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Travel time.

Every now and then you steal all of my heart. 💕 ~ Little back story: Ysi and Phoenix are two sisters who were born in the back streets of West Hollywood about 6 years ago, by my old house. At 4 months, Ysi would roam the alley like the cutest kitten you've ever seen who somehow slipped outta "the yard".... and I'd see Phoenix, lazing (way back) on one of the front courtyard doormats. The sun is rising and Phoenix is licking her left paw. And now... here they are.

#Repost @tildsvon ・・・ Love this shot ♥ #abbiecornish #fresh #eyes

So many feelings in the diamond rough. Photo by @ericguillemainphoto

Best friends share kimonos. Love you @thefeelgoodkitchen. I started off my week the same way. Green, organic and full of love. 🙏🏼 💚 ・・・#Repost @thefeelgoodkitchen There's something so nice about kicking off the week with a delicious green smoothie. It just sets you off on the right foot. Today I put in greens, apple, banana and lots of ginger because that's what I had on hand, but berries or peaches would be great too. I always do either banana or avocado for creaminess. I prefer smoothies to juices most of the time because you get all of the fiber that is in the produce which is so good for your digestive system. We're just starting to figure out how important gut health is to everything from our mood to our immune system. It also helps you feel full longer which is great for a "live to eat" person like me. If you're more of an "eat to live" type, sick or hungover then you might prefer to pack as many nutrients as possible into a glass by juicing. Happy Monday! ✨😘

Summer time x

Riding the waves, rollin in the tides and sailin that Sunday kinda wind with @marto172 and @hanyzayan. Photo by @dano_spumoni

Church on Sunday with @swimm_music

Summer 💙Photo by #EricJohnson

Playing: Jezebel ~ Sade (w/ @swimm_music)

The beach girl in me is back 🌊💙

Ready for this look this summer. Blonde hair, sun and light colors. ☀️

Photo by @ericguillemainphoto x

Gonna miss these Cali beach days


Cut my own hair today into a fresh mid length summer style cut. Contemplated a fringe for a moment (taped it up with some scotch tape to feel it out)... didn't do the fringe in the end tho.

Photo by @ericguillemainphoto in LA

Spinning into this beautiful day. #Candy

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