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Mr.V #Home

Only in LA ..

Partying in my @orlandobloom Birthday Suit .. #Happy 40th my sweet friend 🎂💕Such a treat to celebrate your life .

8 days till @womensmarch . I'll be in D.C , where will you be ? #womensmarch

Bye Bye for now #Potus . What a powerful speech he gave tonight , and such a beautiful & sincere way he spoke about his wife & daughters . He reminded us that there is still much work to be done ( no kidding ) I get the feeling that our work has only just begun . Onwards ....#ObamaFarewell

Tonight #DameMerylStreep gave every single one of us, regardless of gender, the most elevated gift.She gave us what we so long for and rarely get . The truth . She used her moment to honor the other nominees and talk about her broken heart , the pain of losing her friend #CarrieFisher & how she has not recovered from the outcome of the election .I felt awe and gratitude for her sharing such wisdom and profound insights. Thank you Meryl for being the role model I needed to see and hear tonight #Queen #RoleModel

I know award shows , are just that & should not define the value of a project .. BUT .. What a joy seeing @traceeellisross her light shining so bright , sharing words from the heart with such integrity and class . #WomenOfColor #ColorfulWomen #WeSeeYou

Can't stop and won't stop until women have parity and equity at all levels of leadership in society. Join us Jan 21. @womensmarch #WomensMarch #WhyIMarch

#Repost @laurabrown99 What a class act . What an incredible role model she is .


#Repost @girlgazeproject If you live in LA and are creative, talented, and passionate about the empowerment of women & girls take a peak at our jobs board (link in bio)! We're ready to expand our team in 2017 and we want you!! 🌠

Starting 2017 off with one of my TO DO's. Which is to spend more time with my girlfriends like @samtaylorjohnson & @lynseyaddario who make me laugh #GoWhereTheLove❤Is #GirlGazeLadies

I don't do resolutions , too much pressure ! But here is my " 2017 To Do's" that are simple and doable . Except only eating one cake ..that one .. not so possible !!! 🎂🙋💋

My daughter Ella made this painting yesterday . For 2017 I'm going with her beautiful message . Whatever " intentions " you set for yourself this year , make it manageable and know that we ALL make a difference . Every voice , every thought , every action . Make a difference , we all can !! #Happy2017

Two generations of trailblazing women both gone within 24 hrs of each other . And they say you won't die from a broken heart . I've always disagreed and Debbie Reynolds is proof that you can . Her heart literally broke . What an end to this insane year .Love,love and more love to Billie Lourd #Carrie&Debbie

The only princess I ever wanted to be . Thank you for being a bad ass example of a woman who overcame adversity,so many personal challenges & for being the first princess who didn't need saving . #RIP #carriefisher

George Michael's music was such a huge part of my childhood.He was always kind to me and never judgemental at a time when I was 17 yrs old & hosting a music TV show in the U.K. and taking a lot of shit. George was a pioneer in so many ways . He was the first person I knew who proudly wore his sexuality on his sleeve. This video #Freedom is one of my fav's of his .What sad news to hear about Georges' death today. Shall we all have a #GeorgeMichael dance party in Honor of his passing today ?...

Stole some time away from writing my own book to start this one. #DifficultWomen #RoxaneGay

There are those who talk a good game and then there is #JaneFonda. She has been leading the charge for equal rights since long before I was born . But you will be hard pressed to find another 79 year old woman ( ok except 80 year old @gloriasteinem ) who has constantly stood up and taken action against injustice . This is what a rally looks like & how #Jane and her friends have chosen to spend her birthday . #GoJane !! #OriginalBadAss #NoDAPL #HappyBirthdayJane

Daisy in my pool #SimpleThingsSaturday

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