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Американский актёр, певец и модель. Наиболее известен по ролям Аквамена в сериале «Тайны Смолвиля» и Тэда Касла в «Реальные парни».
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If you're in NYC tonight and looking for something to do, come check out a special screening of my short film, Tree House Time Machine with @NewFilmmakersNY at 6pm. The screening will be held at Anthology Film Archives on the Lower East Side at 32 2nd Avenue & 2nd Street. Tickets are $7 and are good for the whole night. So you can see about a dozen shorts and a feature tonight for the price of seven thousand pieces of penny bubble gum. Tix go on sale tonight at 5:30PM at the Anthology Box Office. #THTM

Come snowboarding with me!

Sleeping bag jacket! Also, here's hoping I don't break my face. #boarder

Couldn't keep it all in frame but you get the point. #Workouttips

Part 2 of my first -27° 8 mile Toronto run. #HotTomatoSoup!

Part one of my first -27° run around Toronto! #reindeerblood

Have to thank Dave Chapelle for this. He mentioned it during his brilliant Netflix special. As a white man who grew up in the most lovingly traditional and sheltered manner possible, I can't think of a more direct road to scraping the opaque naivete from my eyes about the underbelly of our society - black or white. My jaw was left agape more than once listening to this man's saga. But an even greater aftertaste arises from the unease I feel when I pause to reflect on the disgusting, vile behavior of the authority figures, institutions, or prominent social figures of his day who seem to simply drift across the stage of his life unscathed. Volumes could be written about the sins of his world. I'm not only speaking of the ones committed by him, but by you and me. We're all complicit. We each contribute to the brutal pimp game in one way or another. I think this reminds us how.

I think he definitely found the most comfortable position to watch Home Alone in.

Here's your Hawk & Dove first look. Full article on @deadline. Major props to Laura Jean Shannon and team who crushed the builds on these suits. #Titans #cacawwww

This run... trying to catch up to his brothers.

One of the few regrettable circumstances about what my work calls me to can be found in days like this. Tonight, while my head lands on a pillow in another country, I have missed my youngest boys birthday. And in this picture, my house is covered up by one of those little fire symbols. The mighty 405 is all that separates my family and hundreds of others from the flames. What I would give to be there. Makes me think of this: “A human life, I think, should be well rooted in some spot of native land, where it may get the love of tender kinship for the face of the earth, for the labors men go forth to, for the sounds and accents that haunt it, for whatever will give that early home a familiar unmistakable difference amidst the future widening of knowledge.” - George Eliot My heart goes out to all those who've lossed homes so far in Socal and to all those fighting the blaze on the front lines. Praying for small winds tonight.

Our youngest, Amory turns 2 today! Happy Birthday young warrior. Your confidence, endless humor and zeal for life astound and inspire me. Love you little buddy.

Equal parts exhausted and excited. #HawkandDove #Titans #DCComics 🦅🕊 repost from @minkakelly

Look who I ran into!

Missin my motorcycle gang.

Oh the perks of life on the road... Chocolate cake! Courtesy of my new best friends Trudy and Nadine working at the fine hotel I'm staying at. Thank you! And thanks for all the warm birthday wishes today everyone.

A quick teaser - Tree House Time Machine. More to come... #THTM

A little something I'm working on. #THTM #CreateSomethingNew

I'm leaving it all on the table for this one. So lucky to be working with the incredible @missthirlby and the brilliant writer/director Claudia Myers. Also, can someone please tell @titoortiz1999 you don't really have to punch the other actor as hard as you can when you're filming? Sheesh. ;) #tylenolpleeze! #worthit

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