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Популярный американский музыкант, известный своими пародиями на современные англоязычные хиты.
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I'm very excited to be going to the Los Angeles opening of Hamilton tonight. In the meantime, I'm watching this video of Lin-Manuel Miranda dancing to my Tone Loc parody in 1991.

CBS Broadcast Center

John Oliver decided I was the only human who could successfully de-escalate the nuclear crisis, so I wrote "The North Korea Polka (Please Don't Nuke Us)" and performed it on his HBO show last night. Huge thanks to John and his entire wonderful Last Week Tonight team for making this happen.

Boise, Idaho


Tonight CNN airs the Parody and Satire episode of "The History of Comedy." Rumor has it that my name will come up.

Ghost Ranch

Lookin' for dinosaurs

Regram @hardwick - join me and 3,000 other comedians as we bid a very fond farewell to @midnight on the series finale TONIGHT!

Abiquiu, New Mexico

Hangin' out at Georgia O'Keeffe's house

Great to be back where the air smells like warm root beer and the towels are oh so FLUFFY!

Since we just taped the very last episode ever, I stole this out of the @midnight green room. Look at it, @scottaukerman. LOOK AT IT!!!

I met @paulscheer's mom tonight during a taping of @midnight. When Paul was a kid, his mother physically destroyed his copy of my "In 3-D" album because she thought it was satanic ("Nature Trail to Hell," backwards masking, etc). I'm not sure, but I think I was finally able to convince her that I'm not an agent of Satan.

Aww! Thanks, Milhouse.

"It's a REAL good thing. Please, don't send me out to the cornfield."

UHF tarot card art by Parker Lovell

RIP June Foray, one of the all-time greats - a legendary artist and wonderful human.

The Theatre at Ace Hotel DTLA

Just had the pleasure of seeing Jonah Ray and co. doing MST3K live at their L.A. show - and as a bonus I got to hang out with my old pal, show creator Joel Hodgson!

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