Эбигейл Спенсер


Американская актриса. Спенсер известна благодаря второстепенным ролям в кинофильмах «Ковбои против пришельцев», «Значит, война», «Покорители волн», «Оз: Великий и Ужасный» и «Дальше живите сами».
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a #Timeless view of this wonderful hard working crew. #bts 📷 @stephanieschuster

#Timeless costumes by genius @marianceo #bts 📷 @stephanieschuster

and it’s Saturday! #bts #timeless 📷 @stephanieschuster

‘til #Timeless movie time! #bts 📷 @stephanieschuster

12 days.... #bts #TimelessMovie 📷 @stephanieschuster

what would I do with out my on set costumer & confidante Jayde? thank you for #Timeless ing me. love you so. (ps. 13 days till the #TimelessMovie #bts 📷 @stephanieschuster

🎥🐎. #bts #timeless 📷 @stephanieschuster

🤠🤳🏻🐊. #bts #timeless 📷 @stephanieschuster

caption this real time team text between my brothers in arms @mattlanter @verbalberappin & me! keep it clean! & then maybe I’ll reveal what we were really commiserating about ;) (ps. two weeks till the #Timeless movie premiere!) 👩🏻🧔🏿👱🏼‍♂️.

takes a village. 📷 #bts #timeless @stephanieschuster

Annie Oakley was the stage name of Phoebe Ann Moses, a sharpshooter whose skill at shooting led her to star in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show and made her a national celebrity. She won numerous medals for her marksmanship, performed for royalty, and remains a legendary figure of the American West. Annie, who had first shot a gun at a very young age ended up supporting the family by hunting. At age 15 she sold game to locals in Greenville, Ohio and to hotels and restaurants in the area, and built a reputation as an excellent shot. She claimed to have so been successful that she paid the mortgage on her family’s farm. As a young woman, she met Frank Butler while he performed his traveling marksman show in Cincinnati, Ohio. Part of Frank’s act was accepting challenges from local marksmen to matches, with bets being placed on both sides. A local hotel owner arranged a shooting match between Frank and Annie on Thanksgiving Day. Frank was surprised to learn his opponent was a five-foot-tall, 15-year-old girl— who beat him after he missed on his 25th shot. They began a courtship and eventually married. The two sharp shooter stars joined up with Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Show in 1885. Annie is associated with the 'Wild West' to this day, although in reality she came from a farming family. Frank became her manager and they travelled throughout America and Europe for 17 years with the Wild West Show, of which Annie quickly became the star. She also befriended Sitting Bull, who symbolically adopted her and named her 'Little Sure Shot'. She performed in front of Queen Victoria on a trip to Europe and King Umberto I of Italy. She then enjoyed a comfortable retirement with Butler in Maryland and North Carolina, hunting and giving shooting lessons to other women and performing at charity events. During World War I, Annie also offered to raise a regiment of crack female sharpshooters, but the government ignored her, so Oakley instead raised money for the Red Cross by giving shooting demonstrations at army camps around the country. Annie Oakley died on November 3, 1926. Frank Butler, to whom she had been married for 50 years, died 18 days later. #wcw #herstory #timeless

time team stuff. countdown 15 days ‘til the #timeless movie. #bts 📷 @stephanieschuster

🤠☕️👯‍♀️. (which one’s in costume?) #bts #timeless #wcw @stephanieschuster

heads up! 16 days till the #timeless movie premieres. #bts of time team playing our favorite in between scenes game. 📷 @stephanieschuster

New York, New York

☀️. #repost @theclass @taryntoomey

Carnegie Hall

thank you to the talents behind the scenes, on this stage & everyone who came to the @timjanisofficial show for the #GoldenHatFoundation at @carnegiehall ✨. Especially my friends for well-documenting the eve ;) & @katieboeck for sharing her song “What Are We Waiting For” & the stage with me. Some clips 👆🏽! 🎼🎄💋.

Carnegie Hall

Carnegie Hall! so excited to be singing tonight w @timjanisofficial + friends for the #GoldenHatFoundation thank you @oscardelarenta for the dress, @ireneneuwirth for the jewels. @huntingseasonnyc on clutch & @quinnmurphy & @jillianhalouska on beauty!

New York, New York

a little taste from rehearsal today w @katieboeck for tomorrow’s @timjanisofficial + special guests show at @carnegiehall to benefit Kate Winslet’s #GoldenHat foundation. stay-tuned for more. 🎼 #WhatAreWeWaitingFor #WinterSong 💋

Firefighter Hollyn Bullock is the only female member of the LAFD's Urban Search and Rescue Division - a specialized unit that responds to large-scale rescue situations. The specially equipped USAR rigs are commonly put to work following earthquakes, trench collapses, or major traffic accidents and the firefighters who operate them are specifically trained. Because this type of training and equipment are rare, USAR resources are greatly needed in disaster zones such as the fire-stricken areas in Northern California. Hollyn is passionate about training firefighters in the tactics and skills used in rescue operations. Her dedication not only to Los Angeles, but to disaster-torn cities across the US is admirable, and her support of her fellow firefighters is nothing short of inspiring. In the 27 years since joining the Los Angeles Fire Department, Hollyn Bullock has reported for search-and-rescue duty for tragedies like the World Trade Center terrorist attack in New York, Hurricane Katrina and the deadly train derailment in Chatsworth that claimed 25 lives. In January 2018, the veteran firefighter joined a team scouring through the wreckage of the latest disaster. Seventeen people were dead after mudslides tore through the Santa Barbara County community of Montecito. At least five remained missing. And so, along a sodden, debris-tangled corner just east of the 101 Freeway, Bullock and others searched on. “Honestly, I feel fulfilled, even blessed to have been given the opportunity to get in there and help people in times of crisis,” she said as fellow firefighters hosed contaminated mud off her boots and pant legs. She was part of a team of 26 men and one woman: herself. She joined the department in 1990, when women made up an even smaller fraction of the firefighting force. “It was my father who suggested I become a firefighter. But sometimes I feel I was born to be one,” she said. “I can bore you to tears with stories about comradery, hard, dirty team work and helping folks out of the worst trouble of their lives.” Bullock retired this year after 27 years with LAFD. #wcw #herstory #timeless

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