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Американский кинорежиссёр, продюсер, актёр, танцор, хореограф и телевизионный судья.
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Atlantic Station

Teeny tiny midnight train to #georgia

Happiest of happy birthdays to @sarahjessicaparker my long LONG time angel who was there for me even when i had the goatee. Ill always have your back sweetie. Xo

And thats when everything in the world got better. @krispykreme

Fulton County, Georgia


Mouse House. @disney

Gettin our #enchanted2 on...

Getting dizzy whilst recording emotional score cue.... #statusupdatemovie

Dance needs anticipation to meet the upcoming beat, creating a euphoric anticipation-reward-surprise pattern. When you dance you are in an altered state of consciousness, in the present moment. The rhythmic movement of different body parts is indicative of a sound, well-developed mind. Sustained training in dance or other arts improves cognition greatly. @dizzyfeetfoundation

A solid case of the mondays.

Los Angeles, California

not that you care but this is my editing room dance. #statusupdatemovie

#internationalwomensday EXCLUSIVE: if you like a killer strong young woman who knows how the hell to solve a murder...then you best get my second book #MurderAmongTheStars! dropping june 13! Preorder on @amazon link in bio!

Saturday pick up shoooooots wit da gang. #statusupdatemovie

My OTHER favorite moment: when Viola Davis shockingly revealed what i always suspected, that she is Emma Stones mother.

NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! oh Bill... i adored you so. Oh no. Rest in the most beautiful of peace my dear friend. You were the first to tell me to make the leap and call me a director. Without your kindness and encouragements i would have never even had the faith in myself or confidence...or even the dream. You were a light in an all too often dark business. I hope one day to be as good as you always told me i am. Ill miss you so.

14th Street–Union Square

Life DOES imitate art!

The Stonewall Inn

Freedom, decency and human rights start in the smallest most unlikely of places. #stonewall

Greenwich Village

THIS #Repost @laurabenanti with @repostapp ・・・ Let's call it what it is...pure, unadulterated hatred. As this administration gives voice to the ugliest parts of our humanity, we must #resist and persist with love.

Lower Manhattan

NY wheels.

Lower Manhattan

Starving. Anyone know where i can get a salad?

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