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The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Part 2 of my FIP 4th of July flashback/catch up.


The man in the spoon is a... mess. #zzz You’d have taken it too!

There’s just somethin’ bout the boards of The Pines that make your feet move happy! #nationaldanceday #fbf #independanceday #daydrinking

RIP Tony Schmidt, my director throughout school, whose trust I was proud to hold, laugh I always aimed for, and whose son I was happy to be mistook for many times. I last saw him unexpectedly and quite appropriately on the way in to see Billy Elliot at the Imperial Theatre... where Cabaret played for part of its original Broadway run. Mazel, Herr Schmidt!

Sayville Ferry Service

Got it in the bag. #crownit #princeharry

Happy for Season 2 - happy for this screen shot! @alisonbrie @glownetflix

White Horse Tavern

Allongé by Zaha Hadid - The High Line

not sad - just feeling the heat #devilonmyshoulder

When you do The Hamptons, you do it big... big house, big hair! THANKS for the weekend @waynealanwilcox!

#expulsionfromthegardenofeden #adamandsteve

Kristen Wiig was thanked in her Oscar acceptance, right? 🍋

@blbuckley @joespub 🙌 you ARE one of those QUEENS! #airguitar #hope WE LOVE YOU

Jane's Carousel

how the week began.

Spot the lil’ Lady?

🙌 #attentionmustbepaid #lipsyncforyourlife @itsdwaynecooper @lesdogggg @rupaulsdragrace #rpdr

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