Эбигейл Бреслин


Американская киноактриса, известная по фильмам «Маленькая мисс Счастье», «Знаки», «Добро пожаловать в Зомбилэнд» и «Остров Ним».
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When everythings chill and ur hangin with bae and then someone walks in in the same outfit.

Sorry, so embarrassing, we're in the wrong place. We're supposed to be at the paranoid picture shoot. Our bad.

Just smudged my nails and I'm as pale as Caspar and this is a fake tattoo but I kinda dig it?

My apartment looks like a weird neon light outlet junkyard and I'm OK with it?

Selene tellin it like it is.

preach+teach+give us a damn speech Repost from @ncadv

He was asking me if I wanted tacos or burgers for dinner. 📸: @tayweinstein catchin the candid cuddles


My 2 faves being my2 faves.❤️

GodMommy Tay @tayweinstein had to check on my angels today cuz I'm out of town and look at how beautifully they posed for their check in photo. Damn. They grow up so fast 😭😭😭😭

When your friend writes a major jam and you just wanna blast it all the time but you can't because it isn't out yet and all you have is a rough mix they send u 3 MONTHS AGO SO YOUVE HAD TO CONTAIN YOUR OVERWHELMING EXCITEMENT FOR THOSE MONTHS UNTIL THAT FRIEND RELEASES IT AND YOU CAN NOW TELL EVERYONE HOW GREAT IT IS. This is that song btw and my friend is @lael_official in case the innuendo was too cryptic. GO LISTEN.

Just posting cuz I'm inappropriately and uncomfortably excited about the length of my nails now that I've stopped biting. ksorrythatsallbye.

When a hater walks by... #hatersrmymotivators #getdrunkonwinenotonHATERade

Is "sushi delivery order expert" a career option? Cuz I think I would truly thrive in that field. 📸: @emmyannjames


"Sorry guys I gotta take a quick call." Flash forward to almost 2 hours later cuz everytime @lilylane and I talk we need 72 hours. LUH U #friendswhodoubleastherapists #wherearetayanddenise

Was not aware bodies could rest in such a position. #gizzlemakesitsizzle

When it's Friday night and the feelings right but you still look uncomfortable cuz that's just your face. #restingunsettledface #restingslightlyterrifiedface #restingsocialanxietyface #isweariwashavingfun @da_flyin_sloth

Always fun revisiting photos from my supermodel days.

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