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Американский кинорежиссёр, продюсер, актёр, танцор, хореограф и телевизионный судья.
  • Все 1742
  • Фото 1583
  • Видео 159

#jonathandemme was and will always remain one of the great film makers of this or any time. His story telling was uniquely and brilliantly his and his work, particularly #philadelphia changed the way the word saw people, places and things. Silence of the lambs is a benchmark for thrillers. I can only think of how the lambs are screaming today. You will be missed Maestro. #rip

New York University

Sometimes weathering nyc weather one needs to be a warrior.

Me today directing in real time.

Fulton County, Georgia

Back in the closet but rockin it.

Southwest Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia

When Shanky Met Shafty #richardroundtreerocks

Sweet Georgia's Juke Joint

@themichaelealy @gabunion #atlantasoul

Downtown Atlanta

Professionalism: always. Dignity: never.

Happy belated #nationalsiblingsday to my gorgeous, smart, and all around bitchin' sis @jgibgot . Two blue steely peas in a 1988 pod.

Piedmont Park

My exact relationship with sports7

Downtown Atlanta

Sunday in the park... #dogwoodfestival

Fulton County, Georgia

Per the crane...size matters. #kingbaby

Fulton County, Georgia

Weather dance worked. Also, im a washing machine.

Theres just something about #Atlanta....

End of days in the ATL... #aprilshowers #flashdanceflood

Southwest Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia

@dunkindonuts. When youre evacuated from set and put in shelters because of severe tornadoes and weather...supplies are crucial.

Every night like clockwork i learn everything a person needs to know about comedy and heart. #thankyouforbeingafriend #goldengirls

Panda's exhibit @ Atlanta Zoo


Atlanta, Georgia

Remnants of a simpler time. @kodak

Atlantic Station

Teeny tiny midnight train to #georgia

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