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#tbt 2 years ago with my girls in Ghent

Peas in a pod.

When @chiokenassor takes a photo of you, you have to post it. Taken at the most beautiful wedding of the most wonderful pair.

Beautiful views(or zero visibility) from the Empire State bldg this morning! #broadcity #techscoutin'

One of my favorite things is chatting + catching up with @dopequeenpheebs so this was obviously a pleasure to sit down with her for this ep of #sooomanywhiteguys -- check it out on iTunes or @wnyc

Old diagram of important surroundings, aka college. I was very cool.

Nutritious crystals

Yes it is.

Cutest director in the biz.

My new friend. Very excited to try and not kill him.

I don't think I've ever received a more rad gift than the lining of this leather jacket being the illustrations from my coloring books. The coolest. I'm not worthy.

My grandfather, Harry, wrote my grandmother, Mitzi, this love letter on a napkin in 1949. It's one of my most prized possessions. Happy Valentine's Day. Amen.

What a beautiful, beautiful play. Congrats to @bensplatt + the rest of the outstanding cast + crew. I needed a bright light this weekend.

Here we go!

Last witches weekend.

Donate to @aclu_nationwide -- we need them now more than ever! #nobannowall #allarewelcome

This is Brooke. She's one of my favorite people. She inspires me constantly with how she lives her life. She's getting married today on a dock next to the place she met her husband 2 years ago. I'm so very proud of her + happy for her. Love is dope guys.

Happy birthday to my beautiful, amazing, creative mom who always made sure I rocked outfits like this.

What an incredible day. #womensmarch

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