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Американский кинорежиссёр, продюсер, актёр, танцор, хореограф и телевизионный судья.
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Some mornings I just get up and make almond Rocha from scratch. Today was one of those days.

5 years sober. This picture was taken 5 years ago the night before I decided to change my life and check into rehab, change the course of my life, learn to cope with stress and life’s challenges in a new, gentler conscientious way, approach every day with raw and deeply felt gratitude improve my relationships to people places and things, become accountable for ALL my actions, and trust that the universe knows way more then me. For everyone who has held my hand and supported me on this extraordinary life journey, I thank you. This is by far my greatest accomplishment. I could have very well died had I kept on my chosen path, and I owe it all to you and the cocoon of love and care I have known since Dec 7 2013.❤️

I’m so happy that when I said “just don’t play games with me” In the heat of passion, @wendi_mclendon_covey didn’t listen! These vintage board games are definitely @whatmenwant !!! Or at least what this man wanted. Espoally a game where I get to be Twiggy. The queen of #mod !

Brutally, confounding, devastating, bone crushing mind bending sweetness.

First wave of Xmas closet clean up. Give to those in need this season.

Final night of birthday week. Spent with so many of my favorite people. I am one privileged Sonofa b. 📸 @darrenlegallo

Some desserts are a religious experience. Thank you #thetowerbar for making my bday extra fattening. 📸 @scottwittman

Fine. One more baby pic of me for my bday. Just cuz. I used to be so small....wtf.

Just me at 6, soaking up all the glorious birthday love. This birthday I want to say I love you to all the kindness and support I have been privileged enough to know and to express gratitude for all the hard times when I learned so much more then In all the best of Times combined. Cherish those near to you, and peace and love on this day where my mom endured hideous pain and my parents began this complicated adventure called raising me. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Happy birthday to me!!!! This picture was taken 122 years ago!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉

SWIPE RIGHT FOR THE FULL MONTY! Hey! Once was not enough for the @whatmenwant #redband trailer. I already miss making this movie and everyone in it. Xo

She’s got em right where she wants em! Love our poster!! @whatmenwant getting inside your head Feb 8!

@billyeichner @katiecouric For this...I give thanks. Xxoxo

Here’s a little something for @aftermovie #after fans! Coming soon from @offspringentertainment

So we made this too.... Teaser trailer imminent!!! Congrats @imaginator1d @jgibgot and crew....here we gooooooooo! @aftermovie

Wait....I MADE THIS!!!

@iamjhud and @marc_shaiman @scottwittman . Craig Zadan’s magnificent memorial yesterday. Listen. 🇺🇸

My glamorous Hollywood Saturday night entailed making home made pop tarts. Chocolate, raspberry and brown sugar cinnamon with a cream cheese icing glaze. BAM!!!!

Los Angeles, California

Morning jolt of democracy. #vote 🇺🇸

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