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Check out this new campaign @indivisiblepeople that @thefeelgoodkitchen started up to raise money for two organizations that are doing amazing work protecting civil rights and helping child refugees. You can buy this or other versions of this t-shirt in the link of the @indivisiblepeople profile for only $19.99. 100% of the profits benefit @aclu_nationwide and @savethechildren. Thanks so much for your support! #indivisiblepeople #standunited 🇺🇸 📷 by @ashleyrandallphoto".

Photo by @ericguillemainphoto shot in LA.

First press day on @geostormmovie with @gerardbutler. In theaters worldwide October 20th. Styling and photo by @jeffkkim. Make up by @karayoshimotobua and hair by @marktownsend1. Get up @CosStores @FleurDuMalNYC @ferragamo and @ValaniNYC x


I'm thinking a lot about the beautiful woman and director that is #JaneCampion today and her exquisite film #BrightStar with #BenWhishaw and myself playing John Keats and Fanny Brawne. Oh what I would give to hold the hand of such a talented and wise woman and walk into the woods of film making and art again. You are one of my greatest teachers, Jane. I love you and will be forever grateful. This exquisite handmade one off dress by @toni_maticevski was lost when I moved house a while ago. The only material thing I've felt a sadness over losing. At least we have it in photographs Toni : ) x

Photo by @ericguillemainphoto 🍂

This is by far my best creation in the kitchen. It's a vegetarian pasta. It came to me this morning as soon as I opened my eyes and its incarnation held up to my imagination. I want to thank my teachers thus far... @thefeelgoodkitchen, @dhbaquedano, @fabianvhv, @jeremiahlawrence, @contrany, @corazondtierra and @wildairnyc for opening up this beautiful world of food and cooking. I feel more connected to life now. I love cooking!! And most of all, I love sharing it. #nofilter

Here's the U.S poster for @geostormmovie coming soon! Such a fun movie to make. Directed by @officialdeandevlin starring @GerardButler, @officialjimsturgess, me, #EdHarris and #AndyGarcia. @wbpictures #Geostorm

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my best friends follow their hearts and make beautiful art. I love you @jessiehill111 💘 #Repost @jessiehill111 ・・・ On set for NYX cosmetics. Pic by my sweet @mishe____prada Thank you to my team for working tirelessly all the week on the project and bringing your incredible talent, creativity and amazing support. I'm endlessly grateful 💘 @danyideats @mishe____prada @victorialynbeauty @sofia___________ @emmanuelvouniozos @noahdeats15_ @seantildawn @_little_derp_ @gaulporat @hopewatsonwastaken @nyxcosmetics

Every now and then an angel comes into your life. I've been lucky enough to have this angel @thefeelgoodkitchen in my life for 13 years now. Working away on our Pescan™ Cookbook together with @abramsbooks is such a gift. Love you Jacq.

Thank you for all of the beautiful birthday wishes. I love you guys! As I move into a new year and a whole new chapter in my life I'm sending out all the love and good vibes my little heart can muster. Let's keep making this world a better place. Connecting with each other fearlessly, openly, consciously and with a love for life and its beings and an acceptance of all the aspects and characteristics of the wonderful and intricate spectrum that is humanity. I wish for world peace and a soulful creative existence with this life. Blessed be to god. Love, Abbie. ~ Photo taken last week in Los Angeles by @ericguillemainphoto.

Full moon must be on its way. Can't stop working even though it's a Sunday. Photo by @brianbowensmith

Staying in and working tonight but kinda want to put on a pretty dress, spread my wings and fly a little. I mean, it is my birthday weekend... Right!? 💛 #Repost @brooklynpr_la ・・・ The beautiful Abbie Cornish in The 2nd Skin Co. outfit! You can see the full feature on The Lifestyle Mirror. Photo by @frankiebatista, styled by @stylistjenrade, with @makeupmatthew and @giannandreahair 💛

The most beautiful film experience I've ever had. #BrightStar by #JaneCampion with the lovely and talented soul that is #BenWhishaw. The other films that I have had the honor to be a part of that deeply affected my life and my work are #Somersault, #Candy and the soon to be released #WhereHandsTouch.

Happy Friday ❤️

My friends killed me softly last night with flowers, rose champagne, spaghetti bolognese, a birthday cake from #LadyJane, chocolate, a jiggly little lady bug, love and good times. Pre birthday celebration dinner 💘 I love you guys so much

New do x

Beautiful post by an incredibly talented director and beautiful friend of mine that I'm so blessed to know and to have worked with, @toafraser 💙 #6Days is coming soon. #Repost @toafraser ・・・ 6 Days premieres tonight at @nziff. Sad to say I can’t make it. But I did have the honour of seeing it recently with some of the cast and crew in cinema 5 at the movies in Newmarket, formerly Village 8 on Broadway. As I said in my speech that night, it was special because the last time I said a speech in that cinema it was as an usher. I worked there for four years in the 90s, and we’d ask the audience to leave by the front exit on busy nights. I was also writing little scripts at the time and I used to joke to my mates that I was working at opposite ends of the film industry. Now, as a director, I’m lucky enough to work smack bang in the middle of those two extremes. And those who have worked with me will know I’m not being falsely modest when I say that I don’t feel like I’ve got a lot of skill. The great joy of my role is to stand in the middle of this swirl of incredible people who do. It takes all kinds of people to make movies, from all walks of life, with all kinds of skills: carpenters and makeup artists and accountants and camera operators and actors and editors and lawyers and sound technicians and dressmakers and gun wranglers and VFX artists and caterers and stunties and military advisors…. the list goes on. Today I’m thinking of all the cast (led by #JamieBell, #MarkStrong @AbbieCornish and #BenTurner) and crew and many team members who put in a huge effort, made many sacrifices and gave their all to create this very challenging film. I am humbled to work with you all. And for those of you who are there: do me a solid and recreate those Village 8 glory days by hitting BK afterwards and celebrating with a Whopper Jr. combo for me. I expect pictures!

If my heart was living outside of me it would look like this. Soleil.

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