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Американский соул-певец и музыкант.
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Hey hey. I've partnered with @kennethcole and @indabamusic - We’re searching for original new music for a shot at $5,000. Enter now and share your bold music with the world. #findyourbold https://kc.indabamusic.com/kc



Acting all koi and shy.

I love IG, but I hate the limited functionality of IG. When will they understand how infinitely better pictures are when you can see perspective and context? Catch my 360 posts on the Spinnable or VeeR apps.

Grammy week is in effect. Big thanks to The Hollywood Reporter for having me last night. That's how all Monday nights should be! Congrats and best of luck to JT and all the Oscar nominees who attended the party. Shout out to DJDaddyCat (aka Wiz Khalifa) for getting me on the dancefloor. Can't forget Spagos for hooking up the treats and AKA for the room and co-sponsors AA and Citi. Last but not least, Woody on the string box.

I had the privilege of working with the extremely gifted musicians and singers at the Fernando Pullum Center in LA. These amazing young folks will be the great music-makers of tomorrow! Thank you, Fernando for being a true inspiration and a shining example to follow. The Lennon Bus mobile recording studio came to town and the song they recorded is pure and genuine. Show your support at - http://pullumcenter.org/

“Love Goes On” with @kellyclarkson #TheShack #TheShackMusic

Obstacle. Opportunity. Gates, fences, and doors can represent both at once. We all must decide which to accept.

"I'm a long lost wandering soul trying to find where I belong/And I'm looking for a place where feels alright to be wrong" #HereToday - https://youtu.be/ZNWK5geKZh0

My little shadow Follows everywhere I go Looking up to me

There's no filter for the feeling

Turkish breakfast with peyniri, dolmades, burek, sujuk, and tea. Went a bit overboard trying to fit multiple people in this #InceptionSelfieChallenge

Here's to 2017!

I had the honor of singing #TimeAfterTime with the legendary @CyndiLauper at her annual #TrueColors foundation #HomeForTheHolidays concert. Learn more about the foundation at www.truecolorsfund.org

These are the rivers that flow in America. Many are connected. #nodapl🚫

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