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This is what every single women's bathroom should look like in every office. EDIT: ALL bathrooms!

I love the show Frasier and have always been inspired by their characters and writing, but Roz was always a character I thought was overlooked. Roz was such a badass. A sexually free, independent, successful radio producer. She had a baby on her own and led her life exactly the way she wanted. She was so funny, supportive, had a huge heart and a great head of hair. @peri.gilpin has always been a hero of mine, a woman standing toe to toe in the boys club of must-see-tv, someone I've always loved watching, so for her to play my TV mom was not only a thrill, but an honor. Meet Joanne tonight at 10:30 ❤️

I met @mikeperrystudio in 2010 in Miami when we were both there for Art Basel as AolArtists. I geeked out SO hard because I was such a fan of his work. Tonight he animated an episode of @broadcity + I feel so inspired + lucky to get to collaborate with such a creative genius. He elevates our show to a new level, from the titles to the branding to this masterpiece. I have never been happier to have geeked out.

This is a lot to take in... @nickkroll @stephenathome #puberme #puertoricorelief

Just two best friends, putting in some quality time.

Tomorrow I'll be live tweeting from a plane in the sky as part of an experimental comedy show/partnership with @virginatlantic. Five other incredible comedians/voices are flying too + the whole thing will take place online. Who knows what will happen! This is me on my way to London. I'll probably be wearing the same thing on the way back so don't call me OUT! I'm currently wearing it as well. #LiveFromVirgin #virginatlanticpartner

This show makes me happy. #Val #thegreatbritishbakeoff

Jacobson cousin game is strong. Elders in the back.

The Lego Ninjago movie opens today! Such a sweet movie + incredible cast. Go see it! #legoninjagomovie

These two clowns. ❤️

I'm working with @virginatlantic on this HOT, young, crisp, crispY, experimental comedy fest --> from the sky! Who knows what will happen but it's exciting. It's next week... on your phones! #LiveFromVirgin #Ad

It feels ridiculous to promote a television show when so much tragedy and hate is happening every other day. But at the same time I think laughter is extremely important. I think you'll find tonight's @broadcity episode will give you 21 minutes + 15 seconds of comic relief. In fact I know it will. I hope today you found a few ways to help and be proactive (list them below if you know any good orgs) I donated to this one--> Topos (www.topos.mx) is a great place to help the people in Mexico City, and please PLEASE please call 202-224-3121 and tell your representatives to vote NO on the Graham-Cassidy bill.

Always in the mood for @courtneymelba

Late morning vibe.

I can't believe I'm in a movie with Jackie Chan. Never ever thought I'd write that sentence. What a sincere and sweet human being. #legoninjagomovie

I love this first episode of Season 4. It's been many years in the making. 📷 @lucycobbbs

Tonight!! Tune in to see how these two met.

Tomorrow night! BC Season 4 premiere- 10:30 right after South Park. 📷Jason Nocito

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