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Американский кинорежиссёр, продюсер, актёр, танцор, хореограф и телевизионный судья.
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Oh like I’m not getting in on this action? This is me when....well...kinda most of the time. But mostly when you tell me I’m less than, have lesser value, have less rights, have less validity, less merit, am less interesting, have less strength, less talent, and I say, that none of this is anything but a reflection of your own issues, and.fear of my value and worth and your own need to raise yourself up pushing me down and by the way, that is a sad and tired technique that just falls on deaf ears here because here I am doing me being proud and righteous, kind, resilient and free. And by the way, start focusing on your journey and I’ll focus on mine, now excuse me while I dance. Thank you @dance_n_out , @gabunion @lavernecox @octaviaspencer for the reminder.

#fbf thanks @juleshough for reminding me about shooting this charming little duet with you and @tomcruise for #rockofages . Directing That was a hell of a 2 days. #deletedscenes available everywhere you stream and on dvd.

Happy #nationalcomingoutday🌈

Turned on tv this morning and this was literally what I saw. #17again

And they call it, puppy love.


People keep asking if I’ve seen a Star is born and I’m like “yes!!! Like 3000 times!!! Weirdly, I’m watching now!!!”

This month feels less relaxing then I’d hoped.

Friday partay!!!! Awooooo!!!!!!

Thank you @sarahjessicaparker @bettemidler @kathynajimy and of course, @kennyortegablog for 25 years of October joy. #hocuspocus (Ps, I get not so humble bragging rights that I remember with great joy being on set, and watching this little classic being shot, and they are memories I will hold firmly and fondly forever)


Feeling the energy in the editing room with my brow beaten editor @emma.hickox . @whatmenwant


If I haven’t said it enough lately, I just wanna scream THANK YOU over and over again to #brianrobbins and team @paramountpics and @parplayers for believing in me to bring one of the labels first releases to theaters everywhere feb. 8, 2019 . Y’all are gonna LAAAAAUUUGGGHHH. @whatmenwant @willpowerpacker @iamjamesflopez @tarajiphenson @realtracymorgan @aldis_hodge @wendi_mclendon_covey @tamjones1 @dopequeenpheebs @iammaxgreenfield @witow #joshbrener @erykahbadu #jasonjones @petedavidson #richardroundtree @shaq @realgranthill @mcuban @shanepaulmcghie @karltowns

Los Angeles, California

I officiated this lovely woman @sarahmgellar’s wedding, and as payment... 16 years later... we took OUR honeymoon to go see @jlo. After a brilliant and tumultuous 8 hours, I ended up running of with @ryantedder . Enjoy my insta story to see what that intensely name droppy paragraph wrought.

Las Vegas Nevada

Vegas Baby

Happy 21st of September people! And yes...I’m this big a cheese bag! #xo

One of the most beautiful and important American heroes has just proven that even the immortal are but mortal. RIP #ArthurMitchell co founder of the @dancetheatreofharlem and dance legend. You were so kind to me, and I was not worthy. Farewell magnificent sir. Xo

Atlanta, Georgia

Gone fishin’

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