Алан Ричсон


Американский актёр, певец и модель. Наиболее известен по ролям Аквамена в сериале «Тайны Смолвиля» и Тэда Касла в «Реальные парни».
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Lazer Team available on iTunes today got me all like. Ooohhhh yeaahhhhh! https://itun.es/i67L7dK #lazerteam #itunes

The family, the holidays, and one of my favorite wines from @darioushwinery makes for some kind of magic.

This was @iamromanski's break and he was trying his best.

Chateau Marmont

The best holiday party of the year award goes to @ericlavey. #ChateauMarmont

Some dude left his credit card in this phone case I just bought! Finders keepers! It's about to go down y'aaaall! What y'all want? I'm buying! #ThanksJohnSmith

Couple a four eyes. Took y'all's advice, got some matching spectacles. He'll only wear his if daddy wears his. #idwearaturdifithelpedhimseebetter

My boy @linoeding and I hanging out after a day of filming some #OfficeUprising together. Wondering how we never noticed Raph pole dancing before on this old school TMNT arcade game!? #IwasalwaysMikey

Plums are in season at Babylonstoren. Gonna miss this enchanting city.

That's a picture wrap on the first season of 'Blood Drive' and on to the next one! Excited to be a part of this film. Funny action movie...? Yes please.

Rough day at the office?

Thanks so much for all the birthday love! Having a birthday while filming something is the tastiest. Wish I had a cake big enough for every last one of you.

My lil Edan needs glasses!! I've never needed glasses. What do I do? How do I help him keep them on? How do I help him know they make him unique and awesome!? So many questions.

I know you can't tell what this is so I'll just go ahead and tell you, it''s called the "I'm a terrible father Batman mask." He won't take it off. #eyeholeswereinthewrongplace

What a beautiful republic we have that such wide and differing views can be expressed peacefully. Left or right, democrat or republican, either way the president, the government, even my church, doesn't determine who I am. These institutions don't make me any more or less what I wish to be or stop me from putting love first. I will choose every second to be light and love. No one can or will do that for me. Let those who claim to be the most understanding and empathetic among us lead the way today by example. Complain less, pray more. Love is the most infectious gift in the universe. Make more. Be the salve. Let the healing begin.

12 Apostles Hotel, Camps Bay

Stopped by the stunning @12apostleshotel for dinner and was surprised to learn the staff and chef are all huge BMS fans. They made me a Thad cupcake as a way to "give me something back for all the great times." They'll never know how much that made my day. Grateful to have played a character that could bring entertainment to so many.

"Desert Horsey" 5 x 7 - Ink on back of a script - Ritchson 2016. I cannot draw. I told my #BloodDrive makeup artist I sucked at drawing. She made me draw a horsey. She laughed at horsey. She made fun of horsey. I said it was abstract horsey. She said I would never sell horsey for money. I will donate 100% of whatever someone will pay for this masterpiece to @AcresofLove. #Horseys4ever #DoitfortheOrphans

Hey! Somebodytalktome. #daddycrushinit?

And then there's this wild animal. He's 2 1/2. Goes wherever he wants. Satisfies every curiousity. Trail? What trail? Not daunted in the slightest by the mountains under and before him. Obstacles that would stop someone three times his height and ten times his age are little more than a curiousity as he saunters by, or over, or through it. The power that is in us all. Before we're told that we shouldn't, and couldn't anyway and start to believe that - we are children, and we can climb mountains.

This sweet girl came over and asked if she could play with Calem. When it was time for her to go, he asked if he could walk her home. Uuuughhh! Ya makin' my eyeballs sweat boy! So sweet. It'll be tough to leave this place when it's time to head home. #firstlove

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