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F R I E N D S H I P ♥ @thejeanniemai if they only knew the fun we have off camera! 😜 Just an ordinary day @therealdaytime! #TheReal #PhotoBomb #Friendship! #ShesFLY!

The Voice Stage 12 Universal Studios

T H E V O I C E 🎤 Wow... Still in awe & inspired. Everyone knows that I absolutely love singing competition shows... But, last night I was completely blown away when Christian from #TeamAlicia on @nbcthevoice chose to perform a worship song. He could have chosen any song to sing... But instead, he decided to take that moment & worship God. To top it off... He chose my husband's song "To Worship you I live". I was so moved... Seeing @aliciakeys singing along... Seeing God at work on national television. Such an incredible moment! ♥ My girl @thejeanniemai said it best... "Congrats to @christiancuevasmusic for showin us what I call #Godfidence in that sick performance that filled every bit of Mai soul last night on @nbcthevoice. So dope that u chose @ihoughton's song." #ToWorshipYouILive #TheVoice #IsraelHoughton #Worship #ProudWife! ♥ (I love that he even dressed like Iz. Ha.)

"take steps to correct the course of history and to do the right thing." #StandWithStandingRock #27% #NativeAmerican

Beverly Hills, California

La Banda 🎤♥🎶 Congrats @laurie_rey14! Sending you Besitos & wishing you so many blessings for tonight on your LIVE performance on @LaBanda & a major shout out to @Verizon for giving you this amazing opportunity to showcase your brilliance! You're gonna kill it! Is anyone else obsessed with this show?! Ha. XO

Beverly Hills, California

♥ these are a few of my favorite things... my winter must haves! FASHION: • so obsessed with this @fendi purse! it's edgy, fun, I need bags that have strap options (so necessary) & it's the perfect size! • absolutely obsessed with @janessaleone hats! am I the only one that goes hat crazy in the winter? (my obsession with her line started this summer (ie: my hat in Greece) & now I'm in love with this "Henningsen" wide brim classic fedora! • my favorite woodbury commons - black friday find... @ysl leather derby shoes! a must for all the holiday shopping & running around. Super comfy & chic! BEAUTY: in the winter... it is essential to moisturize! my go to's are • @dior's hydra life jelly sleeping mask & • @kncbeauty's all natural collagen infused lip mask! nothing worse than chapped dry winter lips & these 2 are literally game changers! HOME: nothing makes a home feel cozier in the winter than candles! so I went for the gusto... in love with @diptyque's large indoor & outdoor candle in Baies! LOVE: one of the best gifts from my husband... • the niv bride's bible embossed in gold, with my new name... Adrienne Eliza Houghton ♥ what are your winter MUST haves? Tell me! #Winter #Essentials #Fashion #Beauty #Home #Love #JesusAtTheCenter #TheLongestCaptionEver! ha.

Warner Bros Studios. Hollywood

🍁 today... build someone up. put their insecurities to sleep. remind them they're worthy. tell them they're magical. be light in a too often dim world.

Warner Brothers Studios

FLAT TUMMY TEA! ☕️ ♥ #ad So... After eating too many "Thanks-For-Nada" empanadas... Lol. I grabbed some @flattummytea to take care of the bloat... Finally something that will actually work and specifically targets my tummy area, which is a lot of women's problem area! I’ve been on a health kick lately & excites me is that this product is 100% natural and organic, and it specifically reduces bloating, giving you that nice flat tummy. Im so focused & Excited to see the results! Who’s down to get flat with me? Tag me with your pics! xo #FlatTunmyTea #TeaObsessed #TeaTime

New York, New York

"THANKS-FOR-NADA" 👅 The Thanksgiving Empanada! I'm obsessed with the name of my latest culinary creation! (thx @mariahhoughton ♥) YES folks... This here... inspired by my Cooking wars win on @therealdaytime... Thanksgiving leftovers... Empanadas! That's right... Stuffed with Turkey, Perníl, Stuffing, Candied yams, Mashed potatoes, Gravy & Mac' n cheese. All... Deep fried to perfection! With a side of Cranberry Aioli sauce for the dipping! Let me just say... I outdid myself! It was DELICIOUS! 🙌🏽 #Thanksgiving #Leftovers #Cooking What did you do with your Thanksgiving leftovers?! Anyone still eating them?! Lol.

L ♥ V E Thankful for a man who will rock an Olaf onesie... While I'm Miss Piggy - Cheetah Style! Lol. Anything to make me smile... I Thank God most for YOU! @ihoughton. #Thanksgiving #Love #Home #NeverTOOcool #Funny #SillynessIsSexy ♥ #SpotTheAdobo ha

New York, New York

F A M I L I A ❦ The most precious gift in life. I thank God for my incredible family EVERYDAY! Te amo con todo mi corazon! & sister... @claudettebailon what can I say?! YOU ARE my Latina Martha Stewart! Ha. The table setting was stunning! (We actually put tea light candles in real apples! & each place setting said "Thankful for..." and the family members name!) Soooo... YOU! Loved it & Love you even more! xo #Familia #Thanksgiving #Decor

Plaza Athénée

VANITY GROUP ♥ Singing... "Grateful, Grateful, Grateful, Grateful..." 🎶 in my @bishophez voice. @vanitygroupnyc... I truly don't know how to express how grateful I am! I can't thank you enough for making all of my Parisian fairytale, wedding dreams come true & then some... YOU, my darling, are far more than an event & wedding planner... YOU ARE a lifestyle! A trendsetter, innovator, visionary & well... There literally isn't anything you can't do! I know this... Because you made magic happen for us! The most magical night ever... Love, appreciate, admire & Thankful to know you & call you friend! Merci beaucoup Karleen 🌹 #VanityGroupNYC #WeddingPlanner #HappilyEverHoughton #LaVieEnRoseGold

Walter Mendez Collection

RYAN & WALTER BRIDAL ♥ After taking a few days off of my phone & social media to be present with familia... I'm back & more grateful than ever! I have so much to be thankful for... This has hands down been the most incredible & happiest year of my life! I'm grateful for everyone that made my dreams come true & beyond! @RyanandWalter from these sketches... You brought to life these magical gowns in the most fairytale way! Every fitting with you was tears of joy! You put your heart into everything you do & it shows! I love you both very much! @ryan_patros & @waltercollection ♥ Thank you with all of my heart! #RyanAndWalterBridal #Fashion #Sketches #HappilyEverHoughton #LaVieEnRoseGold

Plaza Athénée

JET MARIE ♥ My Flower Girl... Who can order anything off the menu fluently in English, Spanish & FRENCH! 🇫🇷 Oui! Oui! I'm such a proud Titi! ♥ #JetMarie #Paris #France #Niece #FlowerGirl!

Plaza Athénée

BEAU HARPER ♥ Beau the beautiful! In PARIS! 🇫🇷 #BeauTheBeautiful #Paris #Niece #FlowerGirl!

Warner Brothers Studios

☕️♥ It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!! Cozy smooches on set with my makeup artist @eva_thediva_kim & @dunkindonuts Crème Brulée macchiatos! Oh the hapinesss in my heart & tummy! Ha. Grab a medium tomorrow for $1.99 and have a happy #DDNationalEspressoDay! #sponsored

Plaza Athénée

♥ P I Z Z A ♥ When the Voice of NY @angiemartinez Gets on the mic 🎤 to remind us where we came from! ♥ lol. No matter where I go... I'm always a New York Girl! Annnndddd I LOVE PIZZA! & just like that... DJ @shailayvonne dropped the beat from Frank Sinatra to Jay Z "Empire State Of Mind". Perfection! #HappilyEverHoughton #LaVieEnRoseGold #NY #Paris #Pizza #Memories! Photo By: @iwonapaczek

Plaza Athénée

It's up to you... 🎶♥🎤 NEW YORK! NEWWWWWW YORKKKKKK! NYC Midnight snack?! PIZZA! The perfect personal touch for us New Yorkers in PARIS! & it's all about the details... Our Wedding Crest on the pizza boxes! Ha #HappilyEverHoughton #LaVieEnRoseGold #Pizza #NYC #Paris 📷 @iwonapaczek

Plaza Athénée

"YOU are somebody's reason to smile..." ♥ I couldn't stop smiling! :) So many magical memories to smile about... #MoetMoment @moetusa 🍾 #HappilyEverHoughton!

Paris, Eiffel Tower

1+1+1+1+1+6 = 11 ♥ #HappilyEverHoughton #LaVieEnRoseGold #1111 📷 @iwonapaczek

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