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We absolutely smashed our 44th show tonight in Poole. Another incredible crowd! Thank you!! Which means only one to go.. I am gonna miss this talented bunch of people immensely! 🎩 @rememberingtour

London, United Kingdom

Last @key103manchester show for @miketoolan, @mattjhaslam and @glouiseatkinson! Never actually listened or tuned in... 😉but from what I have seen the loveliest bunch of crazy, beautiful people! #putyourhandsupismorefun #Aljazwednseday #mint #chuffed

German Gymnasium

The world is your oyster... Or the oyster is my world... same thing:))

Watford Colosseum

Watching the royal wedding today like.. Congratulations!! #royalwedding

The Bridgewater Hall

End of the show joy! Only eight shows left... Gonna miss this crazy talented bunch very much! @rememberingtour 🎩

Alberts Schloss


Hull New Theatre

Landed in Hull.. #mrbean

Hull New Theatre

Can’t believe Slovenia made it to the Final of @eurovision.. @leasirk Hvala,JA!!! 🇸🇮

Alive Corn Exchange

Please Janette don’t move your head.... 🎩🙊🙈

Alive Corn Exchange

#fredastaire #birhday #rememberingfred @rememberingtour

Since I was 5 I have been blessed with doing what I love.. Hard work, dedication, & the support from my closest made it possible to turn my love into a livelihood.. I know how extremely lucky I am with being able to follow my dreams.. “Life calls the tune, we DANCE”- John Galsworthy (Celebrating the release of #TheGreatestShowman on Blu-ray & DVD on 14th May) #ThisIsMe

York England

Sun has got his hat on... HIP HIP HIP HURRAY

My thoughts are with The Boss and his family! Keep fighting, fighter! #pray #siralexferguson

TBT to musicals week on @bbcstrictly :)

Squeeze, flick, blue steel 🎩

Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall

Happy International Dance Day everyone! I am gonna spend mine dancing.. :) #keepdancing




Sleep with one eye open.. 😉 @lisat_drawings has been pencil drawing me! Thank you! I like it:)

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