Фифти Сент


Американский рэпер, актёр и боксёрский промоутер, известен под своим сценическим псевдонимом 50 Cent, который переводится как «Пятьдесят центов».
  • Все 1961
  • Фото 1688
  • Видео 273

Devon, me and Elaine A&E net work. Stay tuned more hit Television on the way. #🚦greenlight

TBT i have nothing to complain about, all I do is win. Believe it or not !!! KANAN

Every now and then you gotta turn it up, I'll explain later. Watch what I do, I got a point to prove.

I make it happen you should know by now. 1 💰at a time June 25 Power returns.

You think I'm out here playing around but I'm not. That's why when I'm involved the light is 🚦green.

If I can't eat man, if I can't shine, it's just a matter of time, before I'm back out running round wit my 9, cause I gotta get mine. #nextlevel

Gotta have dat chopper in the office. 💰#letsgetit

Sire had to get 4 shot's so he could be ready for kindergarten. My man was saying hi, no shots ok, to every nurse he saw. 😆 lol

Damn why this girl gotta be so crazy. We coulda made it. LOL

FLOYD my man got that one punch you snooze hook. That Boy out there in London gunna need a Gun. @bronzebomber let go!!!

Me and Julianne Moore fresh off the plane. What kind weather is this, from 🌞in France to ☔️ in NY.

This is me chilling with princess charlene of Monaco she is super cool.

Here is me and Prince Albert of Monaco chilling. Champions !!!

Sabrina's baby Boy curtis. my aunt Geraldine gave me my nick name Boo Boo At 8.

Yeah this is good enough for now, but we are gonna need to expand. When I get going. 🥃Brown coming soon.

Ok so that's why that Cognac taste so good. Oh you know you want some of this BROWN.

I'm working, theres never a dull moment over here trust me. I'm getting better every day.

Here's a throw back, me and my retarded little cousin Micheal. He gets angry with his mother & father thinks they love me more than him.LOL

Next week I'm in the U.K. Don't miss it

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