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I keep thinking about the monumental ways in which #MeghanMarkle’s life has changed & what that must be like for her & her family . All the blessings & challenges that come with being a part of the most famous, yet deeply traditional families in the world . Meghan Markle is a much needed, new example of what a Duchess looks like, allowing for a more inclusive Monarchy for the first time ever . It gives me hope when I get to witness the change of an old system , and today’s historic wedding was certainly a game changer !

In honor of Megan and Harry ( and my birthday today ) our friends had a little Royal Wedding Party ! #Megan&Harry 🎂

The loves of my life . #Atlanta #Ella #Silvan #Mothersday2018

Oh motherhood !!! A beautiful mix of joys and hardships , moments of the most profound love I have ever known and also despair and soul crushing isolation ... Motherhood has been my greatest teacher and motivator to heal .I do it imperfectly , a day at a time , sometimes a moment at a time . I do it with honesty , commitment , and allowing myself to never buy into the completely dishonest narrative that motherhood is a breeze where there are no forgotten school lunches , month old chipped nail polish , un-waxed legs , emails not returned for way too long and cancelled dinners because my bedtime is often at the same time as my kids. Motherhood is messy . At least mine is . So,happy Mothers Day to all the moms , mom figures , people who are without a mom or are estranged from theirs . But an especially Happy day to my tribe of Messy Moms ! 📸 by @MarioSorrenti taken the day before I gave birth to my twins Ella and Silvan .

Never underestimate the collective power of women . #Repost@usowomen Today at #Cannes, 82 women in film climbed the steps of the Palais in silence and stopped halfway to raise awareness about the fact that in the Cannes Film Festival’s 71-year history, there have been just 82 women directors to climb the stairs (compared to 1,688 male directors), and to call for #5050by2020. 📷: @gettyentertainment

I had the honor of being photographed by the incredibly talented @zoeygrossman , and interviewed by the equally brilliant @fariha_roisin for @thevioletbook . I love having the opportunity to work with women who I personally respect and admire . Thanks Ladies for hooking a sister up ! 💗

I just want to say a huge resounding “Yessssss “ to this exciting news today . We need more women with their own shows , controlling the content and messages they want to amplify . @busyphilipps I jumped up and down for joy and I know you will be so great in this new role . Huge , giant congrats my sister from another mister !!!!!! 😘💋🙋👏🏻 #LateNightLadies

Life has been so hectic lately with work , kids , an E.R visit and general messy moments . It’s been months since I stopped and spent time with this one & even longer since I picked up my camera and took a picture . Here’s Mr.V on a sunny Saturday with both kids out the house , which NEVER happens . #HubbyMoment

Tammy making it a #FIRST for a female Senator to bring her baby to work . @senduckworth in awe of you yet again ! #Repost @erinschaff 📸 ・・・ Senator Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), holds her 10-day-old daughter Maile while talking with reporters outside the Capitol after a vote in Washington, DC on April 19, 2018. In an historic change of Senate rules, the lawmakers voted to allow infants of members onto the floor for votes. “It’s about time," Duckworth said. Photo for @nytimes

Lately I’ve been posting about friends & loved ones who are doing incredible things . Just because I want you to know all about these wonderful beings and how they are positively affecting the world . Well .. here is a company and Team you should know about . @nat_mass & @nickbrown have launched IMAGINARY @imaginary , a $75 million venture fund that invests in early stage direct-to-consumer businesses at the intersection of retail and technology, backed by a collective of some of the world’s top business individuals and entrepreneurs. Not only is @nat_mass one of the smartest ladies I know , she is also one of the kindest and most humble . I’m genuinely excited to see what they do , I have no doubt it will innovative and game changing . #Nat&Nick #Imaginary

Often people ask me to share important “ things to know “ that you won’t learn in school .So @girlgaze made a series with our friends @AdobeStudents featuring some bad ass CEO’s and kindly included me ! Link in bio to watch videos of @mojism @jaclynrjohnson @sonjarasula @Amy.Levin and me. Films by #girlgaze Director @lina_land 📹#Ad

Today is a monumental day for our family . Those of you who know me personally , know my sister @victoriamahoney . Since the very beginning Victoria was quite literally born to tell stories . She’s one of the most profound and jaw dropping directors that ever was . She’s making history today by being the first WOC and the first female to ever direct #2ndUnit on #StarWarsE9 . It’s not easy to be a #First . But it’s a huge win for each and everyone one of us who was told “ no “ time and time again . And again .... The outliers are finally taking over !

What better honor is there that this one . To be recognised and honoured for being of service in such an impactful and powerful way . @jodikantor I know a little of what went into the stories you and Megan brought into the world . And I’m Forever in awe of your undying commitment to unearthing the truth and creating a new reality for women and girls . So very proud of you Jodi !!!!!! 👏🏻🙋💗 . #pulitzerprizewinner

I know what I’ll be doing on Tues night . This is going to be an extra special episode because @traceeellisross is at the helm . Proud of you !!! #femalefilmmakerfriday

My Ella Gracie girl in her @hvn x champion hoodie. 🌸

Happy Easter !! I bought this book not only because it’s a Sweet and needed story , but because as @iamjohnoliver says , nothing pisses #mikepense off like decency, tolerance and advocacy ! #BetterBundoBook.com

Los Angeles, California

Happy Birth Day to my first born beloved @atlantabean . There is nothing more fulfilling than watching you flourish . We L💗VE you so much Bean. 🎂💗💋😘

Anyone who has met my beloved Sis @victoriamahoney knows what a bad ass director and woman she is ... “Girl drove two towns to meet me at a panel & kept smiling as tears mounted. I asked, why the tears? Her parents said they wouldn't pay for film school because there aren't any working directors who look like her. She said, now I can go home & tell them I MET ONE.” | Repost by Director @victoriamahoney 🎥#femalefilmmakerfriday #girlgaze

As a daughter-in-law of a female restauranteur and sister-in-law to a chef, I am all too familiar with the inequality in the restaurant industry. Women chefs earn 28% less in base pay than their male counterparts. We can help make the restaurant industry a more equal place for women by dining at or ordering from women-led restaurants. I support #EqualPay #RestaurantHER @grubhub #Grubhubpartner

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