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Hashtag Bucket List. #bucketlist

To @michelemorrow & @weitzly. 💙💙💙 #thirdwheel #significantcouple

If you don't see @richiekeen's FIST FIGHT this weekend, I will see you in the parking lot after class! (Not really. Don't fight, kids. And don't do drugs. And stay in school. But seriously, go see this movie.)

Spending my Wednesday being a Jedi...and screaming like a little girl. #IMAXVR #TrialsofTatooine #orangepants

Sending Valentine's Day love to my brother & soon-to-be sister-in-law. I love them with every fiber of my being and this pic perfectly captures them. (📸@enochphotos)

Good morning. How do I tell @kellyfrye she's not getting her dog back? #coco #allthecuddles #iminlovewiththecoco

My boyfriend for the weekend. #coco #littleman #cuddlebuddies #iminlovewiththecoco

To all my friends (& especially @kellyfrye for getting these donuts), thank you. You make a girl feel very loved.

Getting my domestic goddess on, baking cookies for a #PlannedParenthood bake sale. Yes...I'm wearing a Christmas sweatshirt with a Santa sloth on it. #keepamericakind

This may have made my birthday. Thank you, @hannahbclaus.

Birthday Spa Day! Checking out for the next few hours. See you on the other side....

Staying true to my alma mater & rooting for my @BostonCollege QB, Matt Ryan. LET'S GO FALCONS!!! #superbowl

I set the smoke alarm off 3 times and burned myself twice, but I successfully cooked a decent dinner. #babysteps #adulting #whoneedspostmates #ido #ineedpostmates

Our waitress was so mortified when she carded me and realized, while looking at my ID, that I'm not even remotely close to being under age, that she surprised me with an early birthday dessert. I'll take it. #murakami #THANKYOU #nostrilfire

I got a cactus. I've been told to not water it for 4-6 months. What's the over/under that I kill this poor thing by the end of the year?

It's still almost 2 weeks until my birthday, & my mother has already won for weirdest birthday card...

I don't know who took this, but it's perfect. #womensmarch

Seeing @kaelanbarowsky (who took this pic) thru the crowd at the very beginning of today's #womensmarch. It was so packed, we couldn't move. I'm incredibly grateful I got to be a part of the reported 750k that showed up to say we won't accept inequality for anyone. Way to shine, Los Angeles.

Got my pussy hat on and I am MARCHING. #womensmarch #losangeles #pussypower

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