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Thank you to @humberto + @carollim for inviting me to be a part of this @instylemagazine feature celebrating your genius, creative brains. It feels so empowering to wear your clothes. 📷 @jasonschmidtstudio

Happy birthday to my girl! I’m so lucky to know you. This next year is going to be extraordinary. ❤️ I miss you today.

We’re available for your Fall runway campaign. Happy bday @nlyonne

Heaven is a flea market

Making this show with @ilana has been the most extraordinary experience of my whole life. I am so grateful. Thank you to every single crew member, cast member, PA, etc. who gave so much of your hearts and brains to the show. Thank you to my brilliant best friends who I am so lucky to work and create with. Thank you to @comedycentral for letting us run wild. And most importantly, thank you to the fans for watching, for spreading it to your friends and allowing us to play + grow + explore over these past 10 years (including web series) Thank you for being a part of it. I found myself making Broad City. I hope you found something there too. ❤️

Broad City: Season 5

I didn’t time this right... so I’ll be posting a few today. Broad City: Season 4

Broad City: Season 3

Broad City Season 2

Broad City Season 1

With the last episode of Broad City coming up this Thursday, I’ve been getting a bit nostalgic. I’m going to post a bunch of pictures + videos leading up to the series finale. This batch is from the Broad City web series circa 2009-2012

Directing one of Broad City’s biggest divas. 📷 @lucycobbbs

The penultimate episode of Broad City airs tonight. 10pm. Comedy Central

BTS 508: This week’s intense episode was written by @ilana directed by @lilroocher + edited by @jessicabrunetto We we’re lucky enough to get to shoot in @sleepnomorenyc + a lot of their actual performers are in the episode doing what they do every night in at The McKitterick Hotel. 📷by @lucycobbbs

BTS of last week’s episode + my practice session with my director @paulwdowns — Big props to our set dept— especially @duhigg for designing this + our stunt crew for making this look + feel real :)

Yesterday we screened the last 3 episodes of Broad City for an audience in Austin. I can’t yet describe what I’m feeling exactly, but I know for sure how grateful I am for that experience. Thank you for breaking your rules for us @sxsw 📷 @peggysirota + the others I lovingly stole 🙄


It is hard to break @officialclead but I finally got her!

New Broad City tonight directed by this brilliant human! It’s written by the geniiieeee @gabeliedman and edited by your boy and mine, @thejphilpot So many incredible guests in 507– @eliotglazer @officialclead @amysedaris #janeanegarafolo #SusieEssman #BobBalaban @sethzog ... I feel crazy saying this, but the end is coming up... so... only 4 episodes left.

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