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True companion.

She was wild.

This one. What a ham.

Tonight! I'm moderating a panel about this wonderful film, @lemonmotionpicture with @janicza + @brettgelman -- come out if you're in LA.

Missin' @ilanusglazer

I love the before. The time with the blank surfaces; the paper, the whiteboard, the notebook, the laptop. It's both incredible and terrifying. I want to thank you for listening to my podcast(if ya did)--#apieceofwork -- all the episodes are up now, and I'm very proud of it. I cannot say how much being a part of that changed the way I look at art + creating things. @wnycstudios made me look so fucking good, and @themuseumofmodernart let me behind their OZ-like curtains. It's important to question things + to be curious. It's also ok to not know everything. I hope I get the opportunity to do more projects that challenge me to step outside my comfort zone like this did. I hope you were inspired as much as I was.

The @ symbol has a looong history. I get into it + emojis + video games in today's episode of #apieceofwork podcast-- do you think they belong in the museum's collection? DRAMA! DEBATE! DESIGN! Triple D!

Today on the podcast -- #apieceofwork we get into VIDEO art. One of the pieces featured is "Free, White and 21" by Howardina Pindell. You can see the video by Googling it-- it should be seen by more people than it has been. Experimental for its time, but the content sadly could have been made today. She's an incredibly important voice and I wish we could have delved into more of her stuff as she works in a variety of mediums. Worth your time to check her out.

Always mood. 📷by @charlie__chops

Half-way through the season right now + a brand new episode is up this morning talking all about, "Minimalism" -- check it out wherever you get your podcasts.

So much fun today with these sweet boys. #legoninjagomovie #bteam


I learned I have a lot to learn.

This is one of the pieces I talk about in today's, #apieceofwork podcast. It's a James Turrell + it is incredible. I brought @bitchesgottaeat + we had a truly wild ride. LISTEN now wherever you get your podcasts. First 4 episodes are available! This one is in Queens, but you should see if there's a Turrell near you-- there are installations all over the world!

Last leg

Show's about to start.


Me in my natural state. We like to do light stretching. Nylon August issue out 7/18! Photographed by Charlotte Rutherford.

This is the little trailer for new podcast #APieceofWork -->The second episode is up right now with @tavitulle! Episodes come out every Monday + Weds. for the next few weeks.

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