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Американский кинорежиссёр, продюсер, актёр, танцор, хореограф и телевизионный судья.
  • Все 2012
  • Фото 1790
  • Видео 222

@thomas_sadoski just sent me this picture, presumably from his local market, and asked me how they get the milk. I would also like to know for very personal reasons.#homomilk

When @petedavidson does a really good take, we do this. #whatmenwant

Ready for the next STEP? STEP UP HIGHWATER SEASON 2 COMING AT YA! @stepupseries #stepupseries You asked, we heard.

Proof that “you can’t stop the beat”. #theroyalfamily

Dear @girlwithnojob, thanks for the memories. @jlo, we were ahead of our time!

Atlanta, Georgia

Current event.

Atlanta, Georgia

Today, just like every Monday, I helped Olympic gold medal icon @gabbycvdouglas shape and choreograph a beam routine for #whatmenwantmovie and then shoot it. Just because, ya know, like I said, it’s a Monday thing. #WHUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTT??????

To these two mothers. I cannot express enough love to you. You are my loves, my light, my touchstones. #happymotherday @jgibgot and @pflower43 (code name: “Mommy”)

Working (it). #whatmenwant

#Repost @theacademy ・・・ In 2016, upon receiving an Honorary Award, film editor Anne V. Coates thanked all of her collaborators "for the good times, the manic and creative times." An inspiration to filmmakers everywhere, she continued to work until the end of her life, with credits including "The Elephant Man," "Out of Sight" and "Lawrence of Arabia," which earned her an Oscar in 1963. Today we thank you, Anne, for all the good times you gave us onscreen. You will be missed. On a personal note, Anne was always kind beyond measure to me. I will miss her so so very much. Somewhere up there I know you’re snipping away dear lady. Xo

Atlanta, Georgia

My painfully stoic cast responding to my thoughtful direction asking for grounded performances and subtle nuance. #whatmenwant 📸@tarajiphenson Thank you @witow

Set life with @tarajiphenson and @kballhenson #WhatMenWant

Another day at the office. #WhatMenWant #whenShankymetShaqey #cubanandshakin Feel free to caption.

Atlanta, Georgia

Test shot for “The Men of #WhatMenWant” calendar. #joshbrenner @petedavidson (Please note the Movies publicity team in the deep background looking on, horrified)

Atlanta, Georgia

Hollywood glamour boy. #WhatMenWant

Atlanta, Georgia

I was just told to post this as I was told that it portrayed a moment of dignity. That’s pretty much all I could muster. One moment. Way more fun to be an idiot. #WhatMenWant

@kballhenson getting up in @charliesamodel .... It’s Looove. #WhatMenWant

Atlanta, Georgia

Happy Monday! Love, The Henson’s #WhatMenWant

DeKalb County, Georgia

Day one. #whatmenwant

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