Алан Ричсон


Американский актёр, певец и модель. Наиболее известен по ролям Аквамена в сериале «Тайны Смолвиля» и Тэда Касла в «Реальные парни».
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Day #2 of the #BloodDrive begins TONIGHT at 10/9c on @SYFY. This shock is one of the better things that happens to me…which is saying a lot.

#BloodDrive is making a pit stop at the Pixie Swallow Diner TOMORROW at 10/9c on @SYFY. Better bring your appetite.

We're definitely related.

Flattered by the kind #BloodDrive review Robert and @LATimes.

Tonight’s the night, weirdos. #BloodDrive premieres tonight at 10|9c on @Syfy!

Happy to be aboard this timely and poignant film. #TheRockPile

These maniacs are dying to meet you. See them in the #BloodDrive premiere TOMORROW at 10|9c on @syfy

Happy to share this cover for @wingmanmagazine go grab a copy for a fun interview and spread where I talk about lots of important stuff! Props to #dreamhoteldowntown @dreamhotels for hosting the photoshoot by @roncontarsy, grooming by @danielkoye , thanks for the goodies @robbanderson for #docmartens, @michaelstrahan #collectionbymichaelstrahan @smac_entertainment #raiseyourgame, and @woodiespecs

Once we start #BloodDrive, there’s no going back. Don’t miss the premiere on @Syfy next Wednesday at 10|9c.

Arthur Bailey was your typical good cop. Now, thanks to the #BloodDrive, he's a sick freak. repost via @blooddrivesyfy

New must watch #BloodDrive trailer. See if you can find the part that's NSFW!

I mean, if Rolling Stone likes it... #BloodDrive premiers #June14 on @syfy

Oh for the love of... It's like they read The Art of War! Desitin clean, but sharpie on wall. #3on1 #DivideandConquer #momsgone2017

Ok. Got the popcorn cleaned up... Turning into Lord of the Flies here. #momsgone2017

Mom's out of town. Think I'm killin it so far, yeah?

You can't watch #BloodDrive without a little psycho behind the eyes.  #June14 #season1

That's right. I just hung a dartboard in my living room. Wine bottles beware! Who wants to throw next?

Surprised this is on cable TV? Me too! Watch me and a bunch of scumbags (Talkin' bout you @ochoachristina!) hit the road when #BloodDrive comes to @Syfy June 14.

The last good cop. Tag a friend you'd want to get arrested with. #BloodDrive June 14 on @syfy

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