and out, for Philando, Tamir, Eric, Michael, Sandra and all the black lives that have been taken for no reason. ✊🏽

This is becoming a meme account

Comic Con

My sweet beans. We had a chuckle and a half today. Thanks to the souls who came out to The Darkest Minds and the @entertainmentweekly Women Who Kick Ass panel. There was much ass whoopin abound 🤺

Pinkies up @davidyurman #dypinky Thank u for the cutest night ♥️

Me lookin at u like....look at you. Lookin like yoself. I SEE that hard work you’re putting in bih. Don’t think nobody is witnessing your movements. I’m clockin them from over here...and u better keep doin ya damned thing.

We dem lost boys

It was just my beautiful niecey poo Kyleigh’s bday send her looooove!

Surrendering to the sacred all day erry day. Thank you @theststyle! Shot by @dritch who’s been shooting me since 9th grade back when we were gettin kicked out of numero unos for using the watermelon stand as our Editorial Backdrop 🍉❤️


The Darkest Minds. August 3rd. Ya girl shall be fighting the government with mind control 👤😁


@essencefest thank u for communing with us 🌹😊



Sweet peas

BET awards 🎆 (and no y’all @morereginahall was not feeling some type of way, our TelePrompTer wasn’t working 😂)

So excited and blessed to share this with u. This book arrested my heart and gave me solace. Thank you for your blessing @angiethomas, we hope we’ll make you proud! 10.19.18

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