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Сын миллиардера, гражданский муж Виктории Бони.
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The K Club

What will the catch be? 🎣

Playday 👸🏻

Lego 🙋🏼‍♂️


Art, Provocation or simply Provocative Art? Well at least the artist didn’t put “Surströmming” (for those who don’t know what that is...bless you) instead of a fresh bouquet of roses 🌹

Port de Monaco

Round round here we go 🤭


Websummit with our favorite speaker 🤣

Fundação EDP


Porto de Lisboa ( Port Of Lisbon )

Morning 🏃

Pensão Amor

Aeroporto de Lisboa

Or maybe you can be my dinner? #lifeistooshort #haveanaffair #eatpizza #embraceit #forevertempted Thank you @jasminamidzic for this picture 😘

Ibiza Vibes Always Serious 🤔😅 #repost @faridmerhej

Summer Vibes #repost @alpozcan




An artist from Amsterdam, Anastasiia Solovei had a rather interesting “view” on what I do during my “off time”.. Just wanted to congratulate her vivid imagination and the amount hours she must have dedicated herself for this painting. Now the interesting question.. who is this lucky gal 😏😅? #haveanaffair #lifeistooshort #eatpizza #tpa # #lifewithoutregrets #apromisetokeep


How was your Halloween? 🎃

“Be Discreet, Be Sensual & Be Naughty” #lifeistooshort #haveanaffair #eatpizza #comingsoon #dontresist

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