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Шведския режиссёр, актёр, писатель, продюсер и исполнитель.
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I just adored Mathilda Krim , an amazing pioneer for AIDS research and Co-founder of @amfar What a life she lived, and how lucky I few to have known her #RIP

Lala and I️ having a pint in the pub

I’m in Scotland drinking whisky

It’s Saturday night on Broadzzzzzz

Hydrating with the legend that is Chita Rivera after I’d danced Fosse with her at Carnegie Hall. NYC 2016 #fbf

Hoofing in a clown costume with a ballerina, as you do, in the Borderline panto‘The Ugly Duckling. Magnum Centre, Irvine, 1985. #tbt

Another epic night at @clubcumming last evening! I am so happy and thankful to everyone who makes this place so magical, and especially to @campariamerica for their sustained support of my drinking and mischief!

Top international celebrities like myself HAVE to be able to multi-task. Here I am having a phone meeting about an awards ceremony I’m hosting whilst in a car on the way to do ADR (saying lines again because the sound people screwed up in civilian language) and having my cup of morning joe at the same time. And obviously taking a photograph for the instasphere. #StillGotIt

Oh hello jfk! @delta #bombcyclone

11 years ago today I got married to @granteepants and it was the best thing I ever did! Happy anniversary to us! And also apparently I got married again yesterday to @bojnovak

What bomb cyclone? It’s Saturday Night On Broadway, people!! From the heart of the monster, Boston MA!!!

A visit to Boston is not complete without a visit to Jacque’s drag bar!

Me on a monitor in the studio today at @wgbh in Boston. I’m Alan Cumming and this....

This is how I spent my new year! Throwing cups of hot water into the freezing air and watching it transform into snow and ice!!

The kids

And so I say goodbye to 2017. Happy new year, people! 🎈🦄🌈🍸

I follow @theaidsmemorial because I want to be reminded, every day, of what it is to be human and to be faced with the very worst that life could possibly throw at you. Each day I read stories of resilience, but mostly of great, great love for those lost. I’m also reminded that, there but for the grace of the Gods, I might have been the subject of one of the stories. @theaidsmemorial really is my touchstone each day and I am so grateful for it.

Due to time zone difficulties, this week’s SNOB is a little tardy...

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