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Cleaning your room is always better when you have someone around who actually has a cleaning brain cell in their head. (@catdaddario)

Beauty girl @catdaddario @selashiloniphoto

Levon❤️ @movado



"No cell service thank goodness" part 2

"No cell service thank goodness"

Everything just goes better with @hm And I didn’t wake up like this, but I’m ready for Beyoncé to kill it! #HMxME #ad


Find the sunniest spot and confine yourself to it

#Rampage premiere. Loved the movie. So did my mom. Thank you for having us and congrats to everyone involved! Check it out April 13th. #ZacPosen @lotstar @michaellonghair

Ew @samanthacrawley and @ollie_pics

Thank you to the amazing: Video Director @thepedrochannel @mitchellmccormack Fashion Director @azzaarif Makeup artist @elienmaalouf Hair stylist @bridgetbragerhair Manicurist @painted_lolly @marieclairemalaysia


"I'd like to see that when something is wrong, women can have the courage and platform to speak up and people will listen. I know in the past when something [bad] happens, a) there's a huge deal of shame, and b) if you do speak up, you are sort of shamed to silence. So I think that's what's changing and that's what's important."

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