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Pregame madness yesterday

Happy belated bday @camwimberly1 took me forever to get this hideous woman out of my portfolio!

You might as well do #abs while you're pressing on the smith machine #workout #ybbfit

It's Friday! I would like to make a toast. Welcome to 30 brotha @jeffgalmer


Arco della pace

#arcodellapace #milan

Looks like #autumn feels like winter

In my short time on this earth, I've been to five of our seven continents. I've had the honor/privilege to visit/work in some the richest, most beautiful parts of multiple countries, but have also stepped foot in some of the most desolate and poverty-stricken parts of others. America sure as hell does not have it all together, HOWEVER, I can indeed say I am proud and blessed to live there (as WE all are, and daily take for granted). While I have not served in our armed forces I am indebted to all who have and do. Salute to everyone of you, there is no flag I'd rather pledge allegiance to. In remembrance and with respect, THANK YOU for your sacrifice and service. #HappyVeteransDay #America


Ran across an #Escher exhibition

Philharmonie der Nationen

#tbt watching the window cleaners scale the #hamburgphilharmonie

#tbt very first #newyork shoot ... (📸RickDay) #triumph #leatherjackets #motorcycles

Duomo di Milano - Duomo Cathedral

There are three off these stain glass windows in the back, left tells the Old Testament stories, the right the New Testament and here the center accounts of visions of the Apocalypse. #duomo

Duomo di Milano - Duomo Cathedral

Last one for today ... maybe #duomo

Duomo di Milano - Duomo Cathedral

Pics will never do the details here justice. #duomo #milano

Duomo di Milano - Duomo Cathedral

Take the lift to the top if you do legs the day before #stairshurt

Duomo di Milano - Duomo Cathedral

Creepy sculpture of St Bartholomew #duomo #milano

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