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I got to write & perform the anthem “I Count On Me”, inspired by the true friendship of Dr. Don Shirley @mahershalaali & Tony Lip (Viggo Mortensen) as depicted in ‪ @universalpictures , @participant ‬& #Dreamworks Pictures‬ film, @greenbookmovie ‬. @msquaredmusic Watch the music video on my YouTube channel: ‪https://youtu.be/4jxqboZU89Y ‬

Research and development. #Havana #Rumba #AfroCuban

The holidays just got a whole lot funkier with my new album ‘Christmas Funk’ out TODAY! Christmas music you can listen to year round -link in bio

Green & Blue.

If you like vinyl, then add my CHRISTMAS FUNK album to your collection. Order online at bit.ly/2QiZdt4 - or go to fatbeats.com and search "ALOE." #BlaccSongs #Christmas #funk

It's been a busy week releasing new songs and traveling the world... Time to chill to some Soul Music. What’s on your list? https://deezer.lnk.to/SoultoChill @deezer #soulmusic

Closing ceremony at the Invictus Games in Sydney was a great experience. Many thanks to the Duke of Sussex for the opportunity to share my voice!

“I got dreams y’all!” Stream the full song at the link in my bio - "A Million Dollars a Day" Don't question your value...proclaim it! CoProduced by @exileradio & @farmbot CoWritten by @joelvandizzle & @farmbot #milliondollars #newmusic #newnew #BlaccSongs | the genre is called #AIM = #Aspirations #Inspiration #Motivation

"I've got dreams, y'all!" - $1M/Day #BlaccSongs #nmf #millionairemindset #fortunecookie #aspiration #inspiration #motivation

Get ready y'all. Closing ceremony at the Invictus Games tomorrow. New music debut. Download the app and watch the games on live stream now...go to ---> ab.co/2OSXD4B

Cooking up! I know we still gotta get through Halloween and Thanksgiving, but I had to get funky on this remix. This is the "darling" view from my office today. #Sydney #ChristmasFunk #BlaccSongs

I'm proud to have my new song "I Count On Me" used in the commercial for this movie starring Oscar winner @mahershalaali - It's an incredible true story of friendship. Out on Thanksgiving Day, you'll definitely enjoy it. I love how @participant is always sharing powerful and important stories. I try to do the same with my songs. Click the link in my bio for the full song and lyrics. #GreenBookMovie #UniversalPictures

"If there's one thing that I'm sure about, it's that I've got a lot to learn. If there's another thing that I'm sure about, it's that I'm sick of sitting waiting my turn." Find the link in my bio to the full song and lyric video for "I Count On Me" #BlaccSongs #AIM #aspirations #inspiration #motivation - produced by @msquaredmusic

Sydney! Guess who's playing the Twilight At Taronga Series this February!

The sun is up!

On set in #Amsterdam shooting #GoForTheGold with @rudenkoofficial watching a younger me dream of being an older me. #BlaccSongs #aspirations #inspiration #motivation

They put blinders on thoroughbreds. #GetLikeMe #LaserFocus #FastLane

Like a beast in the jungle / in the heat of the rumble / I ain't got nothing to lose - "King is Born"

"I'm a long lost wandering soul trying to find where I belong / And I'm looking for a place where it feels alright to be wrong" - #HereToday #LiftYourSpirit #BlaccSongs #songwriter

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