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Американская актриса и комик. Известна по постоянной роли в телесериале «Говорящая с призраками» и по мультсериалу «Спецагент Арчер», где она озвучила одного из центральных персонажей, Лану Кейн.
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Trapped in the elevator after the most kickass premiere ever. My girl @charlizeafrica was absolutely amazeballs. Per her usual. #atomicblonde

Happy happy happy birthday to my glorious bestie @emilybett, with whom I have had so many epic adventures, and with whom I hope to have so many many more. You are an extraordinary friend and an even better person. Boy did we all luck out when you were born! 💕🎈🥃

HUGE thanks to the @theusgrant hotel for elegantly hosting my @comic_con @courageandstone fan tasting! And to my @archerfxx fam for making fun of my poster and drinking my booze. Amazing weekend. Good times!

This is @johnhodgman. He is funnier than you or I. And his beard is beardier. Welcome to Hodgman's world. We're just barefaced in it.

Guinea pig. Ollantaytambo Peru. As promised. #archer #comiccon #comiccon2017


Gearing up for this weekend's special @courageandstone tasting event @comic_con! So stoked for people to get a first taste of what I've been working on. 🍸⚡️

I sat down with my good friend @kevinfrazier for an exclusive convo about my directorial feature debut @axisfilm, my new cocktail line @courageandstone, @crimmindscbs, @archerfxx @cwwhoseline and MOST importantly, my upcoming bittersweet departure from my beloved home @thetalkcbs. Lots of great stories about my 💕girls💕. Don't miss it tonight on @entertainmenttonight!

I am now one of those assholes who eats falafel and gets their face glitter-bombed at music festivals. Nothing to see here. I'm off to do tequila shots and dance on a rickety table in a mesh half shirt. Move along.

Incredible night at @faviken. Thanks to Magnus, Hatim and the entire kickass staff for the most extraordinary experience. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

I am at Fäviken Magasinet in rural Järpen, Sweden. You may know the restaurant and its chef, Magnus Nilsson, from the first season of Mind of a Chef on Netflix. I am insanely grateful and excited to have the meal of a lifetime. I'm going to post all the food in my story, no captions or descriptions, so I can mainly focus on jamming this exquisite meal into my gullet. Skål!!!

Swedish people seem to like classic American cars. And towing huge campers with them. #defyphysics 🇸🇪

View from my room in Örebro, Sweden. Sun set here at 11 and came up at 3:30. I'm liking this midnight sun thing but I'm starting to feel like Al Pacino in Insomnia. 😳

Happy 4th from across the sea! I am exporting our freedom in my own fashion. Freedom is the freedom to jubilate freely! You know what I mean.

Yes. These are Swedish meatballs. In Sweden. Being Swedish. I just blew your mind.

In Stockholm to catch @rickygervais' killer live show at the Globe. It was everything you'd expect: thoughtful, wide-ranging, forward-thinking, wildly offensive, hilarious, personal, deeply inspiring. Everyone go see this show! Shit. Now I need to write another comedy special. But first, AQUAVIT FOR ME AND ALL MY MEN!!!!!

THIS WEEK millions of patients could lose health care access at @PPFA. Tell your Senator to #StandWithPP now! URL in bio.

Love. Family. Always.

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