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Американская актриса.
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  • Фото 1871
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The Flipside 12s

c h e e r s ! monday bloody monday. lol. @theflipsidenash

Thompson Nashville

🛁 ♥ 📖 lol. got back to @thompsonnashville & i only had 30 minutes to refresh & change. removing my makeup was not an option! but this tub was... so... yeah... best 20 minutes! ha. reading: the word on the street by paul muldoon photo by: the ever talented @ihoughton

Thompson Nashville

♥ t h e s u i t e l i f e @thompsonnashville ♥ can't wait for tonight's show! the "every praise gets better" tour. link in bio!

Malibu, California

h e l l o w e e k e n d 🌊 "next to you... in malibu..."

🌊🌴☀️ summer breeze makes me feel fine... blowin' through the jasmine in my mind... #HappyHeart & #FreckleFace

señora capturada por: @bokocecile

m e . . . somewhere between psalms 139 & 2pac. yep. that's me. ha. #TheRoseThatGrewFromConcrete 🌷

i n f l i g h t ☁️✈️ "do more things that make you forget your phone." ~ realizing i haven't posted in four days. had an amazing weekend that made me forget i even had a phone. felt great. happy sunday. on to the next...

Bel Air, Los Angeles

🍃 t e a t i m e so... balance is something i've never really mastered & i want to be everything.. all at once! lol. i want that summer 17 bod, but i also love lazy summer days. i want to eat healthy, but I'm also such a foodie! ha. with @teamiblends i get to have everything! so glad I found their 30 day detox program & i'm focused! i know if i stick to the program, i'll still feel healthy and never ever bloated! boom! 💪🏼 curious? ask questions below! use AB20 for 20% off yours! #thankyouteami

Bel Air, Los Angeles

m i c a s a 🗝 everything has changed & yet, i am more me than i've ever been. #Unfinished #WorkInProgress #Home #Grateful #CantWaitToShowYouTheFinishedDecor! xo

Bel Air, Los Angeles

h e l l o h a n d s o m e . . . to eight months & a lifetime to go of inside jokes, laughing at the most inopportune times, cuddling, morning prayers, randomly twirling me in the street, breaking out in to dance... anytime, anywhere & most importantly... ruining my #ootd selfie pics! ha! (thanks for your amazing cameo in this one) lol. i love you.

Paris, France

8 m o n t h s 💍 you're always one decision away from a totally different life. best decision i've ever made... @ihoughton #HappilyEverHoughton #11

b e s o s 📦 this monday night! july 10th! we are celebrating "Christmas in July!" for a great cause benefiting @salvationarmyus & @besoscarepackages! @ihoughton & I will be performing some songs from my upcoming Christmas album! ahhhh exciting! you don't wanna miss it! details, info on what you can bring, how to donate & tickets can be purchased in the link in bio! 🖤 here's an early Christmas gift: 1st 500 to use this code will get in free! - TSAEntDiv besos xo

Bel Air, Los Angeles

h a p p i n e s s ☁️ is the new rich. i n n e r p e a c e is the new success h e a l t h is the new wealth k i n d n e s s is the new cool. and this is my happy... ha. #InMyCasper @casper

Bel Air, Los Angeles

Getting Ready! ❤️🇺🇸💋 Having some of my fav people over for the 4th & you already know my cooler will be stocked with @smirnoffus spiked sparkling seltzer! As a #SmirnoffPartner I can't get enough of these bubbly treats! #DrinkSmarter

Hollywood Forever

c i n e s p i a 🎥 i had the time of my life... literally. watch my insta story above! cc: @negativenatalie @carrieelizabeth captured by: @dave_tvnyc

h a p p y f r i y a y ! ok so... this is is the face brush i was raving about earlier from Vanity Planet! (watch my insta story) obsessed. my skin literally feels SO soft & clean after using it. love the silicone brush head because it doesn’t harbor bacteria & it really deep cleans my skin... gently! you've asked about my skincare routine so here's a start to my #FridayFacialFavs! 🖤 The Ultimate Skin Spa from Vanity Planet! This plus drinking plenty of water! Of course. LOL. Get 70% off! just go to vpwow.com/bailon7 🔝 Link in bio & use the code: BAILON7. Thank me later with #glowyskin besos xo BTW... this is what I do on Friday nights in & nothing brings me more joy! Ha. call me viejita.

Paris, France

P A R I S 🖤 I'll see you soon... Dream Dress: @ryanandwalter

Westlake Village Inn

c h e e r s ! veni. vidi. vino. i came. i saw. i wined. happy wednesday! ha what are some of your favorite summer wines? do tell below. besos xo

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