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Американская актриса, известная по фильмам «Проект X: Дорвались» и «Идеальный голос».
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A night of technology and modern society was an interesting change of pace but gotta move! Back home to the jungle...can't wait mmm the sounds, the feel, the love 🌲❤️🌏

Missing this tiny angel more and more every day... Soon princess so soon!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

As I'm posting all this lovingness, I look up to see even more lovingness directly in front/above meh...thanks for that sweet sky 😍☺️🌈


I feel so free!!! From what? Who, might you ask? Why, myself, of course! And myself alone! Hurrah!! :D !!! We all have control dramas, and most are completely unconscious, therefore powerless to them. Read (or audiobook, how I absorbed this one) The Celestine Prophecy and recognize which one (or ones) you're using, and the others around you.. The only way out is awareness. LoveloveloveloveLOVEandfreedom for all!!!! There is no cap!🌏🌞💫🌝

This one goes out to the one I love❤️🔥✨🙌🏻❤️✨ The extent in which you opened my eyes last night...I'm eternally grateful to you. Awoke in awe just now...such clarity...thank you thank you THANK you darling..

And last but not least happy ONE year, 1st birthday of #pitchperfect2 !! I love this aca-fam and am SO looking forward to numero TRES! Hugging all you beautiful talented women oh so soon❤️ #pp2 #firstbirthday #gratz ;D

Amazon Jungle, Peru

I'm writing this as if it's still May 15th (mi Padres cumpliaños) for that is when zis was created and intended to upload! Chasing wifi and boats rendered me out of time for the day, though. SO! It's may 15th. Run with it, please. ;D STORY!!! My brother for life! How cherished you are in my heart and soul. I'm so beyond grateful to have met this year, what a perfect occurrence. I'll spare most of the gush for when we can all squeeze each other again, but just know how much I honor you. And Jagger man! I can't not mention this! You two are prime, honest examples of true love, and I fuckin love every molecule of you two. Brings me immense joy that you were brought together. Be back soon, but not for very long. Some people as priorities are just a given. How lucky I am to have found. And tell Chris happy biddy to HIS dad. Anyone else with may 15th birthday please step forward, for its a guarantee that you are awesome. Love you mang. Xx


Happy Birthday Dashpa. It's been 11 years since you've passed on, but it's only recently that I've begun to cope, accept, feel you again. I miss you terribly and honestly, no man compares to you. Your gentle, kind, peaceful soul...your immense intellect & unending starvation for knowledge, contemplation, learning... Your empathy and creativity. You were unique to say the least. A conscious, yet sad man. You didn't face your inner pains in time. I've learned not to wallow in depression anymore because of understanding how it took you down. I won't do that to Kai. I am so exuding, explosively grateful that you shot me out your lil pee hole and gave me life. Wow. Just wow. Thank you beautiful beautiful man. How can I repay you for all you were? Are? Have done? Your nature lives within me, as I heal and expand I discover I don't only have your eyes physically, but introspectively, perspectively. I love you more than love can be expressed through language. And I pray you heed my essence of gratitude. Looking forward to seeing your face again. Please come visit me in my dreams soon. I'm going to learn your favorite instrument (again, gave it up after middle school) in honor of you, very soon. Rest well Poppa Lou Lou. Amen


Today's my fathers birthday. Feeling sorrowful, but find comfort in the trees, where I feel his presence. He was a brilliant builder, artist - could make anything with wood. If he didn't know how to do something, he'd learn. Figure it out himself. True self sufficiency and innovation. One of his many hobbies was creating stained glass, I hope to find a photo of that one day. A little extra thankful to be enveloped by trees today🌲🙌🏻🍃✨


Trekking through Peru, my house is an absolute blessing.. How will I bare to possibly leave?! ❤️✨💔


#URGE poster and trailer is out!! Chex it out por favor!!! :D https://youtu.be/hPzqKBs5CZ0 @aaronkkaufman @justingchatwin @piercebrosnanofficial @ashleygreene @barpaly @nickthune @cwgeere @urgemovie

#vanityfair @chrissiefit @mauricefadida @elizabethbanks luncheon tehehehe @pitchperfectmovie

Vanity Fair luncheon honoring our beautiful & powerful #pitchperfectmovie captain, @elizabethbanks - so so SO proud and in awe of you. This lovely powerhouse is defining how to be a role model, jump on board kiddies!! Hehe. Love this fam❤️🌟❤️🌟❤️🤗🙌🏻

Let's start from the beginning... #spiritscience #TOPyoutubevideos #getintoit :)

#stankfaceinthemorning #trippydreams interrupted my super needed catch up sleep NOOOHHHHH!!! Sleep is so much more important than most of us realize... Was always in denial of zis..! See if I were a social media pro I'd have a bomb ass link on super sleep stats at the ready BUT need to watch spirit science instead of searching the interwbz.. That links coming in noooo time. Has anyone seen spirit science videos on YouTube yet?! Discovered two nights ago. Mind. BLOWN!!!!💣💨⚡️

Literally non stop. #serendipity #moonmagick #thankfulalldayeveryday #always:) @justinrbrown @davidavocadowolfe @ideapods #ideapod #connectinguniversalponderers;)

Nicholas Jaar is honestly the shit ... SixelaKnappen I will keep repeating for its what makes us uncomfortable that will strengthen & teach us (even in these tiny degrees hmm?;)

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