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Канадская актриса, обладательница нескольких наград Leo Awards за лучшие женские роли в драматиеских фильмах.
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🖤 Squad Goals 🖤 Beauty captured by @jessemfeldman for @iamrhettgeorge music video that I directed. Link in bio. 🎥

My first time directing and I couldn’t be prouder of what my cast, crew and I all created together. It truly takes a village and I had the most insanely talented and enthusiastic team standing with me on this one. I never would have been able to do it without them and I’m forever grateful for their hard work. 🖤 Special thanks to @iamrhettgeorge for trusting me to direct his music video and a massive shout out to @panavisionofficial for taking a risk and supporting my first venture behind the camera. Link to video in bio. 🖤

I still get nervous about exposing myself like this. I fear judgement, being labeled, ridiculed, shamed. You name it. But I know that when I was going through it, all I wanted was to feel less alone. I wanted to feel like I wasn’t crazy. That there was hope to get out of this. My wish is that by sharing my story, I can offer that hope, that shining light, to someone who is struggling. Link to the article by @people is in my bio. Thank you @people for wanting to further the conversation. And massive thanks to @darling and @aerie for championing these kinds of discussions as well as @ProjectHeal for the incredible work they are doing in this space. 💜

So excited to finally birth the music video I directed. She be dropping tomorrow. 🖤

Thank you @darling for giving me the space to share my story. 💜 You can see the full episode by clicking on the link in my bio! ・・・ Watch @amandacrew give a chilling first-hand look into the realities of photoshopping in modern media in this week’s episode of self(i.e.), our mini-series in partnership with @aerie. Stay tuned for the full episode tomorrow on Facebook.com/Darling.Magazine #SelfieTheDoc #DarlingSelfie #AerieREAL

Peachy times with @plannedparenthood and one of my fav ladies @suzannecryer 👯 👗 @highheelprncess 💇🏼 @sunniebrook 💄 @jennakristina

Love at first under-bite 💜🐶 His name is Darryl. He’s a rescue. He’s permanently underbiting. #adoptdontshop

Hard to put into words how important becoming an ambassador for @projectheal is to me. There is a huge stigma and misunderstanding surrounding eating disorders. Being open about my past eating disorder is not easy for me, but the calling I feel to help others who suffer/are affected by this disease is greater than my fears of judgement. I’m thrilled to be keynoting at their Silicon Valley gala next Saturday October 21st and auctioning off a day on set of @siliconhbo. Link to event details in my bio. 💛 I hope you can join or donate to the important work @projectheal is doing in this arena.

Baby’s first time directing.

🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 👸🏼 @elyse_levesque 👑👗 by @molliemiddleditch 📸 by me.

I’ve been so humbled by all the amazing people and companies who have helped make my first time directing that much easier. One of them being @sweetgreen . To see if they could supply lunch for my entire crew was a BIG ask but they gave me an immediate yes. I'm SO grateful for their generosity and support. Food is the fuel that keeps a crew running and when you have delicious, healthy and damn tasty food, you have a happy team. It may not seem like a big deal, but companies who step up to help out someone trying something new makes a world of a difference. Genuinely touched by your generosity @sweetgreen. It also helps that I've been a fan of them for a while (their food is insanely delicious). 😋 #sweetgreenLA

Tomorrow I'm doing something I've wanted to do for years...direct a music video. It's my first time directing and a huge reason why I'm finally doing it is because of this woman right here. Find friends who support you and lift you up. Who encourage you to be your best self. Who believe in you and push you to achieve your potential. I think we've all experienced someone pulling you down so they can get to the top, but @meganparkithere is an example of the opposite. A woman who believes in helping out other women. No cattiness. No competition. Pure love. I'm inspired by her selflessness. There's so much more we can accomplish when women support each other. Megan Park, thank you for being the kind of woman I strive to be. 🖤

Can we talk about this insanely precise eyeliner @ashleighlouer did and this futuristic slick alien bun @sunniebrook crafted?!?! Hair and makeup is truly an art form I respect and admire. 👏🏻🖤👽🖊

⚫️👽⚫️👽⚫️👽⚫️👽⚫️ Felt like a galactic superhero last night. Thanks to the dream team for putting together one of my favorite looks. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤 👗 @highheelprncess 💇🏻 @sunniebrook 💄 @ashleighlouer 💅🏻 @stephstonenails Tap for credits!

Was an honor and privilege to speak at the @elevatetofest about my journey exploring the tech scene, specifically women in tech and my humble POV on it. 😬This is new territory for me, but one I'm finding I'm more passionate about as I learn more and meet these incredible women. Thank you @farahnasserglobal for leading a layered interview and thank you @razorsuleman & @elevatetofest for having me. 🤓🌟

So excited for y'all to see the magic that is @alyandaj's music video directed by @alexrossperry dropping September 14th. I'm obsessed with this song and all the incredibly talented people involved with the video. ⚡️

Honored to be a very small part of this very important documentary by @darling & @aerie -- see below for details ・・・ self(i.e.) — Coming this Fall. - In partnership with @Aerie, we’ve created this feature-length documentary about the search for self-esteem in a retouched world. Featuring over 80 interviews with women from age 8 to 80, the film explores the history and impact of retouching, as well as the dangers of its unchecked use in social media. As the number of eating disorders, mental health diagnoses, and body image issues skyrocket, “self(i.e.)” will present a hopeful alternative to impossible fake standards; one found only by rising up together to celebrate our real beauty.

Thanks for having me @esquire ... but most importantly, thank you to the kind woman who gave me a pair of hotel slippers to wear after I abandoned my heels 20 mins into the event. She was the real hero of the party. 🏆Photo by @ungano_agriodimas

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