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Feelin 2018 : )! Are you? 🖤 Photo by @johnrussophoto

Photo by @johnrussophoto 🖤

Sometimes happiness is just a manicure away. Ya feel me?

“Dear Magnolia” ~ Mixed media on paper 12x16”

Self portrait. (This is actually my first ever self portrait!) // “The Melancholy of a full time Princess” ~ Mixed media on paper 8x10”

Love this poster by @needledesign for the #ForYourConsideration poster project. There’s a few cool posters for #ThreeBillboards from this project up now. Check em out. @ThreeBillboards @foxsearchlight

@criticschoice awards with @threebillboardsmovie. Thank you @foxsearchlight! Styled by @jeffkkim, hair by @matthewstylist and make up by @beau_nelson. Dress by @tommyhilfiger, jewelry @efcollection.

@threebillboardsmovie @goldenglobes 🖤 Sammy Rockwell’s award for best supporting actor : )!! #ThreeBillboards #GoldenGlobes @foxsearchlight

: )!!! #Repost @gregwilliamsphotography ・・・ Congratulations #MartinMcDonagh and the @threebillboardsmovie team for winning the best drama film @goldenglobes this evening! #seemoreonvero #gregwilliams #gregwilliamsphotography #leicaq

Love this movie. Love this team!! @jeffkkim, @beau_nelson, @matthewstylist. Dress by @moschino, jewelry by @niwaka_collections. @goldenglobes @threebillboardsmovie #ThreeBillboards @foxsearchlight 🖤 #Repost @beau_nelson ・・・ @abbiecornish looking beautiful in tonal makeup by me with hair by @matthewstylist and styling by @jeffkkim for the #goldenglobes

Such a fun night at the @goldenglobes tonight with @threebillboardsmovie @foxsearchlight 🖤 Styled by @jeffkkim, make up by @beau_nelson, hair by @matthewstylist. Dress @moschino and jewelry by @niwaka_collections. #GoldenGlobes

#GaryOldman. Love this man so much. 🙏🏼

Thank you @aacta! Beautiful night tonight celebrating this years films. @threebillboardsmovie #ThreeBillboards ~ Make Up by @beau_nelson, hair by @matthewstylist and styling by @jeffkkim. Dress by @tadashishoji, jewelry @leticialintondesign.

Getting ready for the AACTA Awards with @beau_nelson, @matthewstylist and @jeffkkim 🧡 #ThreeBilllboards @threebillboardsmovie

Sisters. Together we stand. #Repost @timesupnow ・・・ Time's up on silence. Time's up on waiting. Time's up on tolerating discrimination, harassment and abuse. #TIMESUP. Sign the solidarity letter & donate now to the #TIMESUP Legal Defense Fund. Link in bio.

I just finished a painting. It’s called “Day and Night”.

I am here at home. I wake with the gentle dawning of the day and sit down at my dining table to work on the Pescan Cookbook I am writing with my best friend @thefeelgoodkitchen. On today’s list of things to do I’m testing our Fish Tacos, and our Persimmon and Ginger Pickles as well as reading up on Food Styling and Photography before our shoot in Spring. The kids are playing and lazing about in the backyard. Birds call each other with their delicate songs and the city is peaceful and quiet. I wouldn’t a change a thing, not for a second.

Finally home this year. Listening.

I love @cmbynfilm so much. If you haven’t seen it yet please do yourself a favor and go and watch this incredible film now. @armiehammer, your performance is so genuine, open and outstanding. @tchalamet you melted my heart and welded it back together again. Thank you #LucaGuadagnino! Cinema is most certainly alive and thriving. What a beautiful film. #CallMeByYourName

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