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Thanks for all of the feels, framed poster in the wine bar bathroom.

When you throw on a jacket to go out for the night and hours later, realize your backstage pass to Weird Al from the previous week is still stuck to it. #coolkid @alfredyankovic

When your car is in the shop so your friend takes you to the store just so you can get bourbon & toilet paper, you know you have a true friend indeed. ❤ @kellyfrye

#meettheyarvos ❤❤❤❤❤❤

Last night, I got to see my THIRD Weird Al concert. @alfredyankovic is a musical genius, an incredible performer, and...oh yeah...HILARIOUS. Adult Alison played it cool for this pic, but Young Alison was LOSING HER FREAKING MIND. Much love to @claregrant & @sethgreen for appreciating my fandom.

Today, we wear hats. #kentuckyderby #cincodemayo #hatsarenotforcincodemayobutdrinkingis

What I thought was a pulled muscle in my back turned out to be dislocated ribs and now I get to wear this super sexy waist trainer under my clothes till they heal. #blessed

My reading for the day...and probably the rest of my life. #zerofucks

#BabeDate w/ @maudegarrett. Before & After

My very first headshot. Found this digging thru some old notebooks and about fell over. Circa 2000, I believe, when black & white headshots were still the norm. I used to always smile with my tongue pressed up against the back of my teeth like this. I had to train myself to stop doing that. Also one of the few times in my life I didn't have bangs. #babyalison #tbt

Oh @ArcherFXX...how did you know a binocular flask would be the way to my heart? Can't wait for your premeire this Wednesday, April 25th! #ArcherFXX #fx_ambassador

Mondays... #InfinityWar

A year ago today, my brother got married, I got to be the best Best Man to ever Best Man, and this glorious photo was taken. Our album shall be called "Greggums and the Overconfidantes". Happy Anniversary, Greg!

Foxy... ...the dog.

A friend from elementary school just found this gem that I wrote her. Can't say my spelling has gotten any better.

When you miss your friend's birthday, you make up for it by taking him to @thecandytopia. #weareadults #Candytopia #ALLTHECANDY

Dear Internet, BREAK. Love, Naomi, Jessica, and Alison

That #BattleBots Glam Life. (📸 & amazing make up by @hadeelsittu)

Found myself some place very familiar today...and 30 seconds into the 1st fight, something already tried to kill me. #BattleBots

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