Аманда Де Кадене


Английская актриса, кинопродюсер, журналистка, телеведущая и фотограф.
  • Все 1829
  • Фото 1751
  • Видео 78

My Gracie Girl 💗

Montauk End Of The World

Golden Sun ....

This just made me smile and feel happy inside .. #celebratepride #Repost @moonagemagic ・・・ New Yorkers do it better! 🌈 #booty #newyorksfinest #pride

What she said .. @kirstengillibrand #CallYourSenator #SpeakUp #UseYourVoice

I can't believe that this book, which has taken me a lifetime to write , & at times felt impossible to finish ... is finally more than a word document . I wrote this book because the ladies asked me to share some of my stories .The subjects are all curated by YOU . My life certainly is messy , and if you're human then yours is too . More to come ! Pre-order link in bio . #ItsMessy #Boys #Boobs #BadAssWomen

More devastating news for London . This is so hard to see & equally painful to hear the stories of mothers throwing their kids out of windows in hope of safety . I lived blocks from this building at one time and it's surreal to see it consumed by flames . People have lost everything but the clothes on their backs . If you are in London , please consider dropping supplies at the location listed here .. ( photo repost @orlandobloom )

@kamalaharris is not playin ' . She's the kind of leader we need . ( 📹@femaleCollective)

Anita Pallenberg was an original bad ass rock chick . To me she embodied beauty and being bold . No doubt her passing this evening marks the end of an era . A woman of immense style , and certainly authenticity. Tonight my thoughts are with her children and those who loved her . 💗

Early morning hubby #MrV

Really excited about this opportunity #Repost @girlgazeproject ・・・ One of our number one commitments is to support female-identifying photographers and filmmakers —not just by talking about the gender gap, but by actually helping close it in a meaningful way— #NewView film competition is one of those ways. We are working to provide young female filmmakers with the thing they most want: the chance to work. There are still 22 days left to submit to the @glamourmag x Girlgaze Project #NewView film competition that highlights how young women see the world! To enter, directors must create an original short film (3-5 minutes) that showcases their point of view—on an issue, on their own life, or on our culture. Submit your short film by June 30, 2017 at www.newviewfilm.com. #poweredbywomen Thank you to @lenneigh @celestuhl @mastergia @maddywelk @dritch for being in the video!

Beyond proud of my sister @victoriamahoney . She is one of maybe four women directors to get a pilot this year out of 50 + shows. She is living proof to never, ever give up . #ProudProudProud #NewView #womandirector

@repmaxinewaters telling it how it is AGAIN . #SheRoRep ( repost @maggiebetts )

Watch live on today ! Twitter will be streaming the One Love Manchester benefit concert, headlined by Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and more. With donations processing through the British Red Cross, all proceeds will go the families affected by the attack last week . Link in bio .

What is happening to my home town ? It's so surreal to see pictures of more destruction. How far into the darkness does the world need to go before we can swing back the other way ? I'm afraid to know the answer ... more grief , more trauma , more loss . Requires more compassion , more kindness and more love . #SadForLondon image from @sumnermickey

This weekend let's support this female lead , female directed and fierce female story of Wonder Woman . @gal_gadot


What an incredible evening hosting the ever inspiring , from the heart , real deal , @kirstengillibrand in LA . It is always an honor and a privilege to support such a champion of women's rights. If you don't know #senatorgillibrand , I encourage you to find out about all the work she does , fighting for our rights on a daily basis . She always reminds me to Never Ever Ever Give Up . #OffTheSidelines

Thank you @jessicachastain for being brave enough to speak up about the necessity of the female gaze . We need more females behind the lense & writing our stories . This was a baller move for such a high profile woman to speak up about in the massive imbalance in her industry. Repost @iamjessicagomes

Our Kitty named Ricky Baker 😸

Massive achievement Sofia !!!!! #Repost @spagettyos ・・・ Congrats to #sofiacoppola for being the second women to win Cannes .. #womendirectors #newview

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