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Канадский сериальный актер.
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Las Vegas, Nevada

Chess not checkers.

🌅🌅🌅🌅 video out now. Link in bio!

Santa Monica Pier

What's that? Facts?


That guy.

I'm in LA but it's colder than back home.

The only flexing I was doing in this picture was on my exes.

From sunrise to sunset.

Special day for my Mother and I today. Celebrating my 25th on Mother's Day is nothing less than an honor. Thank you for everything mom. You are my inspiration and my motivation. When times get tough, I think, "what would Sandra do?", and fight through it. I love you and I am forever grateful for everything you do and have done for me. Btw, I'm aware that you don't have IG, but being the obstacle hopping mother you are, you always find your way 😂 I LOVE YOU. Forever your little boy, Faisal.

Thank you to @pigsandplans for putting me on their "13 Rising Artists From Toronto You Should Know" list. Before I Met You is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Feeling like Floyd with this May Weather.

Thank you @1kemjay for everything. All of your love, help, creativity and production credits to my first project. I love you bro. Blood is thicker than water.

Here's what happened Before I Met You... link in bio. Thank you to everyone who helped me with this project. Much love forever. Artwork by: @MihailoAndic @Elie

#ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh bringing that durrr-eee durr-eee #tbt

Fall Thru.

Don't ever question my loyalty.

I promise you this was impromptu and not planned at all. The iPhone camera is just remarkable.

Anana til my enamel gone.

They don't wanna see me shine.

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