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Американская актриса и комик. Известна по постоянной роли в телесериале «Говорящая с призраками» и по мультсериалу «Спецагент Арчер», где она озвучила одного из центральных персонажей, Лану Кейн.
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Super gang of super friendlies. Who needs a hug?

Thanks to everyone for all the love for this week's episode @crimmindscbs! What an honor to direct the best team in showbiz. Adore.

Watch these badasses engage in extraordinary badassery on tonight's @crimmindscbs, directed by me! What an honor to get to direct this brilliant, killer group of actors. 🙌🏾🎥

I adore this woman and she kills it in tonight's @crimmindscbs @ajcook 🔥🔥🔥 ・・・ New episode of #criminalminds tonight at 10pm on #cbs Directed by my badass friend and co-star @aishatyler 📷:@spinning_wheel_prod

Cosign @chloebennet. Cosign. ・・・ Learn about how you can implement change. Go to @everytown ...this shouldn’t be happening.

Halloween should be every day. . . . . . #Repost @cadlymack ・・・ Our Halloween costume: the Three-Headed Cuddle Blob.

#Repost @cadlymack ・・・ The mayonnaise jar screenshots all your sexts for the group chat.

CHICAGO! Come see my feature directorial debut @axisfilm at @cimmfest Thursday 11/9 @ 7pm Davis Theater. More info & tix: cimmfest.org/axis/ Or click the link in my bio for links for upcoming screenings in Chicago, Portland and Austin 💥💥💥

Thanks to @amcthewalkingdead for sending me this beauty. She came in very handy at @coltonlhaynes' Halloween party last night. I think I'll keep her.

So much truth in such a lean package. @mattsurelee

I have impeccable taste in friends. And shoes. But mostly friends. #Repost @cadlymack ・・・ Can we talk about these sexy new kicks @aishatyler gave me? I’m gonna wear them to my enemy’s house & leave my glitter all over their life.

And also check my story for a link to the 10 great films that helped inspire my directorial debut! Link for NYC tix is in my bio! Only two more days to catch it in the theater in Manhattan!

Great new review of @axisfilm by @nycmovieguru! Check my story for link!

So proud of @eseratuaolo and thrilled to meet him tonight at @athleteally gala! End homophobia in sports. 🌈🙌🏾#victorythroughunity

#Repost @axisfilm ・・・ Join us tonight at 7pm @ltnewyorkcity for @axisfilm and a Q&A with @aishatyler and @emmett_hughes! See you soon!

NYC! Join me TONIGHT at 7pm for a special screening of @axisfilm at @ltnewyorkcity! Q&A after. See you soon!

Thanks for the @axisfilm ❤️@anne__rad!!! You are indeed rad! ・・・ HOLY SHIT, WHAT A FILM! Intense, beautiful, captivating-- grips you right up to the end. Silversun Pickups* provided the entire soundtrack, which made it all the more moving. Though I'm pretty sure they won't see this, I can't help but say thanks to everyone who put their hearts (and time, energy, funds, creative soul, talent and on and on) into AXIS. So glad I happened to be in NYC during its run. - - *Doubting I'm going to be able to not come back to the city in November, for one of @sspu's shows. Their music is just beyond...

AXIS is at @ltnewyorkcity for ONE WEEK ONLY! Come see this very special independent film that audiences are saying "stays with you long after it's over." Link in bio!

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