Алан Ричсон


Американский актёр, певец и модель. Наиболее известен по ролям Аквамена в сериале «Тайны Смолвиля» и Тэда Касла в «Реальные парни».
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Just met these #BMS fans and found out they just got engaged! Congrats you two. Can't wait till you name your future kid Kevin-Thad-Castle (that will be his or her first name) just for me!

Norman, Oklahoma

Ah yes... You shine Oklahoma! You flat chested beauty. Let the lips of our relentless star kiss your dry-ass skin and you shine. Burst forth toward the day like you are as wise as the Andes. As supple as The Amazon. As untamable as the glacier filled sea. You saucy minx, glow like you are the first and last face the god's have ever made, like there will never be a tomorrow. Oklahoma.

New logo is in. @phreakerfilms

A Phreaker was originally coined to describe the earliest hackers in the ‘60’s who would use primitive equipment and ingenuity to beat the telecom systems in place. We aim to innovate and equip others with that same spirit of divergent thinking. #PhreakerFilms @marina_acton Let's go make some movies.

So proud of my bff @marina_acton on the release of her first record. Keep doing what you love homie. #fantasize Regrann from @marina_acton - #fantasize #release #party @kimkardashian @alanritchson @rayromulus are my #Hollywood #guides 🦋#thankyou for #being my #real #supportive #friends 💥 #kimkardashian #friendly, #supportive & my #bff #ninjaturtles #hungergames #star #actor #alanritchson is my #timeline my #bro my #bodyguards #my #business #partner #bs #killer 😎

Tree House Time Machine makin' it happen again! Proud to be among this amazing class of filmmakers. #THTM #cinequest2018

Sometimes a lil homie's just gotta nap Knowwhatimean?

Repost from @geniuskidsla --- Experimenting with non-Newtonian fluids. Yep, just your average activity for 6-8 year olds! Science is everything!! #sciencestudent #genius #scienceexperiment #nonnewtonianfluid #smart #smarties #brilliant #smartkids #smartkidsrock #lakids #wearethefuture #teacherlife #ilovemyjob #teachersofinstagram --- if you're in LA this is the place to let your kid hang out.

Happy Valentine's day from the Ritchsons. Hope everyone makes lots of babies today!!!

Had such a blast helping my friend @marina_acton with her project the last few days! This pic captures the antics pretty well.

How @ochoachristina does game night. #rulesfromthetabletop

Apparently I was a caveman when I was two.

Tree House Time Machine has screened a few times to positive reveiws, is scheduled to play at lots of amazing festivals this year with many more to come. Really proud of all the amazing feedback so far and grateful to all the talent poured into this project from so many gifted souls. Can't wait to release publicly for all those who can't make these festivals later this year. *I'll be at the Irvine International Film Festival today answering any questions you have after the screening. If you're at the festival today be sure to stop by and say hi! #THTM

#tbt to this little gem as we say Happy Birthday to the best serial killer a cop could ever ask for! Love you @ochoachristina. Congrats on being on like, 16 shows at once right now. #BloodDrive

Got to read the Gruffalo to Calem's class today! My favorite book for kids his age. Gave it everything I had and the little chumps still said the movie was better. Grrrrrrrr... uffalo.

Almost drown myself in this today

B & W

If you're in NYC tonight and looking for something to do, come check out a special screening of my short film, Tree House Time Machine with @NewFilmmakersNY at 6pm. The screening will be held at Anthology Film Archives on the Lower East Side at 32 2nd Avenue & 2nd Street. Tickets are $7 and are good for the whole night. So you can see about a dozen shorts and a feature tonight for the price of seven thousand pieces of penny bubble gum. Tix go on sale tonight at 5:30PM at the Anthology Box Office. #THTM

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