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🌱@adelkyokushin // love you!

Oh my... 💘

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” ~ John Keats. ❤️ You’ve swept me off my feet my love. I have been waiting for you. The answer is yes! And may God share this light and love with us forever in his arms. Blessed be this day with you. We’ll never forget this anniversary! ; ) Happy Valentine’s Day to my fiancé. @adelkyokushin

There is so much more here in this pic (other than the obvious ; ) ) that I love about you, @adelkyokushin. I see a man that has evolved through this life in a way nobody I‘ve ever met has. A warrior. A champion. A believer. A lover. I respect you so much. The light you see is the light you give. Your mindset and patient heroism in this life is beyond... Even though you are running a super charged turbo jet engine on rocket fuel in there! Haha. There are so many lessons that you could teach the world right now, at only 30 years of age, and there is so much more to come. If 80% of the world was like you baby, the world would be good ; ) I love you. Happy Valentines Day.

I just finished signing all of the #Pescan:AFeelGoodCookbook limited edition copies that will be available through @barnesandnoble. Get yours while you can. Woah! I need to celebrate!!! So excited to share this with you so soon. Xx

Green smoothie time! 💚 @thefeelgoodkitchen // Photo by @ren_fuller

A fast, easy, and healthy lunch anyone? #Pescan: A Feel Good Cookbook @thefeelgoodkitchen // Photo by @ren_fuller

Sunday walk in the rain 💕

@adelkyokushin 💕

When’s our next dinner party @thefeelgoodkitchen? Maybe after all this rain! Xx // Photo by @camraface

Missing my best friend @thefeelgoodkitchen. After spending every day together for the last year while making our cookbook... it feels so weird to be apart!🌷// Photo by @camraface

What a beautiful weekend. Sent like a gift from God. Waking up and looking at the week like... 💝 // Photo by @camraface

Sunday yet?

#Pescan definition. This way of eating and lifestyle that Jacqueline and I developed is great for you, your loved ones, the earth, and all living beings. PESCAN: A Feel Good Cookbook.

I’m very excited to announce that our #PescanCookbook will be on shelves in Australia in April!! Looking forward to seeing you down under to talk about the book, my experience going from a novice to a confident cook and how that changed my life... as well as my friendship with my bestie, chef @thefeelgoodkitchen. See you soon!! 🇦🇺 #Pescan: A Feel Good Cookbook

#Repost @jamiejchung ・・・ Repost from @hillharper - Deeply saddened by heartbreaking news of the vicious attack on my friend, #JussieSmollett @jussiesmollett. There is an epidemic of #racism and #homophobia that must be confronted.‬ ‪Report hate in your community to @LawyersComm at 844-9-NO-HATE. Together, we can stop the hate! @StopHateProj #stophate #noracism #nohomophobia

I’m not much of a sweet tooth (neither is Jacq) but we do have a lot of amazing sweets and desserts in our #Pescan Cookbook. Right now I’m weirdly craving our Cardamon-Rose Peach Melba. So fresh, light, and delicious. 🍑❄️ @thefeelgoodkitchen ✌🏼🌊

A Saturday always leads to a Sunday at the markets. I can’t wait! Nothing like waking up to local, fresh, and organic produce. Just one reason to love #LA!! ✌🏼🌊#Pescan #PecanCookbook // @thefeelgoodkitchen // Photo by @camraface

What are you up to this weekend? I’ll be cooking our Top Secret Veggie Chili from our #Pescan Cookbook. Making the most of this cooler weather here in LA while I can. It’s also one of my favorite dishes in the book. You can pre order now on @amazon or @barnesandnoble! Available in stores March 25th. 🌊✌🏼@thefeelgoodkitchen // Photo by @ren_fuller

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