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Is it a good sign when you show up to a meeting dressed like the parking garage...?

I built this...with the help of a lot of other aweome people. Spent the day in the rain building walls at the #Celebs4Vets build with @homes4families. I was happy to hammer in a lot of large nails alongside some of the veterans who will be living in these very houses. I'm going to be sore for days, but it's totally worth it. Thank you to all who donated to this amazing cause. Donations are still accepted thru April 10th! Go to the Celebs4Vets page at homes4families.org and donate via my team, Team All Stars.

Huge congrats to @teamliquid on the opening of their Alienware Training Facility. Thanks for having the Half Hour Happy Hour crew by so we could drink your booze and eat your macaroons. #awtf @alienware

Had the pleasure of seeing screening of @thoroughbreds last night, and it is delightfully dark and funny. Olivia Cooke & Anya Taylor-Joy are fantastic. Plus my dear friend @rhstowell produced it. So make sure you check it out in theaters starting March 9th! And maybe you too will get to sit on large couch while you silently judge your friend... #Thoroughbredsmovie

My mother told me my birthday present was on backorder. So when a MASSIVE box arrived today, I thought, "Well, this must be it." I opened it up, and at first I thought my mother had bought me an accordion...not the craziest idea since my mother plays the accordion herself. But then I flipped it over to see @alfredyankovic face and almost lost my freaking mind. It's his entire collection on vinyl, contained within the folds of this accordion holder. I've seen Weird Al in concert twice and I've never been shy about being a huge fan of his music. This gift is probably going to get me a lot of questioning looks from people who come over, but I don't care. It's one of the coolest things I've ever gotten, from the coolest mom ever. DARE TO BE STUPID!!!! #WeirdAl

Three Clubs

Sang a little diddy w/ @jonbonjobek last night... #wreckingball

ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood

The only thing that would get me out of the house (& away from the #olympics) this week...BLACK PANTHER. And apparently all of Los Angeles feels the same way.... #BlackPanther

An anonymous act of kindness! Clearly I have a sweet friend looking out for me, cause these were left at my front door with a note saying they hope I feel better soon. (I've been home sick for 3 days.) I'm also being called to "pay it forward", so help me come up with a great anonymous act of kindness to do in return! (And thank you thank you thank you to the dear person who did this.) 💙

Absolutely in love with @iello_usa. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Get this and many other cute Valentine's cards for free from any of their social media channels right now! #valentine #valentinesday #ad #boardgames #iello #iellogames #kingoftokyo”

No Vacancy

About last night... #greatfriends #goodtimes #birthdaygirl

"Always wear a happy face." Great advice, Dr Murad. And I've definitely got one on after an awesome facial from @muradskincare. The epic messy hair is pretty clutch too.

The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker

You are never too old to blow out a candle on a glorious birthday strawberry milkshake... . . 📸 @jordankateballard

When I was learning how to walk, I decided to check my balance on a radiator and burned all of my fingers a few days before Easter. Last night, I decided to pick up a baking dish I had just removed from the oven and burned all of my fingers a few days before my birthday. It's good to know I haven't changed... (Big thanks to my mom for finding & scanning that baby pic of me. And also for making me wear such a fluffy dress.)

No, YOU'RE spending your Monday afternoon teaching friends how to play @iello_usa's Bunny Kingdom. #IELLO #BunnyKingdom #ad #BoardGames

WE DID IT! Somehow. In just under 3.5hrs, we put together 1969 LEGO pieces and made a Saturn 5 rocket. And we're all still friends. It's a Half Hour Happy Hour miracle! Thanks to everyone who watched the livestream. Lego Mom is now going to bed. #LEGO

Join the Half Hour Happy Hour crew for some shenanigans this Thursday! Will we bond over our shared activity? Or will we devolve into children and smash it all? WHO KNOWS! But fun will definitely be had.

When you're the only non-married person in your family at a wedding... #rockonvanhaley

Third day in a row I'm on a plane. Do I get a cookie now?

VEGAS BABY! Come visit the HHHH crew at CES TODAY from 11am-1pm! (Booth 44540). We made it thru torrential rains, flight cancellations, massive delays, and 3hrs of sleep, so we'd really like to see your smiling faces. (But this massive breakfast at @hashhouseagogo is definitely helping.)

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