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#release #renew #settingmyselffree

After #griffithpark midday these pups are pooped #karma and #Cosmo #maltepin #maltepins #maltese #minipin #minipinscher #samelitter

#likeaboss #preyingmantis

Why is my wife's shadow #darthvader ? I guess I love the dark side of the force.

Huge #spider last night making a beautiful web the size of a front door 🚪- it was majestic

Our new pet. Rescued from the streets of LA after it was clipped by a car most likely. It's balance and equilibrium are off. Couldn't use one eye until 2 days ago. Now it's walking thx to @fearlessfig and myself. And a little help from #cashews - #squirrel #squirrelrescue called every imaginable animal rescue place - no one wants to take in squirrels. I got u buddy.

Got to see a private screening of a dear friend's film that's being rereleased in the next year with original lost footage restored. What a phenomenal movie and such a blessing to be able to witness historical footage restored. #technicolor

A love affair #mibbyweds

I'm driving my wifey bananas! #bananas #bananacar @fearlessfig

#LoveThyNeighbor is back baby!!!! We about to rock this final round of comedy together only on @owntv July 29th at 9pm ------------------------------------------------------ With the awesome @actresspatrice @palmerwilliamsj @kendracjohnson @ahall382 @darmirrabrunson @tgrant621 @missleighannrose ------------------------------------------------------ The very first comedy on @oprah 'a @owntv written/executive produced/directed/ and sometimes' starring the astounding @tylerperry at his #tpsstudios - also produced by @ozzieareu #MarkSwinton @willareu <---love these guys ------------------------------------------------------ Thank you to each and every one of you that tweeted - instagrammed - facebooked - watched - DVR-ed - laughed - and sometimes spit up a lil of your grand marnier (me <----guilty) with us for these fantastic 5 seasons. I know just how fortunate I am to have worked with these amazing humans. Thank you thank you thank you! ------------------------------------------------------ P.S. Don't drink white lightning! Especially not near @actresspatrice


Did some work this week with my wifette #repaint #rejuvenate #kitchendesign #teamwifey #partnerincrime @fearlessfig

Excited to be a part of @raphaelsbarge 's new docu for #KCET with @fearlessfig #staytuned for this special presentation with #KCET

Wifey was like "so I'm in an elegant dress, i want to paddle board on this pond" #adventurer #adventurewife #wifelovesnature #naturelover #paddleboard #pondlife @fearlessfig

So much fun last night

Boat dance party. Ceilings were a lil low for me. ;) #mashelorette

About last night. Happy Born Day @therobwelsh

Looking back at this moment and realizing this was only the beginning #blessup @fearlessfig

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