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#Repost @eddiealcazar ・・・ Catch It Playing In Theatres! NYC (5/17) and LA (5/24) Steven Soderbergh Presents "PERFECT" @PerfectTheMovie Directed by: @EddieAlcazar Music by: @FlyingLotus Starring:  @Garretwareing @courtneyeaton @Taooakamoto @mauricecompte @Abbiecornish @krotchy @shaundross @leonardo_nam @martinsensmeier @kirbygriffin21 @misshamino @pingponggirl @theycallmesantos @anniemarie @theaaronbehr @laurenicolechin @busdriverr @xsullo @kidmograph #PERFECT #brainfeederfilms #brainfeeder  #eddiealcazar #stevensoderbergh #flyinglotus

To all my UK folks! I hope you enjoy the film! 💖#Repost @wherehandstouch ・・・ We're very pleased to share that #WhereHandsTouch will be in UK cinemas from 10 May, watch this space for some more exciting news this week! . . . #amandlastenberg #georgemackay #abbiecornish #christophereccleston #ammaasante

And we go into that breathe right through. I’m fallin in love with you. I’m crazy, I’m crazy about you. Callin all the angels that see me through.

Happy 5th birthday Baby Boy. Love you so much!!

Got you a present babe! They didn’t have a giant monkey so I got you a giant bear instead! @adelkyokushin

At work on the new gig 🌾 💛 (FYI this is my characters ring not mine. I had to leave mine at home for safe keeping)

#Repost @rachaelcoopes ・・・ “The best portion of a good man's life: his little, nameless unremembered acts of kindness and love.” William Wordsworth @abbiecornish

#Pescan: A Feel Good Cookbook // Our Sweet Potato Pizette with Roasted Radishes and Fried Sage. A perfect appetizer for a dinner party! @thefeelgoodkitchen

#Repost @abramsbooks ・・・ Good morning, sunshine! ☀ We're excited to make @abbiecornish and @thefeelgoodkitchen's Aussie-style French toast for breakfast this weekend. It's a savory spin on the much-loved classic that will leave you satisfied and ready to take on the day! . Get the recipe from their new cookbook #Pescan at the link in our profile!

Even baby boys love our book! Beautiful baby Ren and our Zucchini Pesto Pasta!! Num num. #Pescan #AFeelGoodCookBook @thefeelgoodkitchen @janetyrrell

#Perfect. By @eddiealcazar. Releasing May 17th!! @garrettwareing @eddiealcazar @courtneyeaton @mauricecompte @flyinglotus @koenigswieser 🖤

#PESCAN: A FEEL GOOD COOKBOOK Tour in NYC!! 🖤💗 @makeupvincent @hilaryshawnhmua @jackiepiccolamakeup // With my bestie @thefeelgoodkitchen

💖 “Always lookin up to the stars and thinkin how near and far we have come. Every night, every mornin. As the breeze blows without warnin. I try connect this feeling and extend it solely to hold some meaning.” ~ Dusk

Me and my favorite girl @thefeelgoodkitchen ♥️ @makeupvincent @hilaryshawnhmua @jackiepiccolamakeup

@camraface 🙏🏼💙

Tails!! #PESCAN

My first (book) baby!! 🌊 Our PESCAN: A Feel Good Cookbook. Thank you to everyone who came to our launch/dinner on Thursday @kalirestaurant it was such a great night full of love and good vibes. @thefeelgoodkitchen // Photo by @ographr // @beau_nelson @marktownsend1

🥰 // Photo by @ographr

The front and the back cover of our #PESCAN: A Feel Good Cookbook!! @thefeelgoodkitchen // Photo by @ographr

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