Алан Ричсон


Американский актёр, певец и модель. Наиболее известен по ролям Аквамена в сериале «Тайны Смолвиля» и Тэда Касла в «Реальные парни».
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Proud for Tree House Time Machine to be a part of @hollyshorts film festival in LA. #hollyshortsfilmfestival #hollyshorts #officialselection -- Come see it with me in August!

One can run into some pretty interesting lightbulbs scouting locations for this movie. #Cicada3301

Hotel Du Cap, Cannes, France

Don't be afraid... we escaped and everyone survived the ordeal except my dear friends @parishilton and @iblamejordan. My pregnant friends @marina_acton and #chriszylka are still recovering. #Cannesdrama

Cannes La Croisette

En route to the hottest ticket in town. Proud to be supporting @amfAR #Cannes2018. Also, I really hope they have little elf butter hats I can eat like at last night's dinner.

See that missing cone of butter back there? I ate that. #Cannes2018 #Fancyschmancybutter


Thanks for having me at your stellar @festivaldecannes event @degrisogono. My new life goal is to have a carousel at all my house parties now too.

Cannes La Croisette

En route to another business meeting in Cannes with my @phreakerfilms partner @marina_acton - celebrating the sale of several foreign territories on our next co-production “Against All Enemies” Starring #kristenstewart & @AnthonyMackie among many other great talent. Proud to be here and to be a part of this amazing film. Love that we can help bring stories like Jean Seberg's to life.

DC Universe. Where you'll go to catch our new show, Titans. Coming soon. #HawkandDove

Oooweee. Now that's a cut...

"Fire ants! Edan, they're called fire ants cause when they bite you they cover you with fire." Calem forewarned. His willingness to accept the limitless possibility of reality, a humbling reminder to remain fully open to possibility. When mommy's away daddy sneaks in a little hike before church! And yes, we showed up with a new hole in some khakis. #allgood "...for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it." Matthew 10:14-16 #HappySunday

Regrann from @winterrum - Gonna miss this wonderful cast. When you put so many talented fun people together the movie makes itself. @gregcoolidge @thekirkward @hiryanhansen @alanritchson @kevinmbrennan @chrisreed619 @mattjonesisdead #productiondesigner #featurefilm - #regrann

That's a wrap for this guy... I think I was just involved in one of those rare instant classics. Such a funny movie. Such amazing cast and crew. Oklahoma couldn't have been a more accommodating state to film in. Thanks all around. Looking forward to you meeting "Ronnie Best." #TheTurkeyBowl

Laughing about the beating @titoortiz1999 put on me right before this pic. @shadowgirlmovie

Calm before the storm - from @shadowgirlmovie coming soon

Forgot to buy candy! Had to get creative with the Photoshop and make some satisfying Easter bunny egg yolk. We doin' it right @catritchson! The kids will never know the Easter bunny forgot the chocolate. Nobody tell them I said this okay?? Our little secret.

Just met these #BMS fans and found out they just got engaged! Congrats you two. Can't wait till you name your future kid Kevin-Thad-Castle (that will be his or her first name) just for me!

Norman, Oklahoma

Ah yes... You shine Oklahoma! You flat chested beauty. Let the lips of our relentless star kiss your dry-ass skin and you shine. Burst forth toward the day like you are as wise as the Andes. As supple as The Amazon. As untamable as the glacier filled sea. You saucy minx, glow like you are the first and last face the god's have ever made, like there will never be a tomorrow. Oklahoma.

New logo is in. @phreakerfilms

A Phreaker was originally coined to describe the earliest hackers in the ‘60’s who would use primitive equipment and ingenuity to beat the telecom systems in place. We aim to innovate and equip others with that same spirit of divergent thinking. #PhreakerFilms @marina_acton Let's go make some movies.

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