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The moment I needed. My apple blossoms bursting with life. A moment of stillness before I zoom into the vigor of today's schedule. Thank you apple tree 🌲

My Modern Family episode "Heavy Is The Head" airs tomorrow at 9pm on ABC! @_modernfamily__ @abcnetwork #modernfamily #abc

Did a technique called dipping - updated some old chairs that have been in the family for 70 years. Didn't want them to get donated - my grandfather originally stained and varnished these - he didn't build them, as I discovered when I sanded off the sealants and found numbers that lined up like vintage IKEA instructions - wait til you see what I did with the old table he built >.< #dipping #furniture #reclaimedwood #reclaim #dippingpaint #restore #reuse #oldtonew

#repost from @owntv --> starting March 4th @tylerperry 's #LoveThyNeighbor is back!!!!! That's Saturday night only on @oprah 's @owntv !!!! Starting the fabulous @actresspatrice @palmerwilliamsj @kendracjohnson @ahall382 @darmirrabrunson @tgrant621 @missleighannrose oh yeah and me!!! Let's laugh together y'all!!!!

Working hard in the early mornings with a great group of folks who are willing to come over and train in my gym #workhard #workoutmotivation #fitfam #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnessjourney #trainhard #homegym #intervaltraining #noweights #bodyweighttraining -------------------------------------------------------------- diet curated by @fearlessfig - all meals that go in the tum tum are created by my wife

Union Station Los Angeles

@fearlessfig surprised me with #tango lessons at #unionstation with 300 other lovebirds - what a night !

Karma loves carrots.

#KingHedleyII was phenomenal tonight at #thematrixtheatre @jon.chaffin blew my mind, made me laugh and broke my heart all at once -- #esaupritchett was so wonderful and of course always great seeing @officialpeterparros #augustwilson #augustwilsontheatre

When @dairyqueen make love happen! Grateful to be a part of this campaign - time to take the lady spoon shopping

@sagaftra #performancematters thank you @iambang for being awesome

@sagaftra #performancematters thank you for your work mister @a55afcohen

@sagaftra #performancematters http://www.sagaftra.org/interactive/updates

“LOVE THY NEIGHBOR” (Finale Season Premieres Saturday, March 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT) - thank you so much to @tylerperry for making this dream come true. Thank you to my TPS family - @tylerperry @ozzieareu @ozzie_areu #MarkSwinton @willareu - thank you to @owntv @oprah and @elo_eriklogan and @sherisalata for this incredible opportunity -----------------------------------------------Thank you so much for my amazing cast / family @actresspatrice @palmerwilliamsj @kendracjohnson @ahall382 @darmirrabrunson @tgrant621 @missleighannrose ---------------------------------------------Grateful to all the fans who took the journey with us. Let's ride out together...with lots o laughs!!! ------------------------------------------------thank you to every single crew member, every single employee of the studio and the network, thank you to every fan, thank you to Atlanta for having tax incentives, thank you to my wife @fearlessfig for putting up with me traveling back and forth so much, , thanks to my parents for making me, and thank you God (I didn't forget about you buddy) ------------------------------------------------this is the longest post I have ever made. I just really want to underline how THANKFUL I AM!

I think I ate something bad, maybe it was brains #zombie #independentfilm #indiefilm

#Cosmo did not like #LaLaLand - we had to watch old school musicals just to calm him down - #sevenbridesforsevenbrothers did the trick albeit the Stockholm syndrome required to gain love in the film


Surprising #OWNers #ownambassadors in LA @owntv - what a beautiful group of humans - I appreciate your support and love 😍❤️🙏🏻have a wonderful #supersoulsunday @supersoul

#womensmarchLA #womensmarch team #downtownLA #lovetrumpshate #wethepeople

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