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#LaurelandHardy #Preacher

Thx photoshop. In the original picture I’m in bed looking confused while watching Maniac.

@fearlessfig caught me pondering in my sleep #postop #hipreplacement #hipreplacementsurgery #hipreplacementrecovery big thanks to my wifey for being my champion! And to #DrJohnTiberi and #KerlanJobe - 5 years of pain - last 12 months were debilitating - now I’m excited to get to healing and rebuilding —————— I tried hollistic medicine and stem cells but my hip was too far gone —- see you at the pat down line at TSA ;)

I can’t say enough how grateful I am to my hair stylist of 6 years! Making me look much cooler than I am. Giving me that bada$$ haircut for my surgery so I can feel like a beast and recover quicker - check out my boy at his new digs in Silverlake @themanepablo PabloSotohair.com ・・・ @thestudiosilverlake The face I made in this photo is absurd.

#CTscan done - they got me ready for next week’s surgery - September 5th is the day I turn into #Robocop - thx #kerlanjobe and the most thx to @fearlessfig who’s gonna be taking care of a 200lb 6’4 manbaby for a week or two ;) ❤️ 🙏🏼

#newrug #dogtailored the paw is still at the crime scene #evidence #nationaldogday

Tune in to tonight’s episode - I forget who I play in this episode - I think I play a superstar chef or a moderately famous ventriloquist or an obscure dental hygienist #NOSPOILERS #Repost @taketwoabc ・・・ When a serial killer is on the loose, Sam Swift breaks out her bat. Catch an all-new #TakeTwo TONIGHT! @abcnetwork

Very excited for tonight’s episode - what’s your favorite song from the 1975? I really love KUNG FU FIGHTING and CAT’S IN THE CRADLE and BUNGLE IN THE JUNGLE. #Repost @thejenbartels ・・・ Diana has new moves this week. All new episode of @americanwomantv and the reunion of Alan and Diana. 10pm/9c on @paramountnetwork @actorjonathanchase @menasuvari @aliciasilverstone @kylerichards18

Tune in this Thursday for a brand new episode of @americanwomantv - I just loved loved loved every scene with @thejenbartels ・・・ #AmericanWomanTV is all new Thursday 10/9c on @paramountnetwork

Why is Alan so annoyed? It’s because it’s so many hours until American Woman time!!!! Just be patient, Alan...the show will come on and it will be glorious. Tonight at 10/9c on Paramount Network #AmericanWomanTV @kylerichards18 @AmericanWomanTV @aliciasilverstone @MenaSuvari @thejenbartels @paramountnetwork @mrcheyennejackson

So excited for tonight’s episode! #Repost @kylerichards18 ・・・ 😲 #AmericanWomanTV is all new TONIGHT at 10/9c on @paramountnetwork. @kylerichards18 @aliciasilverstone @thejenbartels @menasuvari @makennajames @mrcheyennejackson @actorjonathanchase @thesammorgan @americanwomantv

#Repost @menasuvari ・・・ 😲 @AmericanWomanTV is all new TOMORROW at 10/9c on @paramountnetwork. @kylerichards18 @aliciasilverstone @thejenbartels @menasuvari @makennajames @mrcheyennejackson @actorjonathanchase @thesammorgan #AmericanWomanTV

Look what the internet found — thx @shayshaylaca for finding this silliness #nametheshow —- notice the incredible #KevinThompson from Blade Runner smashing a bowling ball on a stick into a teenager’s torso...good fun

Don’t make these ladies take their earrings off. Y’all ain’t ready for that. Don’t underestimate the strength under the the beauty. #Repost @americanwomantv ・・・ There’s more to come this season on #AmericanWomanTV! Don’t miss an all new episode Thursday at 10/9c on @paramountnetwork! @thesammorgan @aliciasilverstone @thejenbartels @menasuvari @mrcheyennejackson @kylerichards18 @tobiasjelinek @makennajames @mrjamestupper

Look what the internet found @theshaderoom #OneOnOne #UPN

So grateful to be a part of this story. 🙏🏼 ❤️ #Repost @kylerichards18 ・・・ The truth comes out. Catch up on #AmericanWomanTV On Demand or on the app today! @thejenbartels @actorjonathanchase

I really don't wanna be sad. Help me get un-sad by tuning in tonight to an all new hawt episode of @AmericanWomanTV #AmericanWomanTV - Thursdays 10.9c on Paramount Network @ParamountNetwork @aliciasilverstone @MenaSuvari @TheJenBartels @mrcheyennejackson @makennajames @thesammorgan

Tonight’s episode is titled ADAM after @thesammorgan ‘s character #Repost @thejenbartels ・・・ Tonight, a brand new hawt American Woman and.... a very happy Born Day to @mrcheyennejackson — Enjoy an all new episode tonight of @americanwomantv @aliciasilverstone @menasuvari @makennajames @liaryanmchugh @kylerichards18 @thesammorgan #americanwomantv #paramountnetwork @americanwomantv @paramountnetwork

Tune in this Thursday! All new American Woman. Summer is getting hot & this show keeps getting hotter 🔥#Repost @americanwomantv ・・・ When you play with fire, you’re bound to get burned. #AmericanWomanTV is all new Thursday 10/9c on @paramountnetwork! @mrcheyennejackson

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