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#MarriedToLife ➕

Grateful for all of the positives changes in my life lately. Photo by @camraface.

So much 🖤 for this. #Repost @jasonmpeterson ・・・ jim jarmusch

Car rides with India. 🖤

This is what being irresistible and adorable looks like. Have a beautiful weekend. 💖

Timeout. 📷 by Eric Johnson.

The dream is real! Our cookbook is in the making!! We look forward to sharing our journey with you as we go. Then one day, our book! 🙏🏼💙 #Repost @thefeelgoodkitchen ・・・ DREAM COME TRUE ALERT!!! @abbiecornish and I told you a while back that we wanted to write a cookbook that covered our cooking lessons over the past couple of years. Well we went to NY a couple of weeks ago to pitch our idea and it's official! 🎉🍾✨We'll be working with @abramsbooks who has published beautiful cookbooks from the likes of Jessica Koslow of @sqirlla and @katieleekitchen. We can't wait to share all of the feel good recipes we've been working on with you! I had no idea it takes so long to get a book together, (almost 2 yrs!) but we'll keep you updated along the way. Thanks for following along on this journey, it literally couldn't have happened without you 💕

#Repost @nonamemanagement ・・・ Australian actress Abbie Cornish captured by @frankiebatista ➕Team @stylistjenrade, @makeupmatthew and @giannandreahair ➕

#Repost @__nitch ・・・ Nina Simone // "People are not easy to know. They're not easy to know, so if you don't tell them how you feel, you're not going to get anywhere..."

One more for the road. #Repost @nonamemanagement ・・・ Life is all about perspective... Photo by @frankiebatista. Team @stylistjenrade, @makeupmatthew and @giannandreahair ➕

💛 #Repost @nonamemanagement ・・・ Australian actress Abbie Cornish shot by @frankiebatista || Styled by @stylistjenrade, make up by @makeupmatthew and hair by @giannandreahair.

Repost from the most beautiful woman I know. I ❤ you @thefeelgoodkitchen • #Repost @thefeelgoodkitchen •I ask you to recognize my strength and so I must be strong. •I ask that you value me for what I think, say, do rather than how I look and so I must value those things in myself and others above all else. •I ask that you let my voice be heard and so I must use it. Share what I've learned. Speak up against injustice. Know that what I have to say matters. •I ask you to recognize my power and so I must stand in it. Get comfortable with it. Love it. Use it. •I ask you to see me as an equal and so I must never let myself be small, feel inadequate or less than. I must know that I am a divine creature filled with all the magic, complexity, and beauty of the cosmos. Just like you. ✨💃🏻#happy #internationalwomensday

Coming 🔜#Geostorm Oct 20th release date announced today!

Here's the full trailer for that little movie I worked on #Geostorm #Repost @geostormmovie ・・・ Today the world will be taken by storm. Check out the new Official Teaser for #Geostorm now, in theaters October 20. Link to full trailer in bio.

#Repost @obeygiant ・・・ Today is #InternationalWomensDay which was first celebrated in 1975 by the United Nations. Supporting women falls in line with my philosophy that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect. The fact that we have to single out days to celebrate people who have not always been given equal treatment they deserve is a reminder to be vigilante about the concept of Universal Personhood. The theme of this art series, Universal Personhood, is to promote #peace, #equality, and #humanity. Everyone’s status is equal and everyone’s life counts the same amount. If you can’t participate in the walk-outs or rallies in your city, I hope that you’re proudly wearing red in a sign of solidarity with women everywhere. Keep fighting for justice. - Shepard From the Archives: #ShepardFairey Universal Personhood 2, 2015 Mixed Media Painting (Acrylic, Stencil, Silkscreen, and Collage) on Canvas 44 x 60 inches

And the cutest baby in the world award goes to my lil nephew, @quinnschiller 🥇💕 #Repost @thefeelgoodkitchen

Studio time.

Long distance family kisses through the Telly 💕. It definitely helps the kiss count by being a cute little animated owl in #guardiansofgahoole 🦉• • • #Repost @sammifmd. Trying to kiss Aunty @abbiecornish everytime she comes on the movie

Behind the scenes... after you watch #LavenderTheMovie this week at the cinema, VOD or @itunes guess which scene I split my lip in while shooting on set? 🤔 #LavenderMovie

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