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Seeing @kaelanbarowsky (who took this pic) thru the crowd at the very beginning of today's #womensmarch. It was so packed, we couldn't move. I'm incredibly grateful I got to be a part of the reported 750k that showed up to say we won't accept inequality for anyone. Way to shine, Los Angeles.

Got my pussy hat on and I am MARCHING. #womensmarch #losangeles #pussypower

Love showing up for a fitting only to find out a dear friend is working on the same project. Love you, @sarahsiadat! @leslykahn #MondayNightFamily

You guys...YOU GUYS! @soylent now comes in CHOCOLATE!!! (Fine. Cacao. Whatever. IT'S DELICIOUS.)

From last night's Amazon Golden Globes party. Had the pleasure of being @rhstowell's arm candy for some epic fun. You can't tell, but that bright light behind us is The Roots playing an insane set. I also lost my mind when I saw Bernadette Peters. #goldenglobes2017 #theroots

Swung by #thedropin to chat w/my friend @willmalnati while I was in NYC over the holidays. We drank whiskey, ate chocolate, & made prank calls like adults. Hear the whole thing on @atwillradio (link is in their bio).

Bring it... #2017

My #2016bestnine. Some Star Wars, a couple of Bee Girls, a few sad selfies, a pair of Jokers, a dear friend, and some epic wardrobe. What a year you were, 2016. Can't wait to live my top memories of 2017...

Half Hour Happy Hour fans will be glad to know I DID finish the Ghostbusters Lego. Which, after listening to the entire Drunksmas marathon, I'm amazed I was capable at remembering my own name let alone accomplishing anything else... #drunk #ghostbusters #ecto1

Guess which luggage is mine... #BB8 #lax

Still so saddened by Carrie Fisher's passing yesterday. This pic is from only 2 months ago, when I was given the privilege of playing Princess Leia in The Roast of Darth Vader (you can watch it on ScreenJunkies Plus). It was such a thrill to don those hair buns and portray the most badass galactic princess with the no-fucks-given attitude of Carrie. I don't think I realized how much I admired her until now. Her ability to say whatever came to her mind with such humor and grace is something I aspire to daily. Her only word in her last film was 'HOPE'...I feel like that is what we've lost a lot of this past year... #carriefisher #princessleia #rip

My whole family is having brunch before we go see #RogueOne. I'm wearing my #ForceForChange shirt from Target. You can still get yours by the 31st and $5 will go to @UNICEFNextGen! Do it and be one with the Force!

Cuddling with Fudge. #ProfessorFudge #MerryChristmas

Annual tradition of sitting in the back seat with all the presents & luggage while my brother & his fiancé drive us to our cousin's house for Christmas... #delinquentchild

Santa always comes to the Haislip Christmas party... (cameos by my mother, uncle, aunt, and brother...) #jinglebells

Not really the way I saw myself & William Shatner getting mentioned in the same Hollywood Reporter article... #fuckoff2016 #carriefisher

A lifetime ago, one of my first jobs was here: the Coffee Shop in Union Square. I was a host and we were instructed to seat young, good-looking and/or famous people upfront and everyone else in back. There was one large booth in the corner that was reserved only for celebrities or models. I've never gone back in the many, many years since I've left, cause my ego can't handle finding out where they'd seat me. @hannahbclaus & @thejohnlavelle would remember this! #memories

Had a hell of a time off-roading with these 2 gorgeous ladies over the last few days. Calling this 'work' would be a disservice. #rangerover #landroverexperience #gearheads

Love that @natgeo gave Chester, NJ some love! I grew up down the street from here. Photo by @yamashitaphoto and it's perfect.

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