Фифти Сент


Американский рэпер, актёр и боксёрский промоутер, известен под своим сценическим псевдонимом 50 Cent, который переводится как «Пятьдесят центов».
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This is the movie you must see we lit 🔥l will not disappoint you. denofthieves in Theaters Now. #denofthieves

My man @josephsikora4 is the real deal POWER season 5 on the way. #denofthieves in theaters 🔥

When the checks stop and you go back to the hood, and everybody knows your broke. 🤷🏽‍♂️it’s not my fault,

50: watch these fools hate, its better than the movie. SIRE: l want to be just like you DAD. 50: 😆 #denofthieves in theaters

Look at this 👀 can’t leave me alone. #denofthieves in theaters LOL

Da fuck you say Brother Love? You want to buy me some sexy clothes. N!gga get your fruity ass out of here, fuckin punk! #denofthieves in theaters

l stopped by to see @iamsteveharveytv l had a good time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Steve!!! #denofthieves Jan 19

Check out Den Of Thieves this Friday in theaters everywhere. You will not be disappointed. #denofthieves Jan 19

Sire and his publicist last night.#denofthieves Jan 19

Cool kid Alert, thumbs up it’s a Go #denofthieves JAN 19

Den Of Thieves cool kid edition. #denofthieves Jan19 #theoath March 8

SIRES first red carpet, he said Wow they all want my picture. l said yep they love you. #denofthieves Jan 19

Check me and my little man SIRE Out. #denofthieves Jan 19

l stopped to go visit Sharon Osborn, at the TALK today. #denofthieves Jan 19🔥

l went to the Conan O’Brien show to talk about my new projects coming out. #denofthieves 19 #theoath March8

If you liked HEAT, TOWN, or usual suspects your gonna love this movie. #denofthieves Jan 19 🔥

l learn something new everyday, I’m getting better at what l do. It’s a take over #denofthieves Jan 19 #theoath March 8

Shout out to my man @ronaldinho just retired, one of the best soccer players ever. #denofthieves Jan 19

Yeah so after that shit I’m not wit it.🤦‍♂️LOL#denofthieves Jan 19 we lit 🔥

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