Аманда Де Кадене


Английская актриса, кинопродюсер, журналистка, телеведущая и фотограф.
  • Все 1973
  • Фото 1857
  • Видео 116

I love hearing friends and allies talk about feminism. Kiera has been talking about equality for many years and no one wanted to hear about it . Now the female focused sound bite is what everyone wants,and whilst part of me thinks “ about fucking time “ the great, new reality is that if a media outlet ISN’T talking about gender equality they are missing out on current events in a big way . Feminism has now become news and not a niche conversation and for that I am so extremely grateful, because for many years that has not been the case. #Feminism2018

There are so many of us. Mothers , daughters , sisters & grandmothers who are #MeToo . Our voices will make a difference for the next generation of girls so they aren’t #MeToo . This is why I march. #womensmarch 📸 by @femalecollective

Los Angeles City Hall

Today I was in my happy place , surrounded by like minded ladies ( & men ). The march reminded me that there are many of us who do give a shit & care deeply . Thank you to each and every person who showed up in every city to take part in @womensmarch .

📹@amyvcooper #womensmarch #resist #txhandmaids #atx #girlgazemarch

In addition to the incredible contribution Dr. King made to the Civil Rights movement there are also many women who fought alongside him that are often forgotten. These women strongly influenced not only civil rights activism but other social justice movements, including feminism. 👊🏿❤️👊🏼 Say their names! #CivilRightsDay #mlkday #girlgaze

I love starting my day with a bestie breakfast . Up and at it early this morning !!! AdeCxWarby 👓 #ellas❤

Way to do it @conniebritton !! 🖤 #PovertyIsSexist #UseYourVoice

It takes a village ! Thanks @Gucci for dressing me in the perfect gown , @ireneneuwirth for Dream earrings sadly you can’t see in this pic @ginaribisi for gorgeous make-up and @sascha_breuer for my shiny , happy hair ... #GoldenGlobes #TimesUp #CleanUpWhenIHaveTo

There are no words and no way to express the monumental gratitude I have for this incredible trailblazer . @oprah #TimesUp #micdrop🎤( repost @emmagrede )

When @oprah says “Their time is up “ you know it’s happening. #TimesUp Artwork @badasscrossstitch

75th Golden Globe Awards


75th Golden Globe Awards

Representing the UK ! @jusmarai & @emmawatson ( thanks for the best giant hug ) #TimesUp

75th Golden Globe Awards

Find your tribe !! All the #TimesUp ladies in the house 🖤As @gloriasteinem said “ We are linked not ranked .”

75th Golden Globe Awards

Girlfriend time at the Globes . #TimesUp @traceeellisross 💋

The Joyful Warriors of #TimesUp . So much love and sisterhood in the house tonight . @traceeellisross @americaferrera @emmawatson #goldenglobes

If anyone isn’t entirely sure why we wear black , the incredible @rosariodawson explains with beautiful clarity . #WhyWeWearBlack #TimesUp @timesupnow #goldenglobes

In solidarity of all our sisters. What a beautiful show of unity and support . #WhyWeWearBlack #TimesUp 🖤

New Year , new job ? @girlgazeproject is hiring ! If you want to be part of a company whose goal is to close the gender gap, one job at a time then please apply . All jobs are LA based, serious applicants only pls !! #NewYearNewJob #girlgaze ( link in bio )

@feministabulous & @dividedstatesofwomen 👏🏻🙋💋

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