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Serious business 😎

Dreaming @deanastacia

Hello darkness my old friend... @matthewstylist 🖤

Last one I swear 😹 @guess #destinationGUESS #GUESSIsland

Rolling up with my baybuh 💕 @guess #GUESSIsland #destinationGUESS

Catalina Island

Big Friday mood! @guess #destinationGUESS #GUESSIsland

Catalina Island

🌞 @guess #GUESSIsland #destinationGUESS #Catalina

Catalina Island

Holy smokes guys, I’ve never been to Catalina! Dolphins, jet ski’s & delicious food courtesy of the angels at @guess 👼🏼 So happy to be here!!! NO BUMMER SUMMER! #GUESSIsland #destinationGUESS




No bummer summer 🌞


Stay cool 😎 #whydoilooklikecasper #thefriendlyghost

😴 📷: @tizianolugli

🐯 📷: @tizianolugli

💕 📷: @tizianolugli

New new 🌟 I did my own make up for this one! Would you guys want a YOUTUBE tutorial?! 📷: @jarradseng . . . Foundation: @narsissist Concealer: @yslbeauty Eyeshadow: @tartecosmetics Mascara: @maybelline Brow powder: @sigmabeauty Brow gel: @glossier Lipstick: @freshbeauty

☁️ 📷: @jarradseng

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