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Популярный американский музыкант, известный своими пародиями на современные англоязычные хиты.
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Thrilled to meet Dav Pilkey (creator of Captain Underpants) today at the #CaptainUnderpants premiere.

Regram from @yagherfx, the wizard responsible for creating both my "Fat" suit and Chucky.


Fonda Theatre

📸: @mathewtucciarone

Had fun hanging out with a couple thousand of my new best friends tonight at the Fonda Theatre. #SweetRelief

Move over, Adele - I just did the theme song for the upcoming Captain Underpants movie.

Excited to be rocking out with Tenacious D, @sarahkatesilverman and a bunch of other friends this Sunday night at L.A.'s Fonda Theatre! #SweetRelief

Wow. Crazy.

Oh man, I remember sitting on that beach ball next to that heating vent like it was yesterday. #tbt

Shooting #DrunkHistory today. I'll give a shiny nickel to the first person who can guess who I am!

Genius marketing idea: there's NOTHING more appetizing than a mouth full of chewed food!

RIP the great Dick Contino, the man who definitively proved that accordion players are, in fact, sex gods.

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Welcome to the club, boys!

ArcLight Cinemas Hollywood

At the "How To Be a Latin Lover" premiere

Art by @its_total_bs

SCROLL to right: As you've probably always suspected, I've got an enormous inflatable Weird Al balloon (which my drummer Bermuda is currently selling on eBay - frankly, I haven't had much use for a huge Weird Al balloon lately). Note: those aren't supposed to be wrinkles around my eyes... after I had my LASIK surgery in the late '90s, the balloon had an operation too (to remove the glasses).

Wildlife Learning Center

Weird Owl

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