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Канадский сериальный актер.
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Thank you @1kemjay for everything. All of your love, help, creativity and production credits to my first project. I love you bro. Blood is thicker than water.

Here's what happened Before I Met You... link in bio. Thank you to everyone who helped me with this project. Much love forever. Artwork by: @MihailoAndic @Elie

#ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh bringing that durrr-eee durr-eee #tbt

Fall Thru.

Don't ever question my loyalty.

I promise you this was impromptu and not planned at all. The iPhone camera is just remarkable.

Anana til my enamel gone.

They don't wanna see me shine.

When you've been working your ass off and haven't posted a picture in three weeks, so you feel like anything will suffice.

Old San Juan

Freako Suavé.

Old San Juan - Puerto Rico

Y solo por un beso

Val...where do I start? Ok, so, you're sitting next to me and I'm turning my phone very suspect typing this because I don't want you to see this. I'll first start off by wishing you a happy birthday! You're the second hardest working woman I know. You work your ass off everyday and I admire you for it. You motivate me to keep up when I start to slow down. You are a great friend and a great confidant. I love and appreciate you and I hope you enjoyed zip lining today half as much as I did, I'm glad I got to experience it with you as we both faced our serious fear of heights. You're probably getting cheesed that I'm on my phone, but you'll understand when you read this. Love always sand forever, no matter what. Yours truly, Faisal. ❤️🎂

St Lucia, East Caribbean

Shiloh and I in paradise.

Barbados, Caribbean

Just in case you didn't know...I'm on the road. Thank you. Link in bio. Produced by @jaegen_

Happy Valentine's Day ❤️😘

Long overdue but here it is...The Road. Thank you to everyone who was apart of this song with me. Link in bio.

I'm on a boat.

Something fun and sexy.

This is a story all about how my life got flip turned upside down.

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