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Keegan - Mom! Look at that!!! Wait! I know what it is! It's a really old fashioned TV!

Rainy day shenanigans with @keeganeggert #jello #mlp #shopkins

My heart, soul and the loves of my life.

This guy. #thevegaskid was his nickname - don't even want to know 😂I've seen some questionable pics lol. U r missed everyday u loving, handsome prankster. Ur laugh was infectious and I'm sure u r still the life of the party and still rearranging people's stuff to confuse the shit out of them. Can't believe it's been 10 years. Love and miss u madly Fritzy.

@keeganeggert got the coolest car seat from @kidsembrace !!! Cool characters and so much fun! #kidsembrace #carseat #cinderella #disney #disneyprincess #keeganeggert

#leftovers #mortons @appletothegate

My kid has got a solid sit up game #situps #20isnothing #5yearsold #funandfit


Happy Birthday Papa! Hope u r enjoying ur day in paradise. He always loved his music and his cars ❤🙏😇 #rip #papa #opa #classiccars #cooldad

Ice skating with these divas.

U know those big mean pit bulls..❤

Walked out my front door to a full rainbow but by the time it dawned on me to get my camera and alert everyone it faded. But Keegan and I saw it in all it's beauty. Then she ruined it by asking to run to the pot of gold and I had to break the news. I needed that today 🌈🙏🙌 thank u*

Miss u

Big Eucalyptus fell on the house. Not much damage to the house but such a beautiful tree 😢

So at 5:39 I will run to the store and make sure to be back before 6! 😂

#tbt in #Hawaii shooting #BaywatchHawaiianWedding #turtlebayresort #mybabygirl

My favorite Valentine my daughter got today#grumpycat

Happy VD!

When ur 5yr old is the best nurse ever!

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