Фифти Сент


Американский рэпер, актёр и боксёрский промоутер, известен под своим сценическим псевдонимом 50 Cent, который переводится как «Пятьдесят центов».
  • Все 1909
  • Фото 1645
  • Видео 264

See this is when it gets crazy. Some people wait for things to happen and some people just make things happen. THE EFFEN SHORT FILM CHALLENGE. COMING SOON!!!

this guy is a nut, 👀 I love it lol. #effenvodka

My new limited addition is coming out soon. So don't fight over these like Jordan's ok. LMAO #frigo

You think your ready, your not ready. #Escaplan 2

Why would I want to hang with you, Im with Rambo, I mean Rocky BITCH!!! #effenvodka

See what happen when you got to much time on your hands you do dumb shit. Good for you!!! LOL #effenvodka

DEN OF THIEVES is crazy, this movie is a must see.#effenvodka

Turn up in Miami jump back on the jet sleep then go straight to work in ATL. What a life club #effenvodka

What do you think of this? #effenvodka

LOL Yo some people just think different point blank period. LMAO #effenvodka

I'm working on some new music. #effenvodka

@kingbobandz it's mother Effen party #effenvodka

There's a lot of snakes out on these streets. what ever you do,Never Give Up. #effenvodka

I want a little girl now, 😳she was like you can spank me. You can Do what ever, you can scream, but don't take me to the police. 😆#frigo

I haven't been posting because I been working.#denofthieves #effenvodka

It's gonna be a snow storm dad can you stay home. Envy: I have to work so you can have everything you need when you get big ok. OK!!! #Frigo @djenvy

I thought I was ready when wrote this album but I wasn't, they blocked this one But the next one was to strong to block. #effenvodka

E Mobb life style, South West Detroit Littles #effenvodka

This album was good, SMH I got black balled like a motherfucker. I new my music had to be better then good to win. So I worked harder on it. Get Rich or Die Trying #effenvodka

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