Амандла Стенберг


Американская актриса, наиболее известная ролью Руты в фильме «Голодные игры».
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Cheesin hella hard after dinner with the incredible @angiethomas 😁😁😁 We've been in process of the film adaptation of The Hate U Give for over a year now and the first day of filming is TOMORROW! I'm so endlessly grateful for Angie's blessing & her continuous love and support. Meet the Carter family! ❤

Dan Nicky your Bobbie s

A midnight memory of Selah (with her blue tinted goggles ofc) 🌃

Hi y'all, Teen Vogue gave me free range to direct a video piece to go with my cover, so I decided to make a meditational guide. (link to full in bio.) I shot, illustrated, scored and edited it myself! I hope that it can help to sooth and calm you. As the world continues to experience political dissonance, violence, and an accelerated perception of reality due to technology, I think it's so important that we actively tend to our mental health. Because of the immense anxieties my generation is exposed to, mental illnesses have become shockingly pervasive amongst us. I believe that because of these anxieties and the way our reality is constantly manipulated and altered by social media (a social experiment with psychological effects we have no gauge on) we are experiencing exacerbated levels of severe anxiety, depression and dissociation. In order to be better equipped to heal, organize, and carry the responsibility of solving this social upheaval, it is crucial we focus our energy on our mental health and the ability to exist in the present moment. It’s hard to witness everything happening without some sort of grounding practice. I hope this video can be a calming resource. ❤️

Last 1 - with hearts in my eyes at sunset, breeze-swept on Atlantic Beach in New York as On the Level plays softly in the background. for @teenvogue shot by @josholins

From Teen Vogue Volume III: The Icons Issue in which I am described as a "baby faced ass kicker" 😁 Interviewed for my cover story by my effervescent and ethereal sis @janellemonae. 🙏🏾

YERRR! #TheIconsIssue #sneaky #spy? #bodysuitfilledwithsmalllizards

I am so honored to grace my second Teen Vogue cover and to be sharing Volume III: The Icons Issue with @kaiagerber and @milliebobbybrown. (I swear, this sort of stuff still doesn't feel real to me, and I regularly take moments to sit down, take a deep breath and count my blessings 😁) I was interviewed for this issue by the epitome of love, light and soul - my sis and friend @janellemonae. The cover quote was inspired by our conversation, in which Janelle said to me "One of my mantras is 'Embrace what makes you unique even if it makes others uncomfortable.' I keep that with me in my back pocket. Shoot, I keep it in my front pocket! I keep it in my hair. We have to live that." I told her the reason why I feel like I’m able to embrace myself is because of icons like her who carve out spaces that the world says shouldn’t exist - joyous, creative spaces. It is so imperative to revel in that joy and creativity at this moment, even if it is difficult and seems at odds with the state of the world. However, we cannot face turmoil without light in our hearts. Love is the fuel for revolution. To shine is to rebel. Full story up on the Teen Vogue website, and hard copies hit stands next week. 😋


Honoring her today... 😄Don't forget to shower ya inner child with a little love... they're in there and with u always! 😋

We're so small 🙄

Divine! 🌌 @jessicaguetta

@mattxiv's incred pictures of resistance today in Times Square against Trump's decision to ban trans people from military service. #transpeoplearenotaburden ❤️ @giagarison ❤️ @peppermint247

Thinking about those whose radiant presences have affirmed & inspired as I've grown up. Thinking about the spaces these artists have created and how that makes me unafraid. Thinking bout gratitude! 🌞 happy weekend y'all

"I Love You Always Forever" - Donna Lewis

Bein' sweet captured by sweety pie @nicholas.claridge

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