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Американский актёр, певец и модель. Наиболее известен по ролям Аквамена в сериале «Тайны Смолвиля» и Тэда Касла в «Реальные парни».
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The Southern California fires are being attacked by Cal Fire, Los Angeles County Fire and the Los Angeles Fire Department. My good friend is a fire captain and right now we need to equip firefighters with much needed hydration backpacks. After last year’s December fire storm, LAFD Fire Chief Terrazas saw the need for a tool to keep the firefighters hydrated and asked for help from the community to fund them. As the Chief put it, the firefighters work continually and tirelessly when battling the fires, but they literally get dehydrated out in the field. Water cooler breaks are not an option these firefighters choose when they are so determined to protect life, property and environment. The fire and heat ready hydration packs cost $275 each. The goal was one for each LAFD firefighter - about 3,500. Amazingly, this goal was met as of this morning. 300 new units are shipping out today alone. This campaign was orchestrated by the LAFD Foundation which has the goal to meet the equipment needs of the LAFD that the city budget cannot meet. The Hydration packs are an example, as are the first drones used by a fire department in America and swift water rescue boats, such as two that were sent down to help Houston and Florida last year. The Foundation has now moved to additional LAFD Firefighting needs, some as simple as water and energy bars and others including more drones and scanners which can detect human life in structures. In addition to organizations supporting firefighters with equipment, such as the LAFD Foundation (supportLAFD.org) and cafirefoundation.org, other non-profits are supporting many others in need, people, animals, you name it. Now a time to rally around our fellow man and animal. If you have anything to spare, please join me in giving back.

In honor of tonight’s debut of Hawk and Dove, a throwback to the first photo @minkakelly and I took together on set. Watch #Titans on @thedcuniverse in USA or @netflix internationally.

I’m diving in! Who’s coming with me!?? If you’ve already started watching, what do you think of the show!? #Titans

When you get in one teeny little fight while on the clock and your boss hangs your faces on the side of the building and calls you names. @wbpictures @thedcuniverse #Titans - Premiers Friday. #HawkandDove #cawcawww

Last nights @dcutitans premiere at #NYCC was a pretty incredible thing to be a part of. The fans seemed to love the first two episodes. Always a great feeling. WB and DC liked the show enough to order a second season! Can’t wait for everyone to see what a bunch of talented cast, crew, producers and execs have spent years making for you. Debuts October 12 on @thedcuniverse in USA, @Netflix internationally. Hope you enjoy.

I call this one... One of us is about to get punched and I'm pretty sure it's not me. Watch #Titans #HawkandDove @thedcuniverse check it out October 12, 2018

I don't swim. Or bike. And can hardly run. So I'm going to do the @nauticamalibutri this Sunday!!!! Why risk drowning and torture myself like this? It's all for the kiddos at Children's Hospital @childrensla. Hoping to raise awareness for these little ones. If you think it's hilarious that I will probably drown before making it to the first buoy, donate at the link in my bio. You can also come carry me if you're in the region and want to join in the fun. Love you guys. Hope to see you there. Link in bio...

Where the party at #Vegas!?

Umm... Pretty sure my four-year-old is going to be the world's greatest weapons manufacturer. So... You know... That's cool I guess? #gunsandtoast

Proud for Tree House Time Machine to be a part of @hollyshorts film festival in LA. #hollyshortsfilmfestival #hollyshorts #officialselection -- Come see it with me in August!

One can run into some pretty interesting lightbulbs scouting locations for this movie. #Cicada3301

Hotel Du Cap, Cannes, France

Don't be afraid... we escaped and everyone survived the ordeal except my dear friends @parishilton and @iblamejordan. My pregnant friends @marina_acton and #chriszylka are still recovering. #Cannesdrama

Cannes La Croisette

En route to the hottest ticket in town. Proud to be supporting @amfAR #Cannes2018. Also, I really hope they have little elf butter hats I can eat like at last night's dinner.

See that missing cone of butter back there? I ate that. #Cannes2018 #Fancyschmancybutter


Thanks for having me at your stellar @festivaldecannes event @degrisogono. My new life goal is to have a carousel at all my house parties now too.

Cannes La Croisette

En route to another business meeting in Cannes with my @phreakerfilms partner @marina_acton - celebrating the sale of several foreign territories on our next co-production “Against All Enemies” Starring #kristenstewart & @AnthonyMackie among many other great talent. Proud to be here and to be a part of this amazing film. Love that we can help bring stories like Jean Seberg's to life.

DC Universe. Where you'll go to catch our new show, Titans. Coming soon. #HawkandDove

Oooweee. Now that's a cut...

"Fire ants! Edan, they're called fire ants cause when they bite you they cover you with fire." Calem forewarned. His willingness to accept the limitless possibility of reality, a humbling reminder to remain fully open to possibility. When mommy's away daddy sneaks in a little hike before church! And yes, we showed up with a new hole in some khakis. #allgood "...for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it." Matthew 10:14-16 #HappySunday

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