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Tonight @gabriellesangels supporting to find a cure for cancer. Wearing @philipppleininternational @philippplein78

Fall is here... but a nice one so far))

One World Trade Center

The best part is seeing helicopters passing by... not above, but by...

What a game! Enjoyed every second of it! @brooklynnets #WeGoHard

All our life is a theater, a game, a movie, an art. Are you director or just having a role in someone’s play? I wish i could encourage everyone to be strong enough to act...


New York, New York

Gemini is a terrible sign )) i can never make up my mind. One day i am lady another day i am hoody. All depends on the mood... and weather... and how many hours i slept and plans for tonight... anyway, it is all about feeling powered by the look you wear. Do clothes change you? Близнецы отвратительный знак зодиака, я никогда не могу ничего решить. Один день я одеваюсь как истинная леди, другой как шалопайка. Все зависит от настроения, погоды, сколько часов я спала и планов на вечер. Но все сводится к тому, что одежда должна придавать силы. Скажите, а вас одежда меняет?

So beautiful! Thank you @allapolozenko ❤️❤️❤️

Beginning of Katy Perry's world tour. 100 performances in the next year. Amazing show! Watch stories for more. Thank you @evan8888 for dope tickets

One of mine "no-no" things is to wear different color metal in the same look. Earrings / belt buckles/ bag chain should be all the same: either gold or silver. Do you have the same struggle? Or it is all in my head?

Swings in the restaurant, i wonder if it still will be able to hold me after i eat everything i've ordered.

I am back to NY, but already miss Paris so much! So many unposted pictures from my trip. Can not wait to share with you all beautiful things i've been through this fashion week. I hope this picture will inspire you to be more brave about colorful details in your looks.

What happens when photographer on the Parisian street is taking picture of yours but background sucks - right you take picture with someones carpet 😂 #fashionsolution

Wind of change... Ветер перемен для наших участников, а вы смотрите эфир?

I think you need little bit of purple in your feed.

Fashion week is over... why do i feel so empty? So many things are done, so many beautiful things been seen. I should feel inspired, powered and ready to conquer the world. But instead so down, why so?

New fashion, sketches of streetstyle instead of the photography.

No trip to Paris can stay without beautiful shot of Parisian roofs.

Close up after Hermes show in Paris. How do you feel about clips? At some point i prefer them over earrings. Feels more comfortable and less heavy. Agree? А вы носите клипсы? Мне кажется иногда они даже удобнее, не такими кажутся тяжелыми.

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