Алан Камминг


Шведския режиссёр, актёр, писатель, продюсер и исполнитель.
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Getting made into @lisakudrow 's dream date by make up genius Kevin Haney for Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, LA 1996 #tbt

Whee! Stunts! Showbiz!

I don't want that to be me!

Making movie magic!

Doing my best @daniellismore impersonation today! Check out his beautiful book!

Snow storm Stella is to blame for tonight's SNOB! Because we had snow days I am at work on Saturday, but nonetheless I hope you'll like the glimpse into my on set life!

Good morning!

I started a new job and Team Alan got me swanky vodka and Operation. They know me so well! Also this might be a new healthcare option in America if the Mangled Apricot Hellbeast has his way. (thanks @queenbernstein for coining that phrase!)

Current mood #Repost @christopherboudewyns with @repostapp ・・・ A portrait of Alan Cumming. @alancummingsnaps #portrait #portraitphotography #christopherboudewynsphotography #alancumming Hair: @thomasmckiver Makeup: @darcilouisesnider Art direction: @carlbyrd

I learn my lines in the bath. And yes that soap is Cumming In A Bar! UPDATE: Yes, Cumming In A Bar is available to buy. Link in bio!

New phone, new kitchen, new york!

My guardian angel on the headboard of my bed!

Happy birthday to the loveliest, Lisa May Minooli.

Tonight's SNOB is a little bit country and has a very special guest star!

Lala is loving some country time. And yes, that is a @harristweedauthority coat she's wearing!

As Lord Rochester in Plunkett and Maclean, Prague 1997 #fbf

Things just got a bit darker!

This was at the @hopesdoor gala last Saturday night in Dallas. I sometimes can't believe how nutty my life is!

After my show in Orlando last night we went out on the town and met some amazing people, some survivors of the Pulse nightclub attack and many who continue to love and support and nurture each other back from the tragedy. It made me so proud to be part of the LGBT community, because we are strong and resilient and loving and we care. This morning we went to Pulse and paid our respects to the slain. And now I'm in the car marveling that this country's gun laws are still so sickeningly lax. It is truly shameful that Congress continues to tacitly condone acts of violence by not preventing people who shouldn't have access to guns from buying them.

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