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Self Portrait. 2003. Photography class assignment. Present procrastination.

Still trying to move into this dressing room.

I had almost forgotten, I saved this last story for today.

This show is made by soooooo many incredible people. I hope you’ve had as much fun watching as we have making it. You can check out the Season 4 finale tonight at 10:30 on @comedycentral

Tonight is the finale of Broad City S4! Directed by @njasenovec —> 10:30 on @comedycentral

I have been loving these podcasts lately. I included mine because I couldn’t resist. Any others I should check out?

Upper West Side 11.29.17

Last night I got to perform for the last time at the UCBTheatre in Chelsea. I don’t know if a place has had more influence on what I’ve done and tried to do with my life. When I started out, all I ever wanted to do in Comedy was perform on that stage. These are some pictures throughout the years of shows and people I got to play with at the theater. I got to perform monologues at the last Asssscat last night, a show I used to wait in line for every Sunday coming up, and Ilana + I did our last Broad City Live show at midnight and it was just so special to get to do that. I’m going to miss this place and all it provided for me and ignited in me. I know the next space will be just as important for just as many people. #byechelsea #istolesomeofthesepicturesfrompeople

Shamir’s voice...

These two —> @arturocastrop + @hannibalburess are so wonderful, smart + hilarious in tonight’s episode. I added a pic of @ilanusglazer because it’s a good one... that scene features a dope @lizzobeeating track.

Sloppy selfie with the incredible @adriantomine @mairakalman + Chris Ware! I made them do this + I have no regrets. I’m excited enough for all of us.

I know I know, you’ve been anxiously awaiting more #mominbigchair pics, but believe it or not, big chairs are hard to come by. To hold you over, here’s my mom next to a huge iron.

Well, fuck. This album is like a punch in the heart. Congrats to @angelolsenmusic - consistently making me feel all the things. #tbt to the day she took me up to sit in a cloud.

I’m moderating a panel this Sunday, 11/12 at @92ndstreety with @adriantomine @mairakalman + Chris Ware. Tickets are still available. Come + watch me stumble nervously through conversation with three of the most inspiring artists working right now. My book in this photo next to theirs is already makin’ me shake in my boots, but that’s for me to deal with.

A director prepares. Tonight is a brand new @broadcity ep. + happens to be this badass’s directorial debut!

So psyched to be partnering with @jcrew + @onewarmcoat this holiday season on their Give and Get Coat event—> basically all Jcrew stores are operating as coat drive centers from now until 12/25. You can bring in gently worn coats + jackets + they’ll give you 25 bucks towards your next purchase of $125+. Easy way to give something back + @onewarmcoat goal is to help 1 million people this season, so check your closets! ... I missed the bin...

I know you might have just had a baby, but I’m happy we’ve gone public with our love, @sterlingkbrown

I’m an amazing procrastinator. Best of the best.

Time to own that you’re a powerful witch with a voice. Im so very proud of tonight’s @broadcity episode. This is my directorial debut, and was such a significant experience and challenge, wearing this new, incredible hat. @ilanusglazer is brilliant in this episode I couldn’t believe it. Written by the lovely and amazing @gabeliedman. Watching it, even if it’s for the 50th time makes me inspired and motivated. 10:30 on @comedycentral

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