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Популярный американский музыкант, известный своими пародиями на современные англоязычные хиты.
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Welcome to the club, boys!

ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood

At the "How To Be a Latin Lover" premiere

Art by @its_total_bs

SCROLL to right: As you've probably always suspected, I've got an enormous inflatable Weird Al balloon (which my drummer Bermuda is currently selling on eBay - frankly, I haven't had much use for a huge Weird Al balloon lately). Note: those aren't supposed to be wrinkles around my eyes... after I had my LASIK surgery in the late '90s, the balloon had an operation too (to remove the glasses).

Wildlife Learning Center

Weird Owl


#tbt In the '90s, hanging out with my old manager Sandy

UHF art by @humanp1ncushion

Yeah, yeah, but can you make a poodle?

My favorite one-panel cartoon from George Meyer's legendary zine "Army Man"

Got a visit from the Easter Unicorn this morning.


Eh, no thanks. Where's the Google Theater?

Having a staring contest with @terrycrews (two hours and counting so far).

Had a great time today on set with the amazing Maria Bamford - thrilled to be making an appearance in season 2 of Lady Dynamite. If you haven't seen season 1 yet, drop everything and watch it on Netflix RIGHT NOW.

Glad to see this store is well-stocked with @comedybangbang merch.

Just falcon around. @skyfalconry

Does this sweater make me look younger?

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