Алан Ричсон


Американский актёр, певец и модель. Наиболее известен по ролям Аквамена в сериале «Тайны Смолвиля» и Тэда Касла в «Реальные парни».
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You can't watch #BloodDrive without a little psycho behind the eyes.  #June14 #season1

That's right. I just hung a dartboard in my living room. Wine bottles beware! Who wants to throw next?

Surprised this is on cable TV? Me too! Watch me and a bunch of scumbags (Talkin' bout you @ochoachristina!) hit the road when #BloodDrive comes to @Syfy June 14.

The last good cop. Tag a friend you'd want to get arrested with. #BloodDrive June 14 on @syfy

Just had the meanest paella ever going. Only the best ingredients... Except for the RICE FILLED WITH BILLIONS OF BUGS! #FML #Starving.

Official Blood Drive Poster. @blooddrivesyfy #June14 #pureinsanity

This view from my room looks like ancient Rome. #setlife #mildlyinteresting

I crack myself up.

Happy Monday! Enjoy your daily dose of #BloodDrive... Turning people vegan since 1999. Breaking TV's June 14 on @Syfy. Tag an enemy now!

Also kind of #NSFW... Are you getting the point yet future Blood Drivers? #BloodDrive #ForTheStrangeOnly June 14 on @SyFy

Much like this entire show... #NSFW. #blooddrive coming June 14th to @syfy

Reason #341 I love this show... You'll never guess where it's going. #blooddrive #June14 #Syfywillbesorry

Omg omg omg omg!!! I can't believe I can finally give you a sweet little taste of one of the craziest decisions a network has ever made! Still can't believe @Syfy is putting this insane show on the air. @blooddrivesyfy June 14th 10/9c. Do you want me to show you an even crazier teaser or nah? I can do this all day.

Just a street.

My buddy @jaychandrasekhar, the man behind Broken Lizard and Super Troopers among other things, wrote a really cool, funny, inspiring book! Go grab a copy if you like #mustacheshenanigans

Fear makes claws. Love unfurls.

A before and after... #boycottunited #united

Someone caught me the moment before starting a scene. Now I realize why people ask me if I'm ok a lot on set. I'm great actually. Just living upstairs. You have to see it first.

What a real superhero looks like. #wifey #momma #mostimportantcareer #luckydaddy

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