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Behind the scenes of Abbi’s apartment with the brilliant geniuses who designed it and filled it with love and detail: @liljeans @jess.pet.12 + @duhigg Also— brand new episode (504) tonight with truly stunning performance by @arturocastrop + our incredible guest star, @guillermodiazreal - written by your favorite brain, @jenstatsky + directed by ya girl @ilanusglazer - here are some bts pics from this ep.

Hilma af Klint at the @guggenheim sent me far into the future even though her work was made a century ago. Bolt of inspiration needed on this snowy day. This show is up until April!

This new show is exactly what I needed. Bravo @mayaerskine and @annaryankonkle + @gabeliedman on a hilarious, heartfelt and nostalgic work. The soundtrack is triggering! PEN15– first season is streaming now on Hulu! Go get it already.

So proud of this genius human being.

What an insane honor it was to get to work with and be photographed by #tinabarney for @cultured_mag Thank you for having us on the cover of your Film issue. Interview by Kat Herriman

Best dates a girl could ask for. Thank you, you special ones.

Russian Doll is a beautiful, hilarious, deep, dark, New York story. But more than that, it brings the complexity, versatility, and heart of @nlyonne to the forefront. I really, really love this show— it’s like a memorable full-bodied red wine. It’s all on Netflix now. Congrats to the killer team behind it.

New @broadcity episode tonight, written by @nikegooglecoke + edited by Jess Brunetto !! (& directed by me) 10pm on @comedycentral 📷 by @lucycobbbs

It is remarkable how we find each other in this pandemonium. I really love this show and think we need it right now— I know I did. Beautiful work from friends I’m so lucky I found in all the randomness: @darcycarden + @jenstatsky and everyone else involved in @nbcthegoodplace

Broad City Season 5 premieres tonight. This episode was very risky, but I believe it paid off. Our brilliant crew and cast and everyone that goes into the show has made a really special season, I hope you’ll tune in. The end begins tonight at 10pm on @comedycentral then stay for @othertwoshow by the brilliant @chriskellyinstagram and @sarahdschneider

I really needed to laugh like this. Cannot believe this interview between @paulwdowns and Larry King. Paul 🙌🏼

I don’t even know what to say, but I feel like those of you who don’t know or didn’t know Kevin Barnett, should know how wonderful he was. One of the sweetest, kindest, most genuine, hardworking, hilarious people I’ve ever met. Kevin was a big part of Broad City and we were so lucky to not just know him as a friend, but also get to create with him. What an extreme loss. We love you Kev.

Very excited about this piece of art I picked up at the @outsiderartfair by #helenrae — colored pencil + graphite. I don’t know the last time I have been as enamored by an artist’s work. I keep walking past it, and back again. She is in the next photo in front of another one of her pieces. Rae has worked out of First Street Gallery, a progressive art studio for adults with developmental disabilities in Claremont, CA— 5 days a week for the last thirty years. #rad

Behind the scenes look at S5 Catch up before 1/24

Mary Oliver. Rest in peace

Broad City for @wwd Photographed by @jgreenery New season starts on January 24th at 10pm

DANGER, MYSTERY, EXTRA LETTUCE! Here’s the last batch to round off my 20 favorite entries/winners in the #imightregretthisbook challenge. I couldn’t get the last one (surgery) to play, but it’s great. Check out the rest of the incredible posts at the hashtag. What geniuses you all are. My top 20 will be hearing from @grandcentralpub on where we can send your original illustration from the book! Again, to all that participated, thank you for brightening up my past few days, and I hope you’re all enjoying the book. ❤️

TWISTS, TURNS, PEOPLE STUCK IN DRYERS! Here’s the next batch of winners (again, not rated in any order) aka my favorite posts from the #imightregretthisbook challenge!

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