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Got my double Tito's & soda in my sweet @DearEvanHansen cup. I AM SO READY! UPDATE: I'm at intermission and I've been crying my eyes out. See this immediately.

When your flight's been delayed over an hour...you drink in the lounge. #AlaskaBoardroom

Have $9 & a free evening? Watch SCARFACE with @alexalbrecht & I TONIGHT! There will be pajamas. There will be booze. THERE WILL BE SHENANIGANS! sidestream.com

When you're out of town all weekend & come home to find you have an ENTIRE season of 12 Monkeys to watch! Congrats @tstashwick & @terrymatalas! Let the binging begin... #12monkeys @SyFy

TOMORROW! @alexalbrecht & I watch SCARFACE! Sign up to watch with us at 7pm PDT on sidestream.com! Our little friend @krajewski_tom will probably be there too. #sidestream #scarface #allthecocaine

It's the 1yr anniversary of The Great Italian Phone-Napping of 2016. Easily one of the most insane moments of my life. My only wish is that the guy who stole my phone out of my hand still tells the story of how this crazy chick chased him off the train & jumped onto the tracks in pursuit of him, but he made a daring escape when she tripped on a rock and spectacularly wiped out. In Italian, of course. Special thanks to @lmirojnick who was my caretaker/photographer for the rest of the trip. #hotcop

I did a thing today. You can do it too, Los Angeles! #vote

#GirlDate @the14thfactory

Help fight cancer by donating to the Lukemia Lymphoma Society! I'm in the midst of a 10 week campaign and your donations have been amazing. Link is in my bio. THANK YOU!!! @50shadesofgabay

When your girl's show gets picked up to series, you celebrate with a last minute champagne lunch. Congrats @lmirojnick and the whole cast of #Happy! #SyFy #boozylunch

Dear @kellyfrye, I have your dog. If you ever want to see Coco again, bring me 🍕 and 🍷. -Alison

I call this 'Accidently Taking a Selfie in the Back of an Uber and It Somehow Looks Cool'

Highlight of #GregSaysIDubov - Haislip sibling dance off.

Best Maiden & Man of Honor working the aisle. #GregSaysIDubov

THEY DID IT! #GregSaysIDubov

Zomg...Greg's about to get married. #GregSaysIDubov

Groomsmen-ing up. #GregSaysIDubov

Let's do this... #GregSaysIDubov

Wedding day shout out to @muradskincare for supplying my family & @anastasiadubov's bridal party with their amazing Eye Lift Firming Treatment! Definitely remedying the aftermath of last night's rehearsal dinner. #GregSaysIDubov

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