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Ridiculous #nieceshoe

This is a cake and was made by my very human friend @clairehearnmcginley not a machine or robot or Mother Nature


NYC are you kidding me with this

Bachelor weekend for @drubirds #notesfrommom

The pink lips the red cheeks the wide eyes studying the round face the tiny pout...

Happy 4th, patriots.

A very happy birthday to this little covfefe

65 is the new 40. Happy birthday to my gorgeous mama. @seashelsun

Today ends my almost three year Amelie journey. There's a lot to feel on days like this, but mostly I'm feeling grateful for the pleasure it has been performing this show and the profound privilege it is to be on Broadway. Looking forward to what comes next. #whatsgonnahappen

So Brooklinen. #northbrooklynironersunion

#willyougotopromwithme #ifyoudontsayyesyoureanidiot #committedromantic

This. Thanks @scandalblair ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ my amelie family x infinity. Very proud of our show.

Family portrait.


She was pretty over it but fav part of my day. #annaleighberat

Set detail @ameliebroadway @joshgroban @greatcometbway @pamstinkleton #ameliemeetscomet

Today has been a very emotional day moving into our new home at the Kerr. I'm feeling very grateful. Started with coming into my beautiful new cozy Parisian hug of a dressing room designed by the amazing @mikeharrisonart

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