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This sounds nice. Thanks #yeats

This is what excites me. Our #compost #compostbin and a #surveyor #surveymarker

TCL Chinese Theatres

@danceswithfilms @alliwantfilm @fearlessfig #lovemywife #lovemylife #lovemywife #grateful #indiefilm #independentfilm

This man drove up from #SanDiego to see @alliwantfilm @danceswithfilms thank you thank you #TandyWard for being amazing

Why do I have a beard? Why is that stone fireplace so vintage? Why do birds suddenly appear? These answers and more this SUNDAY JUNE 11th at 5pm @chinesetheatres @alliwantfilm @danceswithfilms

Got to check out an amazing panel today at @danceswithfilms with our phenomenal director @westliang of @alliwantfilm and the amazing Cory from #DWF -- come see our feature on closing night June 11 Sunday 5pm @chinesetheatres

1 week until #AllIWant #worldpremiere - I'll be there --------------------------------------------------------------Get TIX here http://fandan.co/2rc1j0X for #alliwant @danceswithfilms on June 11, 5PM at the @ChineseTheatres @HandHCenter #indiefilm ---> I'm really proud and grateful to be a part of a feature film that makes you laugh, cry, & inspires you to create. We are premiering for ONE NIGHT ONLY on Sunday June 11th at 5pm at The Chinese Theatre. It would mean so much to me for you to come. You can also purchase tickets at https://danceswithfilms.com/all-i-want/

"Joey, have you ever been in a Turkish prison?" #repost #AmericanWoman #paramountnetwork #nameyourwig #BrendaandBruce #idonthavesideburnstoname

#karma is feeling better. All this travel has been to much for her. After 2 trips to the ER and getting bit by a deer tick last night at this farm, she is a tough cookie. Our lil baby. ;)

#Cosmo as #Yoda - Real the struggle is

Only 1 dog on this beach.

Greenwich, Connecticut

....wait for it. ...wait for it.....

ALL I WANT, a feature film I worked on, will have it's World Premiere SUNDAY JUNE 11 5pm at the upcoming Dances with Films Festival at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood! Here's what the founder of DWF said about the film: "What makes ALL I WANT extraordinary is the intangible magic of the writing, cast and direction. You care about these people and, on many levels, you connect with them. The film wins on so many levels that it is impossible to dismiss."

Warner Bros. Entertainment

"You're a shining star No matter who you are" @jenbgiggles #paramountnetwork #americanwoman

"We drank champagne and danced all night, under electric candlelight" @mrcheyennejackson #americanwoman #paramountnetwork #repost

Warner Bros. Entertainment

"Must I always wear a low cut dress to be important?" ~ Jean Harlow ---------------------------------------------------- Having a blast heading back to the #70s for #AmericanWoman for #paramounttv #paramountnetwork #warnerbrothers - working with incredibly talented folks #grateful

I just love them so much. Sometimes my chest hurts so much with all this love. #Cosmo in the left (aka #CosmoBrown #makeemlaugh) #karma on the right (aka #mamameesh) - we just got them groomed for the first time ever! They still smell like blueberries and coconut. I thought grooming was a haircut for dogs...now I realize it's a place where they turn puppies into a fruit salad

Woke up early on a Saturday and crashed this awesome workout with @fearlessfig - hosted by the bada$$ @kuschfit @bloomingdales @grokkerinc - I'm not interested in a giveaway or free stuff Kusch! I already was blessed by the this awesome fitness gift!

Seeing #Archduke at the #MarkTaperForum written by the brilliant #RajivJoseph

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