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Everything the light touches is yours, Simba Thank you to the beautiful @anjsinghcode I think it's important to remember, especially now, to be kind to each other and our world in small ways, despite disagreements, differences of opinions, appearances, etc. if you see someone sitting alone in school, go talk to them. Share with people. Recycle. Adopt a dog. Donate 2 dollars to a cause you believe in. Question yourself when you feel hate and anger. Take pride in your kindness and your tolerance. Maybe you feel you can't tackle the big things right now- but little things can make a difference in the world on a small and large scale. Thank you and ❤️


Nkosi's Haven in Johannesburg, started and run by the amazing Gail Johnson, is a safe place for women with HIV and their children. Women who are diagnosed with HIV are sometimes abandoned by their families or the father of their child/children, and with nowhere to go, Gail takes them in. She has built an incredible community in Johannesburg that gives the women and their children hope for a better life. I spoke with many of the children living there... and they are seeing their dreams and futures come to fruition. They are mentored, given educations, therapy, and taught that their lives are not over despite their circumstances and their sometimes HIV positive status. Gail has done so much with so little, and she is a quiet hero who is changing people's lives. Please consider supporting this incredible place. I have seen first hand the difference that is being made in these children's lives and the hope that they have. Nkosi's Haven has given people structure and possibility in an otherwise chaotic life. Places like this are helping educate people on HIV and limit it's spread, it's helping to empower women, and it is one of the steps in making the world better for all of us. Link to article in bio. Visit their website to learn how to donate. @iamscottwolf @joelgoldma1999 thank you to @delta for being wonderful and for making this trip possible.


I joined the #EyePic campaign, and you can too. Use #eyepic and tag two friends. For each post, @JoinSeeAmerica will give $10 to #AmericanFoundationForTheBlind. #partner #EyePic @samanthacrawley and @Ben_verlander post a photo of your eyes!

Cooper's Beach


Running in 👠 Thanks @womenshealthmag #partyunderthestars #run10feed10


When a shower just isn't going to fix the fact that you need to get a manicure, pedicure and haircut and need to start jogging

This band @whitereaperusa is incredible. Directed by @brandondermer -to see the full music video- link in bio. 🎸 #judyfrench #whitereaper

Hollywood dog

San Andreas reunion and more @bonjourmadge (costumer extraordinaire) @rondafacehead @ericaerk

When life gives you enormous lemons

Pumping that iron @murphyfitness Highly recommend weight training, once or twice a week. It's made a huge difference. And now I can go eat ice cream for lunch. 🍦🍨🍫

Levon & obi-wan #adoptdontshop

Thank you Germany! ❤️ #Repost @therock ・・・ Nice surprise. Thank you GERMANY 🇩🇪 After 5 weeks, #Baywatch moves up the international charts!? Crazy sauce. This kind of global success for a lil' R-rated, raunchy comedy is very rare in Hollywood. We make movies for the world to enjoy.. so thank you world for enjoying our lil' beach raunch romp. Love U back Germany 🇩🇪. And Mexico 🇲🇽. And France 🇫🇷. And everywhere else I'm not mentioning because I have to go back to working out and a brotha can't lose his pump 💪🏾

The next big thing


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