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Took full advantage of this LA overcast morning 🙌🏼

Never lose ur power #constantreminders #strength #knowledge

Made a new friend up on the trails today. Really good listener 😆

We all the way up 👆🏼#sundayfunday

Not sure who should be frowning here 😆 she did get 3.7 miles in tho

Who knows this salad? My jam! Officially down 23lbs today woohoo!!! #cantstopwontstop

LA skyline - just me and Smalls up here #williestofthewillies

⚡️on my feet

Street full of parking and he needs to be this close?


My child is obsessed with #jojo and #jojobows and there is nothing I can do abt it 🎀😱

My little #coppertone baby like her mama ☀️

My calves hate me #sorrynotsorry #myscalecangotohell

#chiller #newjersey #october

😂 thanks for this @delightful.ecards

Current view #wishuwerehere

Laguna Beach Thousand Steps Stairs/Beach

Let's do this #stairwaytoheaven

Hey @doghausdogs #vegans !!!

If I had a DVD player I'd do my own workout 😆

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