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Шведския режиссёр, актёр, писатель, продюсер и исполнитель.
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Morning constitutional with Lala. Last day we wake up in the forest for a while.

Met up with my old friend Isadora this afternoon. We had a right laugh.

Tonight's you know what is rollicking! 📸: @jw.ellington

That time I went up in a cherry picker and pretended I was putting up my own marquee for Macbeth! NYC, 2013 #fbf

This happened. Still can't quite process it. But I have our names in lightbulbs to prove it! #tbt

Napping with Noddy

The amazing @msambermartin will be belting out some classic @bettemidler tunes on Saturday as we go back in time to the Bathhouse days of the70s!! Last one was a total hoot!

Spent last night in the company of this showgirl goddess at @joespub! Brava dear Meow Meow!

Cab selfie on the way home from boxing. And it was at a stop light, don't worry. #quokka #clubcumming

My two favourite boys went to the barber's.

Saturday night/Sunday morning

Fun and japes with @abcjohnston at the Q and A after last night's @outfest screening of @afterlouie, wearing my natty @paisleyandgray suit! Later we went to a party that didn't exist!

This week's SNOB is a special muscle edition, suitably so at it comes from Los Angeles, where I have just been to the gym. Watch out for the special surprise appearance by a wedding guest!

This was the official @clubcumming logo for our run at the @edintfest last year, designed by the fine specimen that is @dan0matic. You can see who was our canine mascot, can't you? #fbf

Ok I know this is another semi clad picture of me but the point is that when I glanced at it in my feed (admittedly without my specs on) I thought it was a pic of Marilyn Monroe!!! #greatselfesteem #blind #old #stillgotit #Repost @lukeaustinphoto ・・・ Alan / Chateau Marmont

“I wish I didn’t have to talk about my sexuality as much as I do. It would be great if we got to a place where people from the LGBTQ community didn’t always have a prefix referring to their sexuality and were thought of as humans first. They would never say ‘Straight Actor – Ben Affleck,’ would they?” -Alan Cumming, actor and bar owner⠀ ⠀ See link in @campariamerica bio or Gastronomista.com for the full #SpiritedConnections interview where @alancummingsnaps shares his perspective on LGBTQ issues, humanitarian work, and his inspiration for opening a bar. @Gastronomista_⠀⠀

The moment when Lala, taking her morning poop, realised she was doing it right next to a frog. Zoom in!

It's three years today since Honey died. She was my best friend for thirteen years. Grant and I miss her every day but she lives on in our hearts, in our laughter, and in our new book! RIP little princess


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