«Странный Эл» Янкович


Популярный американский музыкант, известный своими пародиями на современные англоязычные хиты.
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Hey! Just a reminder… all 77 shows from my Ridiculously Self-Indulgent, Ill-Advised Vanity Tour are still available for streaming on Stitcher Premium (one month free with promo code WEIRD - link in bio)

Reykjavík, Iceland

Officially changing my name to “Weird Al” Reykjavìk

Thanks to @rollingstone, who gave our 2018 tour VIP package the “Best Value” award!

Incontrovertible proof that I was TOTALLY in Scotland

We have reached an agreement - the end of an historic summit with @thomaspatricklennon


Regram @thomaspatricklennon: Chilling at #stumpytower

I flew all the way out to Scotland just to fix Craig Ferguson’s accordion. 📸: @pnzr242

On my way to Hogwarts

Isn’t it ionic... don’t ya think?

We live in such a crazy, fast-paced world. Sometimes it’s just hard to keep up. So if you weren’t aware that all 77 shows of my Ridiculously Self-Indulgent, Ill-Advised Vanity Tour are now streaming on Stitcher Premium, I FORGIVE YOU. Oh, and you can listen for free for one month with the promo code WEIRD. If you didn’t already know. Anyway… link in bio.

Getting all spruced up for my appearance on @drunkhistory tomorrow night!

I just released 77 live albums all at once. Well, kinda. Stitcher Premium is now streaming EVERY SINGLE SHOW from my 2018 tour in its entirety. Every song, every delightful second of banter, every mortifyingly embarrassing mistake. If you decide to binge the whole thing in one sitting, just remember – stay hydrated! (ProTip: use promo code WEIRD for a one-month free trial.)

EVERY SINGLE ONE of the 77 SHOWS on my Ridiculously Self-Indulgent, Ill-Advised Vanity Tour is available for streaming RIGHT NOW on Stitcher Premium (use promo code WEIRD for a one-month free trial - link in bio).

Just because sometimes I like to spray-paint myself gold and drink champagne with my feet doesn’t automatically make me a member of the “elite.” #tbt #GQ 📸: Sebastian Kim


My daughter created this intimate portrait of me relaxing at home.

Coney Island USA Presents: The Mermaid Parade

Apparently a Weird Al mermaid was just spotted in the wild...

We did a different random cover song as the encore every single night on my 2018 tour. Only a couple of them would fit on Instagram - if you want to hear a little bit of ALL 77 SONGS, please click the link in my bio!

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