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Американский актер и модель.
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Is it me or do his eyes follow me ass everywhere it goes? #solifelike Happened to pass this guy last week, on my day off from a play in which I quoted him, while on my way to a film about him - by & starring Rupert Everett. Obsessed much?! I do indeed recommend @thehappyprincemovie

I don’t feel bad for finding this so funny for so many reasons. #thegoodwife #ifeelbad

Bill Pullman thinks I’m a rock’n hot piece... of evidence. Oh, the attention to detail! I watched the series & recommend it - good mystery binge. #redherring #thesinner #billpullman #marcmenchaca I am your grandfather. Lol.

Carol $#%*! Channing #trash #carolchanning #steventyler

Up & running EXPERIMENTING WITH KATZ, a new play, now through Oct 14. Tix @ #itsbehindmeisntit

Manhattan, New York

Film Center Building

Man, they knew how to design ‘em!

On 9/27 we start Experimenting With Katz. Come through, lucky number! Tix @ 📷: @alfoote3

Film Center Building

another dog-sitting down... boomer the #bostonterrier

Back together to reboot Starsky & Hutch... Huggy Bear’s in between. Been sittin’ on this gem from last week when @titaniquemusical shook NY - in which, Sebastian was GREAT!

Mikey likes it! Working on a new play, @experimentingwithkatz with some good people. Performances start Sept 27 in NY at @theaterlab on 36th.#actorsequity

#workuplikethis thx @thomlussier

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