Аманда Де Кадене


Английская актриса, кинопродюсер, журналистка, телеведущая и фотограф.
  • Все 1873
  • Фото 1787
  • Видео 86

No one does it better than the OG supermodels @iamnaomicampbell @helenachristensen @cindycrawford #claudiaschiffer #CarlaBruni 📹@Edward_Enninful #Versace #GianniTribute

It is such a weird but wonderful feeling to see #ItsMessy out in the world . Thanks for sharing all your pics with me !!

#Repost @salmahayek ( link in Bio to Donate ) #mexicocity

New York, New York

Thanks to everyone who came to my very first book reading last night for #ItsMessy . Somewhat scary but also fun to share the stories with others ! 📷 @inezandvinoodh #ItsMessyCookie #AdeCXWarby

Not only is #ItsMessy out today but @warbyparker have reissued our #AdeCxWarby collab . So for everyone who asked ...they are back and available now on Warby Parker.com !

This is what women supporting women looks like . Congrats to you @reesewitherspoon for making sure we see stories that reflect our true , messy selves . #biglittlelies #EmmyWin

I fittingly found this pic yesterday . The moment over two years ago I scribbled down a possible name for my book that I hadn't written yet . #ItsMessy comes out in 3 days and I'm really excited to finally be able to share it with you !!

Anyone know what I'm talking about ?! A wrote a chapter in It's Messy ( link in Bio ) all about this all too familiar subject .. #ItsMessy

Subliminal Projects

@girlgazeproject is so proud to announce our upcoming gallery exhibition #girlgaze: UNCENSORED -opening in LA at @subliminalprojects! This work celebrates the beauty of imperfection while normalizing the female-identifying experience by showing images of nipples, rolls, scars, body hair, transition, as well as internal struggles such as anxiety and depression. The photographs in the show will be available for purchase so come see the show and support your fellow artists! Join us for a DJ set by Shepard Fairey as well as @chulitavinylclub (an all-girl all-vinyl club for self-identifying womxn of color providing space for empowerment and togetherness), refreshments, and come meet the entire #Girlgaze Team! If you'd like to join us on Friday, September 29th from 8-11pm please RSVP at rsvp@subliminalprojects.com! #girlgazeuncensored

This is @luisadorr , she's a @girlgazeproject photographer from Brazil who had the honor of creating @time Magazine's First iPhone Portfolio capturing a series of historic women and their FIRSTS. Luisa traveled the US capturing portraits of @hillaryclinton @ava @oprah @serenawilliams and many more! Check out #Girlgaze InstaStories for a Q & A I did with @luisadorr to learn more about her and her incredible work on this project! | #girlgaze

Never forget that YOUR opinion of yourself is the most important one . Feeling good about who you are, no matter what anyone else has to say about you is so freeing ! #ToThineOwnSelfBeTrue #ItsMessy

Profoundly human moment amidst such devastation . Repost @nadianarain @time #hurricaneirma

It's true ... I really did . #ItsMessy (link in bio above)

Is this series of covers not the best thing to see as we head into the weekend ? I rarely see anything in the media any more that makes my heart happy and gives me hope . Each and everyone of these women are #Gamechangers and we all know women who could fill more covers a hundred times over . All images by @girlgazeproject photographer @luisadorr #girlgaze Tag a woman in your life whose a #Gamechanger ! @Time

Thanks to whomever the judges are who nominated my #1 Girl @atlantabean and myself for the @elleusa Best Personal Style Award. We don't often do shoots together, so it's always a treat when we do ! 📷@Daymion_ Make Up @fionastiles #MotherDaughter #elleusa

Your voice makes a difference! Let Congress know to #DefendDACA using this new tool. DreamActToolkit.org #DefendDACA #DefendDREAMers #DREAMAct

As a photographer and interviewer, being in front of the camera is not my favourite thing, and neither is being interviewed. However, I'm extremely thankful for @sundaytimeslorraine , who wrote such a thoughtful and insightful article on my book #ItsMessy for @theStStyle and the insanely talented @zoeygrossman for taking these gorgeous pics of me .I couldn't have had a better team @laurenandersen @sascha_breuer @edmondalison .#girlgaze #StStyle #ItsMessy

This is going to be one special event . @brooklynmuseum has invited myself and #JudyChicago @bobblandofficial @sallykohn @sarahsophief @lsarsour @paolamendoza my fav @kirstengillibrand and more to speak about Inspiring social change. Link in bio to get tix !

I fight for this today and everyday .. #Repost @girlgazeproject ・・・ On August 26th, 1920 the 19th Amendment, which states that no citizen will be denied the right to vote on account of sex, was set in stone in the U.S. Constitution. Unfortunately, due to racist legislation such as literacy tests, voting laws against Native Americans, and unjust citizenship requirements, women of color were not guaranteed the same voting rights as their white counterparts. It wasn’t until the Voting Rights Act passed in 1965 that universal suffrage was granted for all women. #intersectionality Since gaining the right to vote in 1920 women have made tremendous strides in politics. In 1960 women gained the right to buy the birth control pill. In 1973, women were allowed legal access to abortions. And in 1986, women could seek damages for sexual harassment in the workplace. 281 women have served as members of the House and 50 have served as Senators. Today there are 20 women serving in the U.S. Congress. We’ve still got a long way to go, though. And it’s going to take a lot of woman-power to get us there. Today, women in politics are continuously working towards equal pay, reproductive rights, and paid maternity leave. Not to mention policies such as voter identification laws still continue to affect people of color at the voting booths. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Check out @girlgazeproject InstaStories for our favorite Women in politics and stay tuned at the end for a special link connecting you to info on all of the upcoming important elections you can exercise your right to VOTE! | #girlgaze #womensequalityday

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