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❤️🎂🍾🎂❤️ "We've been a wreck together since 2009" (technically 2014 but the song lyric is 2009 ugh story of my life) Took this last year on your birthday and can't wait to take another one tonight. So blessed to have this be the 3rd birthday I have known you for. You are truly one of the most incredible humans ever. Everyone who meets you knows that you have an infectious positivity no matter what, talent that is honestly annoying at this point (like you could sing google maps directions and I'd think it was a #1 hit song) but what I want everyone to know is how loyal, loving and generous you are. You are always happy to step back and let your friends shine and always speak highly of everyone. It is so rare to know someone who can not only be there for you thru the darkest times and give sound advice (and lord knows you have seen me at my literal worst) but then make you pancakes and make you laugh and forget why you were sad. I love you Lil and I am so lucky to be spending your birthday with you! I hope I can someday be half the friend you are to me.

So honored to have been a part of this campaign. The other women in these videos are such inspirations to me. This is something so close to my heart and I find it shocking we have to even make something fighting for what should be so innate, just saying sorry. Thank you to my amazing friend @clickmilah inviting me to be a part of this/always being a strong and amazing/ standing up and for every survivor. I Love YOUUUU.: http://eradicaterape.org/thelatest/2016/11/29/justsaysorry-psa https://youtu.be/QFu2ZG-EK9E #justsaysorry

JUST PRE ORDERED THIS cuz my friends @natandalex are the absolute best and if you don't download this prematurely I won't share ANY FRIES with ANY OF YOU. (Jk my guilty conscience would take over TBH take ALL MY FRIES) 🍟🍟🍟🍟🍟

The rumors are true. I'm seeing someone. His name is Vedder and I met him today. He isn't my dog but remind me to get a Great Dane stat. #whatagreatgreatdane 📸: @lilylane


happy thanksgiving, from my psychotic friends, to yours. @adwarren

It's @annaquinny 's last day on @screamqueensfox ... filming this season is coming to an end and it makes me so sad and Anna, I love you so much and thank you for making me feel cute everyday and for listening to me vent and cry I will miss seeing you every day so much. 😭

🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 New episode of @screamqueensfox tonight! So here's a pic of #5 looking slightly nervous/anxious as per usual but still V stoked about the new episode. So u should watch it. #hallwayhey #obviouslyominous #blessednotstressed #exceptnumber5isalwaysstressed 📸: @joaquin_sedillo 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

Couldn't be any prouder of this dope human being. She has been one of the most supportive, loving and loyal friends since I was 16. We, as any friends do, talk all the time about our love life woes and triumphs (lol) but it always broke my heart that when she was around a large group, couldn't participate In such normal and common conversations. Especially, because you truly have to know next to understand who she is as a person. If I tried to explain the warmth and love she exudes, it still wouldn't do her justice... but I'll give it a shot. Bex possesses some of the most difficult To find qualities in the world. She's smart but not condescending, she's incredibly talented but extremely humble, opinionated but not judgmental, and most importantly we share the same dark and uncomfortable humor as I do. I always know I can call her when I'm freaking out and she without fail always knows what to say to calm me down and crack me up all at once. The easiest thing in the world, especially in light of recent events, would be to sit down, stay quiet, and keep things the way they were. But bex is one of the most honest and genuine humans of all time, and I knew this would happen eventually, when she decided and she did exactly what I would expect bex to do, which is choose a time to be brave and speak openly when so many people need to hear It. Thank you for being brave and thank you most of all for being my friend. Love you 4ever, angel bagel.

📸: @curtisleejamie I always have so much fun filming with Jamie, but today I realized why I love her so much is because she has the amazing gift of being able to make every single person feel special and important and out of all the things I've learned while working with her, I think that trait is the one I most admire. Love you JLC.❤️ @screamqueensfox

When you're being braced and given alkaline water and you realize you are #blessednotstressedonset #embracethebrace #praiseforthebrace #unBRACEable #loveonthebrace #numberfiveisalive @screamqueensfox

so sad I didn't get to watch last nights episode with my bae @royalryles who killed it as #8 🙏🏻 but TEXT ME BACK SO WE CAN TALK ABOUT IT, QUEEN welcome to the chanels! #feelingreatwithnumber8 #blessednotstressed

Number 5's fate will be revealed tonight on the new episode of @screamqueensfox SO WATCH TONIGHT @foxtv @ 9/8c #isnumber5alive #backstabstressin #MADchete #woundedandwondering #prayfornumber5 📸: @joaquin_sedillo

reminiscin' and missin' the bunny filter.

Ryan gosling is so gentle he's even hesitant to bite into this ice cream bar cuz he doesn't want to hurt it I mean come on angel from heaven light of my life *sorry I'm in a lion onesie eating soup watching SVU while scrolling Instagram and trumps the president elect so if u guys have any better ideas on what to do, let me know.


🌚 The Addams Family. 🌚 *natalie was truly here altho it looks she was photoshopped in*

And isn't he just literally the most GORGEOUS CHILD EVER

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