Алеша Диксон


Британская певица, модель, танцовщица и телеведущая. Впервые стала известна, будучи в составе R&B/гэридж трио Mis-Teeq, который распался в 2005 году.
  • Все 1972
  • Фото 1537
  • Видео 435


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How I amuse myself on set! Shout out to the branch holder! 😂 #bts 📷

The thought of my dogs locked up for hours with no food or water is horrific! But that’s what thousands of puppies face when they’re forced into tiny cages and smuggled into the UK. Many of them don’t survive the journey 😢 @DogsTrust is putting pressure on the government to change the laws about pet travel to protect innocent dogs but they need our help. Find out how we can stop this cruelty at http://bit.ly/puppy_smuggling #puppysmuggling Thank you! 💔

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@designscene shoot out now 🌺 #editorial #fashion #creative #art 📷

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Love is in the detail ♥

Delicious blue sky ☀ #luxgrandgaube

I did a shoot 2 days before my 40th birthday to capture the essence of feeling Strong & Alive, not depressed & old! The month leading up to my birthday was emotionally challenging for many reasons but I have to say, now that I have turned this momentus corner I feel amazing! I am relaxed and excited for the future! Changing the stigmas and perceptions in my OWN mind first and foremost was very important, thinking of those less fortunate and those that weren't lucky enough to see a 40th birthday too. We have to be Present and Mindful to Truly Embrace our Blessings. I Count Mine Everyday! ♥ #countyourblessings #love #AD4.0

Heaven on earth! #coconut 🌴 #luxgrandgaube

Thank you @nicola.atkinson going to spend some quality time with my favourite author @mariannewilliamson 📖 💗 #ayearofmiracles #dailydevotions #reflections #mariannewilliamson

And the celebrations continue!🎈 #luxgrandgaube

Sure is baby 💗

#Repost @dazzleandfizz ・・・ Treat Yo’ Selves 🦇 It's been a crazy week of giant Birthday's! Thank you once again to @dazzleandfizz for an incredible party 💜

Laughing at the fact that I did a full on PA at my own party!!! And said at the beginning of the night "I'm not touching the mic it's my Birthday!" 😂😂😂 🎤#mis-teeq #party #AD2018

40....Let's really go!!! 🎈 #AD4.0

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