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Seeing that my fav @lynseyaddario photographed one of my other fav ladies @hillaryclinton , who was also interviewed by writer extraordinaire @rtraister1 for this weeks @nymag , made me happy . Link to article in my profile .

It's so beautiful to see words of kindness & comfort shared with strangers . ( image via @sundaytimeslorraine ) #manchester #LoveistheonlyWay

Ever feel that devastating situations, like the bomb attack which tonight killed 19 people and injured 50 are just impossible to process ? Yet again, the damage caused to so many,by someone whose heart is filled with hate , is beyond my comprehension.We can pray,but the inconceivable loss that is likely still not registering, with families whose loved ones died tonight is beyond words & for some , beyond prayers.

It's been a long but great Mothers Day. I appreciate every woman who has mothered me, nurtured me and loved me unconditionally. ( you know who you are ) Not everyone is able to have a loving relationship with their mother & you don't need to be a mother to love maternally . I've been a mother since age 19 and the challenges of being a parent are real . I love hearing the many hard truths that are a normal part of motherhood . The more honest we all are about the beauty and the hardships , the better we prepare each other to be parents ,and the less women will feel like they are failing . It's hard , it's tiring , its intense ,it's the most powerful love I have ever known and it has pushed me to be the best person I can be in every single way . Hope today was a good one for you all ! #ItsMessy

In my bed

I've always been curious how people survive huge loss. It's a question I often ask when I interview people. The book that @sherylsandberg and #AdamGrant have co-authored about resilience, is profound . Sheryl shares her journey and how she has survived, since her beloved husband David,suddenly died two years ago . I always say that the best way I know, to turn a tragedy into some kind of gift , is by sharing the experience with others & especially the tools that helped the most . For anyone who has survived a loss ( everyone ) this is a wise , insightful and transformative book ... #OptionB

What if we did ? #yaelbartana

#JordanEdwards #JordanEdwards #JordanEdwards #BlackLivesMatter

Thanks @buzzfeed for making @girlgazeproject the #1 Instagram account that Won't Make You Feel Bad About Yourself !

#Repost @girlgazeproject ・・・ We interrupt your regularly scheduled program with this important message from @glamourmag x Girlgaze #NewView judge #jadapinkettsmith, who inspires us by supporting diversity and opportunity in Hollywood #CIEDC #willandjadasmithfamilyfoundation. Female directors, enter your work now—find more details/enter through the link in our bio. #girlgaze #PoweredbyWomen #Repost @glamourmag


@lunchonme is an incredible local LA non profit run by women. I am so impressed with the work they do in my community . Giving $3 to pay for an organic meal for someone in need is a small price to pay . #NotAnAd #JustThinkitsAwesome

This picture is everything @msladyjustice1 @lsarsour @bobblandofficial @tamikadmallory #WomensMarchLeaders

Ojai, California

This my new fav perfume.So good I wanted to share ! #NotAnAd @serenapothecary

Happy Earth Day everyone ! ( image @candacereels ) 🦋🐞🌴

Submissions are open!(link in Bio )For #NewView . A chance for your work to be seen by this incredible group of women and to win a paid directing job ! #Repost @cindi_leive Did you know that women direct less than a third of all short films? Do you agree we can do better?? Thrilled to announce @glamourmag and @girlgazeproject have joined forces to launch the #NewView film competition in support of female filmmakers. Our judges are my icons...look at this list! @Chloegmoretz @Jillsoloway @Zendaya @Amandlastenberg @Shondarhimes @Amandadecadenet @Rashidajones @Samtaylorjohnson @Traceeellisross @amandadecadenet @Mastergia @Sheilanevins @Crystalmoselle @Reginascully @Victoriamahoney @iisuperwomanii @kimberlypppp @gdigm @dtostroff #JadaPinkettSmith #BelaBajaria #DeeRees #EllenKuras #SharmeenObaidChinoy Filmmakers: please enter! You only need a three minute film..,and something to say. I know you have that! Link through bio. #PoweredByWomen #Girlgaze

I am so excited to share something I've been working hard to launch TODAY ! #Repost @girlgazeproject #Girlgaze Founder @amandadecadenet has a special message for all of you female-identifying directors and filmmakers in our community! We're so excited to invite you to submit your short films to #NewView , our film competition in collaboration with @glamourmag. Link in bio for more details! #Girlgaze #poweredbywomen


Belated Birthday blended family celebration for @atlantabean with her nearest and dearest. 🎂💋#Vic #Zoe #Ella #Silvan #JT #Gela #Nick #Mike #charlotte

Ojai, California

#Repost @ameliabodelia ・・・ Just a whole lot of cold water between us and them ! #rosevalley #webribedthem #foricecream #bravekids

Repost @rachelsklar Happy #EqualPayDay !

Calling all female-identifying creatives behind the lens! Join the #Girlgaze Network by visiting our website (link in bio) for awesome opportunities and access to creative projects and jobs. Sign up today as we will be sharing more info soon!💕 www.girlgaze.tv/network

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