Амандла Стенберг


Американская актриса, наиболее известная ролью Руты в фильме «Голодные игры».
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Aight So Boom.

The ol razzle dazzle

Haay @jairamiller 👼🏽 This is Jaira’s Study Session I choreographed by her. Ain’t she radiant? I️ helped her direct it and edited it. Shot by Paul Houston. Will link to full in my highlights 🌀

As this thanksgiving approaches it just might be time to ask ur loved ones: Full meal or side dish??

Mastapost of cuties looking phenomenal. Happy halloweenie

A poster for @thehateugivemovie that never made it. Our ode to Pac ofc ♥️ Woooowwzaaa thank you thank you to u guys who have gone out to see it this past week. The love is so real 🤧

Am I️ grown now? I️ still feel like this. Thank you for all the sweet wishes ♥️

British Film Institute

#drama #armpit


ZOO WEE MAMA it’s out 🙃💥 @thehateugivemovie ‼️shoutout to Pac & @djdaryl 🙏🏽

THUG comes out everywhere this Friday. Mad mad mad props to this incredible woman man. She’s a monumental force and I’m so lucky to have her as my big sis. She gave us her heart through her words and created a reflection of the world that makes all of us feel less alone. it’s been one of the biggest blessings of my life bringing her vision to film. I️ know y’all that have seen it already are feeling it too and it fills me up when you share it with me - don’t ever stop! Thanks for spreading the word. Much love. 💓

Thank you Trevor 🙏🏽🖤 catch the daily show to see why @thehateugivemovie makes white people cry

Happy birthday sweet one

Me and @teohalm wrote a song called “Always” about love that will always be there and it came out on @thehateugivemovie soundtrack today ♥️ I’m gonna link to it in my highlights, it’s on Spotify and Apple Music! 🎤🎻 by me 🎹🥁🎸 by Teo Engineered by @malchicoff Distributed by @defjam Video appearances by my Hate U Give family 😇

Happy #nationalcomingoutday 💓💐

I️ truly have no words. Just the utmost gratitude! Thank you @time for this unfathomable honor. Thank you to everyone who rallied together to make @thehateugivemovie. Thank you for so beautifully maintaining the collective intention to make something that could ground us in what makes us most human. Thank you to @angiethomas and @george_tillman for giving us the space within art we deserve and for trusting me with giving Starr her light! Thank you to all of you beautiful folks who support and trust me to be a conduit for our beliefs and use my platform to express who we truly are. Thank you for continually inspiring me and making me feel loved. This one’s because and for y’all.

They really think we all look the same

Real n***a hours who up do it too or imma hit u with this stick

Hey. I️ wrote a piece for @teenvogue about sexual assault and my experiences with it. I️ hope it can be validating and maybe provide some catharsis. There are some really great resources at the end of the article too 😊 I’m gonna link to it on my story and in my highlights. I️ love you 💓

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