Аиша Тайлер


Американская актриса и комик. Известна по постоянной роли в телесериале «Говорящая с призраками» и по мультсериалу «Спецагент Арчер», где она озвучила одного из центральных персонажей, Лану Кейн.
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Olympia London

Half of #jar.... assemble. #hvfflondon @heroesfanfest

Olympia London

LONDON! I’ll be @heroesfanfest next weekend May 26-27! I’m donating a portion of all proceeds from my photo-ops to @theirc, to help women and girls in war-torn areas. EVERYONE who buys a photo op and brings it to my booth will be entered to win an autographed limited edition @archerfxx gift! I’ll give one away each day of the con. COPY & PASTE: Photo ops: https://bit.ly/2IxMQtm Tickets: https://bit.ly/2rTntYE See you there! 💯

Geffen Playhouse

AMAZING night hosting Backstage at the @geffenplayhouse! Raised money for arts programs for young people and literally met a giant pile of my number one heroes. I love my job. Also Rita Moreno looked at my rack. So... #gratitude.

Coming soon! Sorry, SO not sorry. 😏 @unapologeticamc June 4. Boom. 💥

Your choices are enough. You are enough. Happy Mother’s Day.💕

‪LONDON! I will be at @heroesfanfest May 26-27! Come meet me for photo ops, autographs, Archer, Friends and Criminal Minds fan swag and more! 🇬🇧 ✨‬

I need a better pic of me and my beloved @cadlymack but we are always having too much fun to remember to take pictures together, so I lazily cropped this one (#dopeasshatsdoe). Congratulations on your show getting ordered to series, Carina. Your brain is a fucking atomic bomb. I admire you so deeply. 👽✨

Happy birthday, @stephenamell. You’re the coolest of cats. And you look absolutely lovely in your birthday hat. 👑🎂💕 I hug your face.

Louisville, Kentucky

Such an amazing time in Louisville with The Jar. Huge thanks to Patricia Barnstable Brown and the lovely people at the Barnstable Brown Gala for taking such good care of us. Gala was fantastic, and the Derby was a blast. 🏇🏾🥃🌺

The LEGENDARY @saltnpepaofficial and @djspinderella at the #kentuckyderby. Race achievement unlocked.

#Repost @archerfxx with @get_repost ・・・ Prepare for a deep impact. Archer: Danger Island is all-new TONIGHT at 10p on FXX. #ArcherFXX

Huge thanks to the @andaz5th for a killer NY stay. Nowhere else I’d recline moodily while drinking a classic old fashioned and staring intently into the distance than their kickass luxe basement bar. 🥃✨

The Pasadena Civic

Congrats to my forever family @thetalkcbs on their @daytimeemmys win for Best Entertainment Talk Show! I love you guys so much and I am rooting for you every single day. What a joy to get to share this special night! Celebratory cocktails after were the highlight. Go Team Talk!!! 💃🏾🍸💕💥

So excited for a @TheTalkCBS reunion tonight at the @daytimeemmys! @juliechencbs @THEsaragilbert @sherylunderwood @therealeve @sharonosbourne I am coming for youuuuuu 💜💜💜💜💜💜

Dear @mrbradybaby: you never cease to amaze. Thanks for an extraordinary night @kinkybootsbway. Never stop devastating. I will be there to cheer you on.

1 in 5 women suffer from heavy #periods that affect their health and wellbeing. Don’t suffer in silence, learn your options at #linkinbio #WeHateHeavyPeriods #AD

Wait. What the hell happened to Lana?!? Well. I guess she IS sweet and delicious. #Reposted @archerfxx ・・・ On Mitimotu, you're the main course. Archer: Danger Island is only TWO DAYS away. #ArcherFXX

#FB to last Saturday when I was at #coachella 🤸🏾‍♀️ and met this gorgeous couple. Flower crowns and crystal eyebrows! 🌺✨They crushes the couple game for sure. So jealous of everyone at Beychella now — live your very best life! 🎡🌈⚡️

These gorgeous cocktails were the luscious start to a spectacular meal at the brand new @baveldtla. @bestiadtla’s Middle Eastern little sister is a stone cold fox. Get in here before it’s impossible.

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