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Los Angeles, California

Thank you @schiaparelli for my gown and @instylemagazine for having me! 🤩

Playing Myself

In May my heart was breaking- Oh, wide the wound, and deep! And bitter it beat at waking, And sore it split in sleep. And when it came November, I sought my heart, and sighed, "Poor thing, do you remember?" "What heart was that?" it cried. by Dorothy Parker

Every time you buy one of these cards, they plant a tree 🌲 🌳🌴They have already planted 25,000. That’s good news! Here’s to good news, and Christmas Cards 🎄🎄for the ones we love 💕 #littledifference www.littledifference.org

African American History Museum

‘Jane’ is an incredible documentary about a woman who went to live among the 🦍 when women weren’t afforded many liberties at all. My friend Bryan Burke made it 👏. Also, hello 🤗, with ❤️

🐝🐝🐝Bees Make Honey Raindance Screening ❤️❤️❤️ thank you @simonerocha_ @charlottehayward @trafalgarsw1

Pinewood Studios

Dream come true! Made this film with my brother! #BeesMakeHoney

Kerry James Marshall

fat is back I'll have fries w that

Dear Sweet Mamie Gummer 🎉 Happy Birthday 🎉 Thank you for being a guiding light, brilliant mind and spokesperson for the heart through such difficult years, divorce and heartbreak, and out the other side. ~ winter, spring summer or fall, all you've got to do is call ~💕🎈💕🎈💕 Here's to you, MG.

#isabellehuppert @ft_weekend 🍷👌🍳😍

King's Road, Chelsea, London/ U.K.

#DontCare @ridingtherails

I made this film. It's about abortion. I'm so happy to say it's been selected for @lashortsfest and screens August 4, 7.45pm at Laemmle 7 - North Hollywood. #LadyLike #abortion

Beardmore Bar Glasgow Airport

As I head to Scotland to start work for the @Bbc for the second time (my first time was one scene with Cumberbatch, who was playing Hawking - before Eddie - and was a great set host) I am posting this video of what I did for entertainment behind the scenes of Nosedive, for Joe Wright. I am very excited to be working for @Bbc, which feels like home to me, my father having worked for them for so long. We are doing Ordeal By Innocence, an Agatha Christie adaptation and I play Gwenda. #ILoveGwenda.

The lines between dreaming and reality are meant to be blurry #tbt


I loved the wilderness, but I missed Instagram. And make up. Trees are very chilled though. We really should hug them and plant them anywhere we can, even in a pot if you don't have a garden.

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