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Шведския режиссёр, актёр, писатель, продюсер и исполнитель.
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Being attended to in my sick bed by Nurse Lala

Tonight it’s Sniffity Snot on Broadway!

This week I️’m auctioning off this incredibly rare and much desired Smurfs 2 Cast & Crew hoodie. This was what the producers gave all of us who worked on Smurfs 2 as a wrap gift and it has hardly been worn. And I’ll sign it! All the proceeds are going to the @aliforneycenter , an organization that helps homeless LGBTQ youth. Bid by clicking the link in my bio!

Me in 2007, newly-married, skinny from being in Bent in the West End, back in NYC and being shot by @figjamheadshots #fbf

That time Victor and Barry mercilessly ribbed Margaret Glazbrook on her show ‘A Touch Of Elegance’. I just found out she died last month so this is in tribute to her, and all Australians in this great week for your country! 🌈🇦🇺 Adelaide, 1989 #tbt

Making friends and influencing people!

Hooray 🇦🇺 Australia! So excited to hear the news of the marriage equality vote! #lovewins🌈

Popped into @clubcumming last night and introduced the legend that is @francesruffelle and also did a gay intervention when @michaelurielikesit and @drew_droege didn’t know the words to Part of Your World!!

Good morning

She was a class act, a great gal. RIP Liz Smith x

Squeezing the last fun out of the weekend.

Fancy a sweaty dance this afternoon? Get down to @clubcumming! Also I️ must say how proud I️ am to be part of an organization with such a high standard of smutty puns.

Tonight’s SNOB is a homage to the wonders of Mother Nature AND to 90s RnB legends, TLC!

It’s snowing in the Catskills!

I️ just got stuck in an elevator with this nice man, after getting my verruca frozen off at the podiatrist. Before that I️ got sun spots and blemishes zapped off my face at the dermatologist. Thank you to all the veterans whose service has enabled me to have this day off from filming so my body can be assaulted and I️ can meet people from other lands.

That time I posed for Playgirl magazine. 📸: @gregendries NYC, 2010 #fbf

Buy this T-shirt and help the fight against cancer. Link in the bio of @gabriellesangels

Proving the adage ‘anything can happen’ at @clubcumming! This was at #mondayintheclubwithlance

It’s Behind The Scenes Of Instinct! @instinctcbs

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